Chocoflan : My Recipe

Hi everyone! Hope you guys had a wonderful beginning of the week! For the last 1 year and 4 months, I made several changes in my lifestyle. Usually I try to eat healthy during week days because weekend is for my experimental cooking and baking, and eating them afterwards 😉 So this week I made the famous chocoflan! However, I was searching for recipes in google, and none of them seemed good to me, so I decided to combine my own recipes of fruit cake and caramel pudding. This was my first time baking a chocoflan and I was really surprised to see how good it came off ❤ I posted some pictures of that in my social media and I have got some requests for the recipe from my friends. So, here it is:

Ingredients List:


  1. 5 tbsp of sugar
  2. 1tbsp of water


  1. 2 large eggs
  2. 1 cup milk
  3. 1 tbsp vanilla powder
  4. 6 tbsp sugar

Cake Base-

  1. 2/3 cup sugar
  2. 1/2 cup cake flour
  3. 1/2 cup oil
  4. 2 large eggs
  5. 1tbsp vanilla powder
  6. pinch of salt
  7. 1/2 tsp baking powder
  8. 3 tbsp of coco powder


First prepare the caramel, putting sugar and water in the cake mold you gonna use. I used a 3″ x 7″ rectangle cake mold. Next heat milk and sugar in the stove till the mixture thickens. Next beat the thick milk-sugar mixture with eggs and vanilla in a pan. So your pudding mix is ready! Pour them in the cake mold, on top of the caramel. Next, take sugar, oil and eggs in a bowl and beat them very nicely, till the mixture becomes foamy. Now put the dry ingredients in the mixture, i.e., flour, vanilla powder, coco powder and baking powder and mix them well. Pour this cake mixture over the pudding mixture. Pre-heat your oven to 175 degree Celsius for at least 10 minutes. Bake your chocoflan for 45-50 minutes. Baking time may vary depending upon the oven model. Insert a toothpick in the flan, if that comes clean, it’s all done!

So here’s a closer look to mine! Look how perfect it is ❤


-Munira Chowdhury, 10/07/2018


People never talk about what you have, they only talk about what you don’t!

What is your biggest insecurity? Some people feel insecure about their weight, some feel insecure about their height, most of South Asian Women have insecurities about their brown complexion. If you ask me, well I am full of insecurities about myself. I am not sure if that thought ever occurred to you, but if you think little deep you will realize, you never had any insecurities at first actually. Suppose you are out with someone really close to you, for some shopping, and you are trying a new dress, something not what you usually wear. And when you ask from him/her about how do you look, if she/he replies that this dress or design doesn’t suit you well, next time when you see this type of dress or design, you will be like, “oh, this doesn’t suit me at all, I better avoid this one!” Your insecurity is never your creation, but someone prepared it for you.

The thing is people love complaining. When they’ve got nothing in their life to complain about, they slip into other people’s business. Think it this way, when do you actually complain? When you don’t or can’t have something, right? More specifically the absence of any particular thing in you, in your life or in your collection makes you start complaining. If you are too thin, you’d complain, but when you are fat you’d also complain. Human minds are complicated and the worst system we have in our brain is not being grateful. We have lots of ungrateful people around us. And the worst of the worst of them can’t accept the fact that unlike them there are actually people who are happy in their life, so those jerks come to you out of nowhere and start pointing at you what you don’t or can’t have.

Being a fat, short heighted brown girl, I’ve always been insecure about my look. Few years ago, some friend of my very closed one commented that I am fat, and I should consider being careful about it. The moment I came to know that I’ve started being very concerned about how I do I look in the pictures. Because there’s no way in hell that person can meet me in person, but however Facebook often allows you to see friends of your friends by the tag option. I tried different poses just to make me look less fat. However, I never stopped eating to be honest, I only wanted to look less fat in the picture, not in real life lol 😀 How do you look in your Facebook pictures MATTER, TRUST ME! Another incident was bunch of my friends started questioning me in the comment section of one of my facebook photo if I am PREGNANT, cause the dress was a little fluffy on the down side. I was furious at the incident because I believe pregnancy is a very personal issue, YOU CAN’T JUST ASK QUESTION ABOUT THAT IN COMMENT SECTION OF FACEBOOK, NO, NEVER! A very recent incident happened when I took a trip to my country few months ago. Lots of my relatives were like : “oh you’ve lost quite a lot of weight, but we heard you’ve became so fat!”. Let me assure you, they are not even on my Facebook friend list and not everyone of them actually has an account on facebook. So very few of them has the opportunity to see me in facebook, or more specifically they only can see my cover picture, and I’m very selective about what I post as I mentioned I’ve insecurity issue. However, on one occasion I posted one picture, where I looked a little fat, and they made sure to spread this particular news like fire! Now, I have lost around 20kg from that “pregnant looking picture” issue, or that particular picture that entertained my relatives, but yet when I was changing my cover picture today in facebook, I kept watching the picture from different angles to make sure I don’t look fat! Even when I know that I’m 20 kg less now, exactly on the range what I was while I was in Bangladesh before moving back to Korea. I really felt very hopeless today. So you see if people didn’t mention those words to me, I would never be like this. Being fat is my insecurity is because people keep talking about that to me. I’m not in the obese range anymore, just a little more than the normal range, yet I struggle with insecurity everyday!

Let me tell you my husband’s stories. My husband loves sport related stuffs, so few years ago he started taking taekwondo (Korean traditional martial art) classes. He does that because he loves it, there’s no other reason to it. Yet people will say to him, why he is so fat, when he is taking taekwondo class! Well losers, because his wife makes the best of the best dishes for him, that’s why! When he almost drowned few months ago while sea surfing, rather than consoling him people started saying he should take swimming class, not taekwondo! People keep forgetting, or more like don’t wanna remember that he does taekwondo out of love, out of hobby. People keep mentioning what he doesn’t have rather than appreciating that he earned a black belt in taekwondo in just one year!

So that’s why I’m writing today, to remind you almost everyone around you is douchebag. They will ignore what you have and keep telling you what you don’t! But you know what, deep down inside, they envy how happy you are in your life, unlike those ungrateful jerks! Keep your heads up and pretend they don’t even exist at all!

Have a good night!

Btw a little personal update, I’ve succesfully defended my Master’s thesis and submitted my full thesis paper. Been busy for a long time with these, a little relaxed now! Hopefully will start my PhD in September. Wish me luck!

-Munira Chowdhury, 21/06/2018

Easy facial at home!

According to a report in Finance Times written a year ago, South Korea is one of the most polluted country in the world ( Even earlier this year on January 14, 16 & 17 people received warning messages from Korean government about the issue of increased fine dust in the air ( While these pollutants can do plenty of harms, today one particular thing I’m concerned about, which is SKIN! I remember during my 22 days visit in Bangladesh, everyone was complementing how amazing and glowy my skin became! But sadly after returning my skin became really dull, and almost after 6 months I got two giant sized cystic acnes, two painful to even touch! Also suddenly I started getting plenty of white heads and also some black heads. To be honest, my skin has had always issues with white heads, but black heads had never bothered me before! I WAS REALLY WORRIED WHAT POSSIBLY COULD CAUSE THIS DISASTER! But then it came to my mind that increased pollution can really mess with the skin. And also as I use plenty of makeup, dusts could get easily stuck on my pores, so if I am not careful enough while removing my makeup, even for once, it can do potential damage later. So, to deal with this situation, I decided to take a facial every 15-20 days. But as facial at salons are kinda expensive like 35 KW, and also because I enjoy doing this kinda stuff, so I decided to do it myself.

Basic steps of facials include: 1) Scrubbing and popping out zits & white heads 2) Putting on a mask that suits your skin 3) Finally moisturizing your skin!

For the first step, I took my favorite FREEMAN Charcoal & Black Sugar Mask. In one of my previous blog ( I wrote detailed about this mask and mentioned how much I love this product! Just take the some of products and apply it on clean & moisturized face. Keep it for at least 5 minutes. And then rinse your face with water while massaging with your fingers in circular motion. Now the most important part of scrubbing step, which is STEAM! If you don’t have any other ways of taking steam on your face just rinse a plain soft cloth in warm water and gently dab it on your face. However, I like taking some warm water on a deep dish, and holding the dish close to my face. But be careful not to spill warm water on your body while doing this! Next take a pimple stick and pop those white/ black heads, bumps or zits by pushing the ring of the stick around the area where they are located.

Second step is putting a suitable mask and waiting till it dries out!. For this step, I chose NATURE REPUBLIC Ginger Real Nature Clay Mask. I heard clay masks works great for clearing the clogs in the pores, and I didn’t regret my decision at all! After drying out, clean your face with water while both massaging and lightly tapping with your fingers. Tapping helps to increase elasticity of your skin.

And the last step, which is Moisturizing! Almost everyone knows about Korean Sheet Masks. Dripped in serum like stuff, they are actually quite effective in moisturizing your face. Even if you use a sheet mask without doing the first two steps, you will almost immediately see your changes! Anyways, I used MAMONDE Rose Moisturzing Flower Essence Mask this time. You should keep the face mask on your face for 15-20 minutes at least and afterwards gently tap on your face so that it can absorb the serum well enough.

You will surely be able to see how soft and beautiful your skin becomes after doing this easy three steps facial. Although I know, each people has different skin types, but these are very basic routines of skin care, so I hope it will work for everyone. For better result please do once in two weeks.

So, this is all about today! Hope it was helpful for you! Have a good day!

-Munira Chowdhury, 17/04/2018

Practicing makeup on my beautiful friend

These days I’m all about makeup, I’m either doing it on myself or on other people! lol 😀 Earlier this month, my new friend Hani Balagtas, an amazing talented designer and owner of Myunji (, asked for a makeover from me, as she is hoping to start a blog in Korean about fashion and stuffs like that. So, we chose a convenient time, and on that very day I went to her home. The whole makeover took me nearly one and a half hour. I used both of her and my collection of makeup products. She is very pretty naturally, so to be honest I didn’t have to put much effort on her makeup. It was an amazing experience for me, I was almost getting the professional MUA vibe, lol :p

I chose a whitish-pink half cut crease for her, and with her white dress she was looking amazing! She chose the shade of the lipstick and it complimented the look really well! Here’s the list of the products I used:

@maccosmetics prep+ prime primer
@maccosmetics studio fix foundation nc 42
@missha.official under eye brightening concealer
@missha.official pro touch face powder
@tonymoly.official lovely eyebrow encil
@makeuprevolution ultra contour palette
@tonymoly.official cheektone powder p05
@missha.official single eyeshadow in black
@beautyglazed glitz glam eyeshadow palette
@anastasiabeverlyhills modern renaissance palette
@thefaceshop.official pure sauvages lashes
@maccosmetics liptensity lipstick in brick dust
@skinfood_official tinted moisturizer

I hope you enjoyed the post! Let me know of your thoughts about it! And please check Myunji’s collection, I’m sure you will be able to find something suitable for you there!

-Munira Chowdhury, 20/03/2018

First Mac Haul from Lotte Department Store in Myeongnyun: Mac Studio Fix Fluid Skin balancing Complex & Skinfinish Natural Compact Review

A Messy World

Buying international makeup in Korea is quite expensive, because you have to pay a lot of taxes. But again buying base makeup in Korea is a waste of money for brown girls like me, because they have very limited ranges of shade available in their beauty market, so almost every time you end up buying the wrong shade. I’ve tried a variety ranges of base makeup products of K-beauty, none of them ever was an exact match for my skin which is an olive-yellow combo. All I ever got was something close to my tone, I often had to use yellow food color or two to three foundations together to have that “closer” tone. Anyways, I was tired of going through this foundation shade dilemma and also realize that buying two to three foundations and the food colors always actually costing me nearly same the amount of buying international products…

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First Mac Haul from Lotte Department Store in Myeongnyun: Mac Studio Fix Fluid Skin balancing Complex & Skinfinish Natural Compact Review

Buying international makeup in Korea is quite expensive, because you have to pay a lot of taxes. But again buying base makeup in Korea is a waste of money for brown girls like me, because they have very limited ranges of shade available in their beauty market, so almost every time you end up buying the wrong shade. I’ve tried a variety ranges of base makeup products of K-beauty, none of them ever was an exact match for my skin which is an olive-yellow combo. All I ever got was something close to my tone, I often had to use yellow food color or two to three foundations together to have that “closer” tone. Anyways, I was tired of going through this foundation shade dilemma and also realize that buying two to three foundations and the food colors always actually costing me nearly same the amount of buying international products with the tax and etc.

Not only international makeup is expensive in Korea but also not available everywhere. Only stores like Lotte department Store, Shinsegae etc. carries those international brands. The nearest one from me is the Lotte department store, which is three subway stops away from me, in Myeongnyun. Last month on one evening, I went there for specifically a Mac foundation and a compact powder.

I did a little research before going and the reason I chose Mac is because they have a quite variety of shades and comparing the price with Estee Lauder or Makeup Froever, they are cheaper.

Anyways, the foundation cost me nearly 48,000 won and the compact was for 47,000 won. With the purchase they offered me a free sample of Mac prep + prime natural radiance base lumiere primer. There was a nice guy at Mac outlet, who helped me a lot to choose my shade. MY husband was quite impressed and surprised to see how good the salesman is with the makeup! He was even more surprised because it is very rare for guys in my country to know or be familiar with makeup stuff. Also for my makeup lover readers, I want to mention that, the salesman’s was covered with makeup and was quite flawless! 😉 I mean not the whole eyeshadow and eyeliner kinda makeup but more like a natural makeup with base makeup, shaped eyebrow and lipstick.

I totally love the consistency of the foundation, not so liquid not so creamy. But the foundation container doesn’t come with any pump, which is kinda painful when you are in hurry. I heard later that you have to buy the pump separately. I mean Mac is quite a big industry, it wouldn’t cost them much providing the container with the pump. The guy there chose nc42 shade for me for the foundation and medium tan for the compact. To be honest both of them were just the perfect shade for me, but the point to be noted that, if you do a little research you will find out that Mac base makeup products have a tendency to oxidize few hours after applying, which is making my makeup look “too natural”. I mean, come on, who doesn’t want to look extra and not so natural after spending hours in applying makeup. So, I kinda regret choosing nc 42, I should rather go with nc 40 or 37. Same with the compact, I would go rather lighter than medium tan next time. But, for now I can make it work with using light concealer but it’s kinda makes me late every time I’m in hurry.

Here’s some of my pictures using the both of them together, as you can see compare to my other makeup, the base look kinda pale. These pictures are edited and filtered otherwise you could’ve understand the difference better :

Hope you enjoyed the post!

Munira Chowdhury, 26/02/2018

Valentine’s day 2018 in Korea: outfit and makeup idea

Hello everyone! Although my today’s post is for ladies, but I wish you boys a wonderful valentine’s day with your loved one’s! So, in this post I have two makeup tutorials and one outfit suggestion for you. The outfit suggestion is even more suitable if you live in Korea.

The first makeup tutorial is a peach makeup, which is a halo eye makeup using the color combination of the fruit(peach).

For this makeup I used the following products-

-MAC Cosmetics #prepplusprime
-maccosmetics #studiofixfluid foundation #nc42
-maccosmetics #studiofixpowder #mediumtan
-MISSHA 미샤 pro touch face powder no 23
-missha.official under eye brightening concealer in natural biege
-missha.official perfect concealer in natural
-missha.official colorbeam shader in crystal
-missha.official the style liquid sharp eyeliner
-missha.official salon de lash

-eBay eyelash
-Makeup Revolution ultra contour palette
-It’s skin 잇츠스킨 babyface petit mascara
-itsskin.socialog babyface creamy lip liner 01
-itsskin.socialog life color lip crush matte 04, 03
-토니모리 – Tonymoly cheektone powder p05
-tonymoly.official lovely eyebrow pencil
-BH Cosmetics #takemetobrazilpalette
-CATRICE cosmetics ultra black luxury lashes volume mascara

You can find the tutorial here-

For this makeup I chose a different outfit, modern hanbok or modern version of traditional Korean clothes.

I bought this dress from Gmarket. Actually it was a surprise gift from my husband, not sure about the price but should be around 40,000KW.

The second tutorial is about easy and classy smoky eyes. So, long I’ve been busy with creating halo eyes or cut crease, I forgot my first love, which is smoky eyes! ♥

This tutorial is only about eye makeup and here’s the list of the products I used-

-Beauty Glazed glitz glam eyeshadow collection
-MISSHA 미샤 color beam shader incrystal
-Missha salon de lash glue
-더페이스샵 (THEFACESHOP) pencil eyeliner in newyork black
-It’s skin 잇츠스킨 babyface petit mascara
-eyelash form eBay

And here’s the link of the tutorial-

This palette that I used here, is also a gift from my husband, Beauty Glazed glitz glam eyeshadow palette which is the dupe for the palette with same name by Glamierre. I was literally speechless by these gifts from him, I had no idea my husband can choose makeup palette or dress (specially when it is a hanbok) for me, all by himself. This man keeps making me falling on love with him more! ♥ Although the palette is a dupe, and a lot cheaper than the real one, but it’s quite pigmented and easy to work with. You may notice some fall out but you can easily swipe them off with a brush!

Hope you enjoyed the post!

Munira Chowdhury, 14/02/2018