Korean life: the problem part ðŸ˜’😒

Everyone has their imaginary boogeyman. There’s always a thing which you want to avoid at any cost. In my case, i was always afraid of being alone. Specifically being left alone. Lol 😃 the problem of being middle child is you grow with insecurities. I’m not saying our parents don’t care about us, but the sad truth is you can’t give attention to everyone at a time. While parents taking care to the younger one and listening to what the elder one has to say always, the middle child gets lost in between them. Again I’m not complaining, but that’s how it works. So i hate being alone. Not because of the insecurity fact but also for the fact of being a talkative one. Lol :p I’m a talkative girl and i love talkative people ❤ The thing is i can’t find find talkative people around me anymore 😞 i moved in Korea like 9months ago. There’s not much Bangladeshi people around here. And you can’t talk or communicate with the Korean people because of the language problem 😦 There’s another problem in Korea. When you move here you’ll be facing skin problems for sure 😒 and if you are unlucky enough may be hair fall too 😞 And for a girl like me who is obsessed with make up, skin problem is a curse :/ but that’s not gonna discourage me from make up. I would rather fight with acne than fighting with make up. Please don’t start now with the make up may harm your skin kind of blah blah, because that’s my passion 😒😒 I took different steps to fight with acne. So far no satisfactory result with any of that.
1st step was using Body Shop’s Tea Tree Oil. I have found in many reviews that it helps if you have acne prone skin. But unfortunately didn’t work for me in that way. After 7days of using it showed noticeable improvement. There were less acne, spots were fading. But after some days it looked like it’s not working anymore.
So, I decided to try tea tree oil from another brand. Then I bought D’RAN Wonder Tea Tree oil. But the result was same 😦 little improvement at first, but then acne comes back again :/
When I was in Bangladesh I used to have my own facial pack. So I gave that a try again. For that pack you need flour, besan, honey, lemon juice, turmeric, cucumber-potato-tomato paste and baking soda. Mix them altogether and rub it in your face. Keep it like that for 20mins. After that rinse with cold water. You can use ice after that if you want to. But unfortunately what worked in Bangladesh didn’t work in Korea.
The next step was using aloe vera gel. Aloe vera gel is too light and it often dries your skin out in this cold weather. (It’s winter here now)
When all my attempts were failure singly, i tried to combine them all. Right now i’m using a mixture of tea tree oil, aloe vera gel as a daily moisturizer for my face while i use a mixture of tea tree oil, lemon juice and baking soda as a pack. It’s been 5days and i feel better. I just hope it stays that way 😦
Another thing is you must wash your hair in a regular basis. I noticed that if I don’t wash my hair for 3days there’s a new pimple in my face 😥

So that’s all for today. I will come back again with all my problems lol 😜

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