Review: 32 pieces professionals make up brush set from ebay

What do you feel like when you see a pasta or burger or pizza in front of you? Do you want to just grab it and pour it in your mouth? Like you want to feel them right at the moment? Lol 😀 that’s what I feel like when I see make up things in front of me. I just want to grab them and see how they feel like when you use them. ❤ Well, It’s not like I don’t have any feelings for pasta, pizza or burger. I was just saying, it’s just the same in both cases, like what you feel inside. I’m a huge food lover too. 😁 Anyways let’s discuss about the food another day.
Not every make up is affordable anyway. So cheap make up things are always desirable for every make up lovers. 😊 So, last December I ordered the 32 pieces professional make up brush set from ebay. Actually my husband did. lol 😀 He often checks out the affordable things in ebay, and if he thinks I would be interested, he sends me the link. ❤ So when he did send me that time, I checked it out and I loved it.

The total set cost us US 13.57$. It was shipped from China. There was no extra charge for shipping. Well, as you all know shipping charge varies for different countries in ebay. I don’t know if it’s free for everywhere. 🙂 Anyways, they give you a possible delivery time when ordering, but it does not always come within that time. Mine took a week longer than the mentioned time. And finally when it came I was so happy ☺
It’s not like you need all 32 of them always, but it’s always a blessing having them babies. 😘
They are so beautiful! ❤ It comes with a beautiful pouch too. Take them from there when you need and after using keep them again in the pouch. 🙂 Quality of the brushes are pretty good too. They are really soft.
There’s two fan brush, one is pretty large, other one is small. You can use the big one for loose powder and the small brush for using highlighter or blush on; One angle brush for contouring, large powder brush or blending brush, blush brush, foundation brush, eye brow comb, lash brush, eye shadow brushes including the spongey ones, eye liner brush, lip brush and concealing brushes. Well you can’t just limit the usage of brushes defining what to use where, it always depends on how do you like to use or how comfortable you are when using. 🙂
Overall i liked it. Shopping from ebay is really enjoyable except the fact that you need to wait for a long time to have it in your hands.

If anyone is interested, here’s the ebay link of the product:



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