Things Bengali salesman says to lady customers

If you ask a lady, what cheers you the most? I can guaranty you, the answer will be SHOPPING! lol 😛 Most of us ladies spend 90% of our money buying cosmetics, dresses, shoes, bags. 😉 Not only that, we also love spending most of our free times roaming around places where things are at a cheap rate, or where there’s a a sale going on. We have our own research thesis about which place is better for what (i mean from above mentioned things 😉 ), in terms of money or quality. Ha ha 😀 And in Bangladesh, when you go for shopping, you’ll hear some specific things from the seller. They are super cute, and they say way cuter things to convince you. -_- If your mom goes with you, then there’s nothing to worry about, because they can bargain from 0 and will make the seller sell at the cheapest rate! lol :p Well, mom’s are supermom ❤ But if you have your sister, cousin or friend with you, specially the kind ones, then you are screwed baby! 😉

I am a Chittagongian and I’m living in this city for 25years of my life. Well, was. -_- Most of the times I visited the Marts alone. That doesn’t mean I’m very good at shopping or I don’t need anyone to come with me or etc. It’s just that everyone’s busy these days and when I feel like shopping, I can’t just deprive myself from doing so just for being alone lol 😀 Sometimes I shopped with my sisters or few of the friends who could manage time for coming with me to the marts. 😉  Well, we don’t call them MART.  We call them MARKET. And we rather use the word MARKETING then SHOPPING! lol 😀 And I have some cute experience about  what our cute  salesman says when you go for marketing.   -_- So, here it goes:

1. Suppose you are at a cloth shop. After choosing what you want, you will ask the price first, right? Like  how much per yard or গজ in bengali. And suppose they answer you- “গজ ৫০০ টাকা, আপু!” ( 500 Tk per yard, sister!) Now here’s the fact, if they tell you it’s 500, it’s actually way below it -_- So next you will ask for a lower price, or the cheapest price they can offer. There’s come’s the fun part. The answer will be something like, “আপু, এগুলা তো দরের কিছু নাই। তাও আপনি প্রথম আসছেন এইজন্য যান আপনার জন্য ১০ টাকা কমে দেব!” (There’s nothing to bargain here, sister. But as you came to our shop for the first time, I will give you at 490 Tk!) Like that 10 Tk less is making the price any smaller -_-


giphy (8)

2. Okay, so your next step will be, offer your own price. So, as always our mom taught us, you would start with half the price the seller offered you. In that case  which is 250 Tk. Offer that, and see the magic. -_- They will give you “How on the earth is this even possible” look :/ :/

giphy (9)

And they will start telling you, how amazing piece of thing this is, like- “আপা, পিওর পাকিস্তানী/ ইন্ডিয়ান কাপড়। একদম নতুন আসছে মার্কেটে। আপনি পুরা মার্কেট ঘুরে দেখেন, যদি কেউ ১টাকা কম দেয়, আমি আপনাকে ফ্রি দিবো, কসম!!!!!!” (Sister this is pure pakistani/indian product. Search the whole market, and if anybody sells you at any lesser price, i swear, i will give you one for free!) And please don’t be convinced when they say that. Now try bargaining with a little more than what you said earlier. And hopefully you will get it at 300-350Tk at the end, for sure. 😀

giphy (10)

3. Well, in some cases they are pretty stubborn to negotiate. -_- So, what you gonna do is, you will get out of their shop. Now here’s another funny annoying thing they do. They will call you from behind to come back again saying- “আপু, একটা কথা শুনেন।” (Sister, listen what i have to say) So you will go again with a hope that, may be they are finally willing to give you that. But BOO!!!!!! That’s not it LOL 😀  Again they will try to make you understand how awesome the product is and you never should miss the chance of buying this cloth at this “awesome” rate. LOL :p You go all the way back there, just to listen this! I mean what they already told you before -_- Yup, they do that.

giphy (11)


4. Now, think you are going to buy a hand bag or shoes. So, first thing you will hear is, “আপু, এটা কিন্তু পিওর লেদার। মানে, আপনি একটু ধরে দেখলে বুঝবেন। এই যে এখানে হাত দিয়ে দেখেন। থাইল্যান্ডি প্রোডাক্ট। অনেকদিন ইউজ করতে পারবেন। দামও বেশী না। আপনার জন্য একদাম বলে দিচ্ছি ৩০০০ টাকা :O। (Sister, this is pure leather. You will feel that when you touch it. Keep, your hand here, see? This is from Thailand. You can use it for a long time. Price is also reasonable. For you, I will be giving this at 3000 Tk.) -_- Like if it’s not for you then they will be selling this for 5000 Tk. :/

giphy (12)

5. When you are at a boutique shop, no matter which one you pick, they will be saying, “হ্যাঁ আপু, এটা আপনার জন্য একদম ঠিক আছে। কালার টা যেই রকম, কাজটাও সেই রকম। খুবই গর্জিয়াস, আপনাকেও মানাবেও সেই।” (Well sister, this is totally perfect for you! Beautiful color and likewise handiwork. So gorgeous, and made just for you) 😉 Don’t be overwhelmed with all this talking, if you would’ve picked the exact opposite designed dress, they will say the same to you. :/

giphy (14)

6. When you are in a cosmetics shop, looking for make up or any other beauty products, it’s hard to bargain there sometimes. Because they will tell you that this the company rate, and they only have 10 to 20 Tk benefits from their buying price. Normally, the maximum discount they give from their mentioned price is 50 Tk in this case. But, if it’s a jewelry shop, you can bargain a lot more. Anyways, in any case, your big move is, name your price and if they are not willing to give at that rate, then walk out from there. If you are lucky enough, they will call you from behind and try to negotiate with you or give you at your price.

giphy (15)

Sometimes it feels like shopping is more like betting. Everyone’s trying to win the bargaining war lol 😛 That’s why some ladies i know, prefer shopping in fixed price rated shops these days. But to me the betting thing is what makes the shopping more interesting, more adventurous ❤ That’s the fun of shopping, you know? You got a war to win there 😛 😛



A depressing article lol :p

Do you ever feel like, you are having everything so perfect? Lol, jk! I know, you don’t 😉 Nature is a bitch and he has this perfect kinda schedule thing, and he manages everyday  to mess with everyone’s life every time. :/ Well, almost every time, everyday. But you do feel like nothing’s going alright, right?

Sometimes I want nothing but a normal day in my life. We are the play toys of nature and a day of our life without problem means nature is having a sick leave day lol 😀 Or, worst, he is even busier with screwing up some one else’s life. (My heartiest sympathy anyways -_- )

giphy (14)

There are some days, when i feel betrayed. We never get the chance to decide whether we would want to be born or not! We were never given a choice, but we face it all. Software companies are better in that perspective, at least they let you know there are terms & conditions at the agreement! -_-  But, what about the terms and conditions that are applicable to life? I hate being frustrated, but most of the time in my life I spent being so. Lol 😀 Generally women loves being depressed. 😛

-Hungry? Let’s be depressed!

-Broke your favorite make up kit?  Let’s be depressed!

-Bad cooking day? Let’s be depressed!

-Home alone? Let’s be depressed!

-OMG, we are enjoying too much! Let’s be depressed!

-Got nothing to do? How about some depression? OOOOHHOO! Let’s be depressed? Let’s be depressed!  -_-  -_-

giphy (15)

No matter how suggestive you are when someone’s in a problem, you are the dumbest bitch in the world in your problems, and the solution you find is depression! Again, I’m only talking about the ladies. 😉 Well, another thing is we absorb every deadly problems of our lives, and we only depressed by the silly ones, right? Ha ha that’s very generous of us B| We are jealous, yet we are kind to our friends! Can you even think of combining them two? I don’t, but that’s how we roll, you know? ❤ We can totally deny how much we are hurt inside, pretending to be happy too, right? Like right now, when I’m pretending to be the women who knows everything, actually who has no idea why she is so messed up always? So messed up that she thinks writing in her blog may give her inner peace?? :/ :/

Lol! That’s the story of our life. We hate expressing ourselves, but love hiding the person inside us. We grow old and one day we just go to our graves with a dual personality. The fake strong and the real depressing one. 😦

Have a great (depressing) weekend, everyone! 😉

giphy (16)





Body of lies

Borrowed the title from one of my favorite movie. I couldn’t find anything better than that. We grew up in lies, don’t we? All the stories and fairy tales are the 1st step towards our lies. But that’s something you can forgive anyways, but what I’m about to say, that’s pretty unforgivable. 😕 😟

When people asked me what do you want to be when you grew up, I gave different answer at different time. We grew up hearing everyone telling us what to do or not. We grew up hearing you have to be something. Like your teacher, like your that doctor relative or the lawyer one. Ha ha 😀 We were too little to realize we don’t want to be like all the roll models they are presenting us. But by the time you realize that precious realization, you are long gone from what you wanted to be. You are already living someone else’s life.

giphy (5)
At the age of 5/6 I wanted to be a school teacher. Well I guess most of us were so. At the time of kindergarten, all we dream about having a class to maintain like our teachers do lol 😉 like writing on the board, punishing the naughty kids, and the most fun part was checking the exam paper, ha ha i miss playing teacher-teacher 😀

giphy (7)
A little grown up, like when you are in the 3rd-4th grade, it changes. I wanted to be a scientist as an example. I enjoyed reading the little science text book that time so much.
And it changed from time to time. I wanted to be a classical dancer once. But I was raised in a very conservative family. Cultural practice was not common at all. I loved singing. I could remember all the song lyrics rather than my text book contents. Lol 😀 but like I said before, it was not possible being a singer either. After a while I wanted to be a doctor. My dad was pretty sick. And we had much help from our doctor relatives with his illness. So my parents wanted that one of their daughters would be a doctor.

giphy (9)


In Bangladesh, there’s a test you need to pass if you want to be a medical student. Well, I didn’t pass it. I’ve never felt that heart broken in my life. Because, not only I failed myself but also I failed my parents. Then I thought I would study something related to biology. I got a chance to study Genetic Engineering. I was happy but my family wasn’t. However I applied for an Engineering University and I got an opportunity there too. Because my elder sister is an engineer, my parents were more convinced that engineering profession is much safer. For a country like Bangladesh, fields for Genetic Engineering is not much developed,- which was totally according to the people around me that time. So I cancelled my admission in Genetic Engineering and switched to Civil Engineering.

Huh! One of the critical moments of life. Where I realized nothing is certain. Anything can happen anytime. You don’t know what’s gonna happen next so you need to grab the chance when you have it. Because you may not have it later. Lol 😛

Funny thing is, I never wanted to be an engineer, and here I am, just started my Masters course in Civil engineering in Korea. Lol biggest joke of my life 😛

giphy (10)

Now at this stage of life I finally realized what I wanted to be all these years. But all these years of ‘you have to be that’ kinds of garbage killed my potential a long ago.

From an early age I loved make up. But my mom was a pretty simple women. We never saw her using anything fancy. Neither me nor my sisters used or had any collection of fancy make up. So that love never had the chance to bloom. After finishing graduation, I had to wait a long time for a job. At that time I started watching lots of YouTube tutorial about make up trends and hijab style. Just for passing time, you know! I had lots of lazy time, so I started cooking too. I’ve finally understand, what mistake I made.

And now, after 26 years of my life, I know all I’ve known was lies. I’ve never wanted to be a teacher, or scientist, nor a doctor or an engineer.

I could be a make up artist. Or a cook.

My passion is make up and my hobby is cooking. And I’m too old to start building my career in any of that. In the competetion of being like all the roll models, we lost our own self before even knowing.
Some may say it’s never too late to start all over again. But it’s more likely to ask a bird fly, after you cut her wings off. May be I should’ve shouted when I had time “I’m a peacock! let me fly” like Mark Wahlberg as in the movie THE OTHER GUYS, lol 😀

Life had been pretty busy for me these days. I stay outside for like 12 hours. When I get home, little time I get to prepare food and etc. As I am a halal eater, I can’t have every food in the restaurants. Few days ago my husband was saying, class-research-make up-cooking, how do you manage them all? 😯😯😯 And I said actually I need to manage the last two, so that I can manage the first two!!

giphy (13)

You can’t live without what you live for, huhh??!!! 😉 😉


Chicken Corn Burrito

If you want to make burrito in the simplest way and with the shortest list of item, then you are most welcome to read the following. And if you want just the perfect kind of burritos, them I’m sorry for wasting your time.  😉 😦 😒

Anyways here’s the ingredients:
1. Half cup chicken breast (cut into pieces)
2. Half cup corn (I used canned corn)
3. 1 medium sized oninon
4. 1 medium sized capsicum
5. Half tea spoon cumin
6. Half tea spoon black pepper
7. 1 tea spoon red chilli powder
8. 2 tortillas
9. Salt
10. Tomato Sauce
11. A liitle amount of ginger and garlic paste
12. Oil

Chop the onion and capsicum. Heat the pan with 3 to 4 table spoons of oil. Put the chopped onion and capsicum first and then the chicken breast, corn in the pan. Keep the pan covered for 5minutes. After that, put all the spices and the pastes. And keep it covered. After 10mintues, spread 5table spoons of tomato sauce.
Take the pan out of the stove after 3minutes. Now, take one tortilla, pour half of the filling from the pan and roll it out!

Now your burritos are ready! Make some fries, take some cucumber, and you are done! Enjoy your food now! 😉

Btw this recipe is only for two. If you want to make more, you just need to increase the proportion. 🙂


Chapter pohang: homigot sunrise park

Pohang is a city in North Gyeongsang Province, South Korea, and a main seaport in the Daegu-Gyeongbuk region. It is known as the home of POSCO (Pohang Iron And Steel Company). There is specific slogan for each city in Korea, like Dynamic Busan, Ulsan for you etc. 🙂 For Pohang it is “Powerful Pohang”. 🙂

It takes two to three hours to go to Pohang from Busan. That was my first tour outside of Busan city. I was very excited because my husband told me about it like thousand times and I was dying inside to see it in my own eyes. And to tell the truth I was not disappointed at all. ❤

Homigot is one of the easternmost points on the Korean peninsula and as such serves every year as a gathering place for thousands to greet Korea’s first sunrise of the New Year. They call it “The Sunrise Festival”. 🙂 Though we weren’t there for the festival. 😉

It’s a tourist spot basically. There’s a wind mill just when you enter the park.Then the Homigot Sunrise Plaza, at each floor it contains different stories and histories of Pohang. There’s pictures, painting and sculptures, which are pretty amazing. And if you go at the highest level of the plaza, you get the whole view of Pohang city.


The most interesting thing of Sunrise Park is the “Hands Of Harmony” sculpture. A bronze and stone made monument. One of them is on the ground and the other one is in the sea. I still am wondering how they built it in water. I mean, how’s that even possible??? 😮 😮 😮 But nonetheless they are wonderful, really! ❤


The beach view is also pretty good. There’s other sculptures too in the park. Well, they aren’t huge like the previous one. :p One of them was a little boy, pointing index finger upward, an octopus etc. I couldn’t take all the pictures. I’m sorry for ruining the boy sculpture’s picture, btw. 😉


I think the boy indicates the first sunrise. It’s just a guess I’m not sure at all. 😀 As you can see from the photos, the place is so crowded. And I heard it always is, specially in holidays. :0 Mostly Korean people, as I mentioned before foreigners are not so common in Korea.

Anyways, There is also The National Lighthouse Museum.This museum is full of all the histories of light houses, which takes you back to the old days.  There are so many light house tools that has been used in the past, including GPS, radar, binocular, log book, very first ships’s small model, sculptures of captain and sailors etc. All of them are in an orderly manner, from past to present. Seeing these things may make you realize how far we, the mankind have come! And you may feel grateful to our ancestors for that. I was astonished by seeing the size of the GPS receiver which was built like 1998/1999. It has size of the old box style 12″ TV. And now as a part of my research I use a GPS receiver which you can carry in your hand easily! I was like, wow!!! That’s amazing! ^_^

There are plenty of street shops selling foods. 😉 Mostly the Korean food of course. I think this city has a reputation for crab. Almost each and every restaurant in the city has crab like sculpture besides their name plates :D. Anyways, if you prefer HALAL food then you better take your food with you. But if you prefer sea food then it’s no problem for you, as we all know sea foods are halal. 🙂


There’s a souvenirs shop too. It looked like things a little overpriced there though.





Korean life: things foreigners see

If you visit Korea for the first time, one thing you will notice for sure, and that is there’s not much foreigners here. I moved in Korea last year as my husband is a PhD student in an university here. Recently I started my master’s course too, so we will be staying here for a long time. 😀

The most noticeable thing among Korean people is, they love wearing light color dresses. On the other side, people from Indian Subcontinent like us, we have different views about dress code. We love it colorful. When you walk around here, you will see the young Koreans (Well, most of them) wearing black or white dresses usually. Anyways they are always beautiful, so it’s no big deal what color they are wearing. 🙂 But we, I mean Bangladeshi people, have a belief kind of thing that the more colorful the dress is, the more beautiful we will look in it. :p

I landed in Korea in 29th May, 2015. The next day, I went to Haeundae Beach with my husband and another Bangladeshi Family. I have never been in a different country before, so I was pretty excited. I was wearing a Salwar-Kamiz which was pretty colorful and my hijab too. Just when I got out of our house, I realized everyone was looking at me. 😮 We were walking past one of the roads, and out of nowhere a drunk lady ran in to me saying out loudly “your dress is so cool”!! I’m sure she didn’t even know what she said, because from what I saw, she was not even in condition of understanding if anything’s cool or not. -_- And that was one of the most awkward moments of my life. :/ Yup, the day after my first visit in somewhere besides Bangladesh lol. 😀



After that incident I tried to avoid going outside for couple of days. It was pretty awkward (or should I say embarrassing?) for me, you know. I felt like I’m an alien every time I go out. -_-


giphy (1)


Anyways, I got used to with the fact that I’m not like them, so they will be surprised by my look and etc. And I was able to take that normally 2/3 months later. Besides when some other foreigners visit Bangladesh for the first time, I’m sure they get this “alien kind of vibe” there too. Even two of my colleagues were staring at a white woman sitting next to us in a restaurant even when I requested not to. -_- Anyways, I rather started enjoying the fact that I’m different than them. ❤ And now when I go out of my house, people look at me, specially old people and little kids, I feel like celebrity. B| When they don’t, I feel like may be I am not looking my best! 😦 lol 😛


giphy (2)


They mostly surprised by the way I put my eye make up. Bangladeshi women are huge fan of eye liners and kajol. And so am I. ❤ I would love to spend the rest of my life trying out every eye make up trends that are available. ^_^ Anyways, when they look at me, they look at my eyes first! 😉  Sometimes they even compliment you saying “beautiful” in Korean language too <3.

giphy (3)


The way they compliment you, sometimes it makes you more confident about your look. 🙂

Every foreigner who visits Korea will face the language problem for sure. Come on, you need to communicate if you have to live somewhere. And if you don’t know the appropriate language, then you are screwed up, totally. 😉 I heard Korean education system is such that up to bachelor’s level, everything in their textbook is in their own language. May be that’s the reason why they are mostly comfortable with their own language.

Suppose, you need to buy something from shop or mart. If you find what you look for, then congratulation, you are saved! but if you don’t, let’s hope that someone in the mart understands what are you looking for and if they don’t either, may the force be with you!! 😉 :p


Anyways, they will try so hard to get you what you want of course, they are helpful that much. 🙂

If you come here for vacation, then Korea is quite perfect for having good time. There’s too many beautiful places, including historical, religious or places of natural beauty. If you don’t have any restriction towards food, then this place is heaven for you; as you get to taste different kinds of food here. There’s not only Korean restaurant but also Japanese or Chinese restaurants are available. Where as if you are HALAL eater then you may face some problems. You can’t eat meat in every restaurant as it’s not halal. There’s some Bangladeshi, Indian, Pakistani, Moroccan, Turkish etc. restaurants where halal food is available, but number of these restaurants are not much. You can’t explain to a Korean why you can’t eat meat everywhere or the halal-haram fact, they will not quite understand at all. And, I just gave up explaining now lol 😉 :p

giphy (2)

I admit, reading these whole article, Korean life may sounds like problem friendly lol :D, but what’s the fun of living if you don’t have any of them? Come, visit here and experience all these interesting problems by yourself.  🙂 🙂