Chicken Corn Burrito

If you want to make burrito in the simplest way and with the shortest list of item, then you are most welcome to read the following. And if you want just the perfect kind of burritos, them I’m sorry for wasting your time.  😉 😦 😒

Anyways here’s the ingredients:
1. Half cup chicken breast (cut into pieces)
2. Half cup corn (I used canned corn)
3. 1 medium sized oninon
4. 1 medium sized capsicum
5. Half tea spoon cumin
6. Half tea spoon black pepper
7. 1 tea spoon red chilli powder
8. 2 tortillas
9. Salt
10. Tomato Sauce
11. A liitle amount of ginger and garlic paste
12. Oil

Chop the onion and capsicum. Heat the pan with 3 to 4 table spoons of oil. Put the chopped onion and capsicum first and then the chicken breast, corn in the pan. Keep the pan covered for 5minutes. After that, put all the spices and the pastes. And keep it covered. After 10mintues, spread 5table spoons of tomato sauce.
Take the pan out of the stove after 3minutes. Now, take one tortilla, pour half of the filling from the pan and roll it out!

Now your burritos are ready! Make some fries, take some cucumber, and you are done! Enjoy your food now! 😉

Btw this recipe is only for two. If you want to make more, you just need to increase the proportion. 🙂


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