A depressing article lol :p

Do you ever feel like, you are having everything so perfect? Lol, jk! I know, you don’t 😉 Nature is a bitch and he has this perfect kinda schedule thing, and he manages everyday  to mess with everyone’s life every time. :/ Well, almost every time, everyday. But you do feel like nothing’s going alright, right?

Sometimes I want nothing but a normal day in my life. We are the play toys of nature and a day of our life without problem means nature is having a sick leave day lol 😀 Or, worst, he is even busier with screwing up some one else’s life. (My heartiest sympathy anyways -_- )

giphy (14)

There are some days, when i feel betrayed. We never get the chance to decide whether we would want to be born or not! We were never given a choice, but we face it all. Software companies are better in that perspective, at least they let you know there are terms & conditions at the agreement! -_-  But, what about the terms and conditions that are applicable to life? I hate being frustrated, but most of the time in my life I spent being so. Lol 😀 Generally women loves being depressed. 😛

-Hungry? Let’s be depressed!

-Broke your favorite make up kit?  Let’s be depressed!

-Bad cooking day? Let’s be depressed!

-Home alone? Let’s be depressed!

-OMG, we are enjoying too much! Let’s be depressed!

-Got nothing to do? How about some depression? OOOOHHOO! Let’s be depressed? Let’s be depressed!  -_-  -_-

giphy (15)

No matter how suggestive you are when someone’s in a problem, you are the dumbest bitch in the world in your problems, and the solution you find is depression! Again, I’m only talking about the ladies. 😉 Well, another thing is we absorb every deadly problems of our lives, and we only depressed by the silly ones, right? Ha ha that’s very generous of us B| We are jealous, yet we are kind to our friends! Can you even think of combining them two? I don’t, but that’s how we roll, you know? ❤ We can totally deny how much we are hurt inside, pretending to be happy too, right? Like right now, when I’m pretending to be the women who knows everything, actually who has no idea why she is so messed up always? So messed up that she thinks writing in her blog may give her inner peace?? :/ :/

Lol! That’s the story of our life. We hate expressing ourselves, but love hiding the person inside us. We grow old and one day we just go to our graves with a dual personality. The fake strong and the real depressing one. 😦

Have a great (depressing) weekend, everyone! 😉

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