Makeup: my confidence

-“Why do you wear makeup?”

-“Ummm… because I’m ugly?????”

Lol it sounds funny but yeah that’s the truth. And I am not ashamed of admitting that. So, do I feel insecure about my look? Of course I do. But why, let’t start at the very beginning.

In my country, when a child is born, first thing people notice is her/his color. Most of the people in Bangladesh has brown color. People with very bright color is not much common, so few people who fall in to this valuable category of having the perfect color are treated as “human asset”. Again, let’s go back to the child. After judging if the kid is “forsha” (Bengali word for people with bright color), people will once again start judging if he/she has sharp nose, big eyes or head full of hair.  I mean before even coming to the world, the kid already sees the dirty side of it.

Anyways the kid grows up soon, and people gets new issues to talk. Like if she/ he is getting fat somehow, or not getting taller in height blah blah 😡 And if by any chance he/ she gets the fat/ shorty combo, everyone’s like,  “ok kid, you should kill yourself right now, nobody wants you”.!!!!!!!!! Like seriously!! 😠 Just because of not having the perfect body shape I have no place in this society?  😐

Often the fat kid becomes the fun making source of the near and dear ones. After age 10, it’s a different story for the girl child or the boy child. There’s a saying in bengali that a boy doesn’t need to be handsome, but the girl should be beautiful, because she has to get married. Sounds strange? Ok let me explain you in short, in the South Asian region arrange marriage is quite common. Where two families decides the bride and groom. Usually the groom’s eligibility is a good job with a handsome salary and the bride’s eligibility is her beauty. I will try to write a post about arrange marriage some other day, but that’s the summery of it anyways. So, now you understand why  the girl needs to be beautiful and why everyone around you is so concerned about look?

So, what’s my story? Well I am the unwanted fat-shorty combo. Actually I was very fat- shorty combo lol 😆 now just fat ha ha :p I grew up hearing how fat I am getting, and I am turning more brownish in color and yes I am too short compared to my family members! I do not need to explain but yup I had a disturbed childhood.

Every lady loves makeup from their early age. It’s in their blood. I started doing makeup as a hobby, then it turned to passion, and as I can see it’s making me look good, it became my need. Cause it’s making me flawless ❤ Ok please don’t get confused when I say flawless. It actually is flawless compared to my past very fat- short combo. 😉 So, that’s it! I was insecure, and makeup made me confident!

And yeah I do have the guts to admit that I am not beautiful, and I am trying to be beautiful using make up. But the people who criticize ladies for wearing  too much make up, do they have the guts to admit that they are jealous? Or more precisely the guts to admit that they have an ugly heart???? 😈😈😈

Collected from Google search 🙂


I believe that, truly!



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