Do mind, don’t forget!

“Never mind, forget it!” – So do you actually forget what happened when somebody says that to you? Or you will just avoid it next time? I don’t ever forget anything. No, not at all. I even waste my whole day thinking about it. Like what should I tell then, or why I didn’t do something about it earlier so, I could have a strong position during the argument, and how I would grab the chance to win over them again, blah blah -_-  Of course you don’t dream while you are asleep, you do it when you are wide awake :/ lol :p

There’s always a silent shadow remains who only talks in your head when you are alone. Just so you know that shadow’s a bitch. I don’t know if that has a gender or not, if so, mine should be a girl, because she never stops talking.  -_-  Suppose I am in okay kinda mode, she would appear from nowhere and ruin my day. Here’s how :

Shadow girl: Hey deary!

Me: Ok, please not today! I am already upset!

SG: Yeah, you totally should be!

Me: I should move on.

SG: No, you shouldn’t! You don’t forget anything, remember? (because I am here for you) And you don’t forgive either!

Me: I should concentrate on my work.

SG: Really? After what happened? And you are thinking everything would be fine later?

Me: Yup! Why not?

SG: Lol 😛 good luck with that 😀

Me: Don’t you start now!

SG: Oh yeah? So you are telling you didn’t mind at all, it didn’t break your heart, because you are that much innocent, nothing can hurt you?? Girl, you are crazy!!!!!

Me: Stop, please!

SG: Yeah baby, world is not fair! And what have you done in your entire life except losing every chance of being yourself? So everyone can hurt you more than ever?

Me: I am gonna cry now.

SG: You should, you totally should!

Me: 😥 😥

SG: I will give you your time sweety! Bye for now! (I will come once again if you start feeling good about that!)

So, that’s where she leaves me drowned in my own tears. People often says it is okay to cry, because it soothes your heart. But I feel it leaves you with a permanent scar. A scar which never fades away. It is true that sometimes I do feel good after crying but I am kind of the crying baby type, I cry for each and every thing. So, that’s why may be the soothing part doesn’t happen to me lol :p

I keep a notebook where I write everything. Okay that’s a lie, not everything! 😀 Let’s say significant things of my life. 😀  It is hard doing that sometimes, I often loose my patience lol :p But when I read it a later time, I do feel may be the scar left a spot in my heart, but deep in there it made me strong enough to survive this long!

Ummm, so the last post and this one up to now, making me look like the saddest lady in this world. (A moment of silence for me, please!) 😉 Trust me,  I have happy moments in my life too! But I am just too selfish to let anybody know about them. I want all of them hidden so nobody can cast an evil eye on them!

(Alright it sounded super funny, actually I lost my patience for the day. LOL! 😛 Good bye everyone! Have a good weekend!! :* :*)



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