Little things from Korean life

Korean life doesn’t bother me much except the fact that you can not communicate with the Korean people. But that doesn’t mean they are not friendly or they don’t want any communication. The problem is actually the language. They can’t speak English and I can’t speak Korean, so there’s always lack of communication.

I am the only foreigner in my lab. At beiginning, there were some people who could speak in english, but now i often get in trouble when I need something from them. But you know what? They try so hard to understand what are you saying. Even sometimes using Google translator! Lol 😂Though I am grateful to Google translator for being the medium of our conversation but it often becomes the joke part of the day. Seems unbelievable? Okay let me explain you how.
The most significant part of my makeup is my eyeliner. One day I went to lab trying a double winged eyeliner. One of my colleague sits just my opposite. The moment she saw me, she was like wow! I often felt like Korean ladies are huge fan of artistic eye liner, and she’s no different either. She then picked her phone and typed fast, and showed it to me, there was some Korean words translated to English as: “how drawn your eyeliner?” I typed I use Lakme instaliner. Then she typed again: “Professor said you beauty”😄:mrgreen:  I was like okay thank you!

So what she wanted to say was,
“How do you apply your eyeliner?
& “Professor said you are beautiful”!!

And I am sure when I type something in English to translate in Korean, it types a grammatical joke like that too. 😒😒😒 Please don’t take me as a grammar nazi. I’m not very good at grammar, I am not good at anything. But I love the fact that we are making all this efforts to talk only!!!!

She’s my first Korean friend 😍 Though we don’t understand each other’s language, we talk using Google translator with huge grammatical mistakes, still we try to communicate. 😙


Korean girls usually don’t get married while studying so people often get surprised hearing that I’m married!:mrgreen: And yeah, they are impressed by my cooking.;)
Few days ago, another course professor asked me if I can give a presentation about Bangladeshi culture at the end of course. That’s when I was surprised!! 😈  Really? That much interested?? 😦😦😦
I think Korean people knows how to appreciate new things perfectly.:)That’s often a big deal. Because if you can’t accept the new, you can’t accept the change.

Most amazing part of Korean life is their makeup and skin care products. Every time you buy something, they will give you some free sample.


And what’s more a girl could hope for, huhh?;););) Specially if she’s a makeup freak?

And you will get some more gifts, when you take the membership card ❤ Why are you seeing everything from It’s skin that’s another story, which I’ll tell you another day :mrgreen:


I am a big fan of Korean cakes and pastry shop. Because of being a halal eater, I can’t eat meat from anywhere. But in case of cakes  and sweets, it’s no problem.;)


Everything has two parts: positive and negative. But it’s totally depends upon you, how you wanna see that. And after living in Korea for 360 days, I think my Korean life is positively negative! Lol😛

Have a good day, everyone!!!! 😇😇


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