A year in Korea

Exactly 1 year ago today I moved to South Korea. Actually today was the day I took my flight to Korea. I reached here the next day, that is in 29th May. So,  why I moved here? Well to start my own songsar (bengali word for family life). We only were together for 9days after our wedding. Before that we had time to know each other for 10 days. Sounds ridiculous? Ok, that’s how arrange marriage works you know? 😉 Well the time period doesn’t have to be that short, but in our case he couldn’t manage a longer vacation. Anyways, for 19 days it felt like somebody took me to heaven, and then he left me to where I belong. 😒 Lol 😀 After waiting 2 months and 25 days I got my visa. And a week later, I left Bangladesh.
For 3 months I thought I could do anything to come here! But the moment my father in law confirmed me that he booked my ticket that’s when I realize of course I would love to come here but I was not yet prepared to leave my family there. I had never been out of my home for 1 month, and here I am out of my home for 1 year! Huh! Life!! 😧
I was born in a family full of people. Mom, papa, grand ma, my two sisters and my brother. My elder sister got married 8 years ago, still there were too many people in my house. I used to live in the dormitory during my university life, which is full of more people anyways! Fact is I’ve never been much lonely in my life. 😶
But, here’s only two of us! He goes in his lab at morning, comes for lunch at noon and then again he goes and returns in the evening. 😒 This whole time, I was alone! At first it was okay. But soon I started feeling empty. You can pass time cooking, watching movies or tv series, or you can go outside. I couldn’t do the last one, cause I’m new here and I am not very good at remembering paths. So I had to stay home. And tried to spent my times with cooking, makeup or movies/ tv series. There were times I spent crying for hours. 😭 I couldn’t bear all these loneliness and emptyness! My husband had to go to some conferences two times the next month, i mean in June. For the first time in my life I lived alone in a house. And I cried like a baby. I couldn’t sleep. I didn’t even want to cook for a single parson that time. So I made only those things which can be done in short time.  The other Bangladeshi families here visited me everyday so I don’t feel sad. And I am very grateful to them otherwise I would’ve cried more! Ha ha 😂 I think I mentioned it before, but I want to confess it one more time that I am like the crying baby type. 😆
I felt like my world is getting smaller. There’s only limited number of people I had around me to interact. 😐 I even hated going outside. Because my getup is unique here, so no matter how much I try not to catch attention, everytime I go outside I realized everyone is looking at me with surprise. 👿
Anyways I was able to deal with the being unique fact mentally, so few months later it didn’t bother me at all. And I was getting good with the roads and the paths here. Finally one day I was able to made up my mind, to go out for a walk alone for the first time. 🙂  Trust me, it felt awesome! 😄
And after applying to the university my Professor asked me to join in the lab. New lab mates, Professor, his assistant- my small world started expanding itself. Though not everyone in the lab could communicate with me, but something is better than nothing.

When my class started I got some new friends there too. I forgot how to interact with people. I was living in a small world with limited people. I forgot the feeling of having friends around me. But now I have friends, with whom I talk for hours. Sometimes they even ask if we can go out together for lunch/ dinner. And if we do, where we could go, because I’m a halal eater, i can’t go just anyplace. 😅 That may sounds like nothing, but to me that is something very special! I forgot the last time I had planned something like that, and here they come, as a blessing!

My lab mates were embarrassed with the fact that they can’t speak English. So they talked less earlier. But now they also try to interact with me. Even if someone can’t find the exact English word to tell, someone else says the correct one from his/her desk. My professor took a new assistant recently. At first she was embarrassed like the others. And now she talks with me just like the others do now! ha ha 😀 I often don’t get what they are saying at first but few seconds later I do. Pronunciation varies for people and countries. But they did make my world bigger. I am the only female foreigner in my department now. Other Korean students whom I don’t know, but when I meet them in the corridor and lift, greets me in Korean language. I don’t know any of them, they don’t either. Still they are talking to me, making me feel like I am not so alone! I always felt like I don’t have someone here to talk to, other than my husband. And here they are proving me wrong! 😀 I’ve never felt that happy in my life to be wrong.
As a foreigner when you visit a mart or super shop, people talks with you, because they are interested to know you. As I said before Korean people knows how to appreciate new things. And I love when they ask me something. Because each time they do that, not only they are getting to know me, but also I am getting to know them! 😇

1 year ago when I moved here, I only had a small world of two people, my husband and I. Now when I go out of my house, sometimes old people and kids wave their hands at me, not because they know me, but they want to. I feel glad when they do that. And I am grateful to each and everyone of them, for making my small world to a lot bigger one. 🙂 🙂


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