Turban hijab 😄

So, like I said in my recent few posts, this year summer is freaking hot in Korea. Sometimes I just want to close my door and stay in my home forever so that I can be saved from the heat! 😥

And like I said before, it gets more hard when you are a hijabi and you have to take 20 minutes of walk four times a day. So, I am looking for some hijab styles for couple of days which would help me to get some relief from the heat.

I have seen ladies wearing turban hijab before, but wearing it in a way that shows your neck, made me uncomfortable at first. Then I realize if I could wear a long hijab cap that cover your neck, then I can give it a try!

At first I wear a hijab cap that only covers half of my head then I wear the long one. Now put your pashmina or shawl over your head and bring the two sides from behind your head and tie them down over your forehead. Take the right side portion first and round it over your head and pin it down. Similarly do it for the other side. You can keep a small portion over your shoulder like I did here. It actually depends on how long your shawl is. 🙂

Now, is it comfortable? Yup, certainly! This way your neck can get more air and you may feel more free.

Drawback? Well if you are living some places where hijabis are not common and you are appearing there everyday with new style of head full of clothes, you will have some ‘what the heck is wrong with your head‘ look from people. Other than that it’s okay. 😉

So, bye for now! Will be back soon!!



No bake cheese cake with whipped cream 

Weekend is the perfect time for your food experiment. 😄 I love cakes and that love made me interested to learn baking. Well, when you don’t have to bake at all still you can have a cake with little ingredients how that’s gonna be? 😉 What a good time to be alive, huh???  😀

So I was talking about No Bake Cheese Cake. Here’s the recipe:


1. A little less than 100 grams cracker crumbs. In most of the recipes they ask to use Graham’s cracker. Though I used some other cracker type cookies I had in my kitchen. Worked fine anyways.

2. 3 tb spoon butter.

3. 250 ml whipped cream.

4. 225 grams or half pound Philadelphia cream cheese.

5. Quarter cup sugar. You can add more if you like.


Take the cracker crumbs and butter in a microwave safe dish and microwave them 1 minute. Put them in the pan where you want to make your cake and press them evenly with your hands or the downside of a glass. In another pan beat cheese, whipped cream and sugar together until it becomes smooth and creamy in texture. Now put them over the cracker base you made before. You can also put some melted chocolate for decoration. Chill them for 4 hours in the refrigerator.

After 4 hours take the cake out of the refrigerator. Spread some icing sugar. It’s ready to serve! It’s convenient if you could use adjustable mold as a baking pan. Or you can just take a piece from the pan and serve.

This is how it came out:

So, what are you waiting for? Let’s start eating!!!! 🍰🍰🍰

Happy weekend people!!! :*

Review: Catrice even skin tone foundation & Catrice sun glow matt bronzing powder

So, in my previous blog I have told you how I ended up buying a Catrice foundation instead of Loreal true match foundation. 😀 Now, it’s time for review. This is a swatch of the foundation:

As you can see there are three shades. 1st one is Missha magic cushion foundation, 2nd one is It’s skin baby face bb cream, and 3rd one is what we are talking about here. Been looking for this kinda shade for a long time.

I bought them on the lunch break, and after lunch when I was going out for work again, I thought I should give a little try. So, I didn’t fully remove my makeup and start again; I just put them over the old one, just to see how does it look. But surprisingly they did blend nicely even over my previous makeup.

It is very moist and of liquid texture. And the new makeup was pretty good even after 8 pm.

The bronzer is also really good for everyday use comparing the price. Not very dark not very light just is enough for give you the natural look.

But in case of a party makeup you may need some extra bronzer than usual for perfect contouring. Or you can use a concealer first and then the bronzer can be your finishing touch. 🙂

The foundation cost me 12500₩ and the bronzer is 7500₩.

Overall I’m happy with today’s shopping! 😄

See you soon, ladies!!!! 😙

****BTW this is the first time I posted all my pictures without editing or filtering 😉

A brown skin girl’s struggle for perfect foundation in Korea

Having a brown skin tone is a curse because most of the time you end up buying the wrong shade foundation. :/ Specially in Korea. Almost each and every foundation/ bb and cc cream or any base makeup products are of too bright shade.Usually they have two shades, 21 or 23. In some cases, you may find a little darker shade, they call ‘Ginger’. But still they are too bright for the brown tone.

m-perfect-cover-bb-cream03clio-gelpresso-waterproof-pencil-gel-liner-1 (1)



I’m not sure about it, But I think Korean makeup trend is something like, your face needs to be more brighter than your neck or hands. Everyday I see too many ladies in the streets or shops, with a whitish base, that doesn’t match their hands or neck. Well, not every people has same skin tone on their full body, for example my hands have a yellowish brown tome, while my face is just brown. Still, I do know the fact that we need to match at least our face to neck when applying a makeup. But I have seen too many ladies here wearing a different tone makeup and be confident and comfortable about it. I guess, this is the reason of the trend, why bright shades are available only.


So, I am tired of using my It’s skin bb cream and Missha magic cushion foundation. I am not saying I’m bored with them, I am just saying I’m bored with the fact of using same thing. And, that’s why I’ve been looking for a replacement foundation for couple of days. I thought of ordering something from ebay, but the thought of shade matching fact stopped me from doing that. Not, every mart has the international brands like Loreal, Maybelline etc. outlets here in Busan. Well, Shinsegae Centum City has many renown international brands though. But, it’s not possible for you to go there everyday, if it’s of more than 1 hour of distance by sub-way. :/ It’s actually a no problem either, but going there often makes feel bad about myself! I mean how poor I am that I can’t buy these celestial things! -_- Anyways, Shinsegae is the largest departmental store in the world it’s totally legit that there will be only over pricey brand labeled things. :/




Well, you can order some international brands in Korea, by the local online shopping site, G- Market. They are very good and reliable for both the quality and early shipping. Maximum shipping time is two days and minimum is 20 hours. Isn’t that great! ❤ But, fact is, they keep their price considering international shipping charge they had to pay for bringing the product to Korea.  Sometimes even more than ebay. But, if shipping time is your priority, then certainly G-Market is your best option.

Shopping international brands from ebay is disgustingly pathetic because of the fact that you have to pay a large amount of shipping charge. Say you want to buy a foundation from loreal or mac. Sometimes you will see that actual price is 20$ where you need to pay a shipping charge of 25$.

Well, there’s two departmental store I know (Olive Young & Watsons), that sells international brands. You may not find much variation there. But  you can find something there. But sad truth is they only keep the shade matching their own skin tone for brands like loreal, mac etc. Or, it could also be the fact that shade variations are not available in the outlets where I usually visit.  No tears for the brown skin lol :p


So, if you have a brown skin, your best practice in Korea is picking something out of the available Korean products that suites your skin (not your tone, cause that’s not possible anyways lol 😀 , so I meant that doesn’t harm your skin) and always apply in little amount and blend them really nicely. But sometimes when you need a party look, you have to put more than a little amount. In that case, try putting some on your exposed areas like hands or neck etc.

So, that was I’ve been doing for an year, but I wanted to have something else. And guess what! I found one!  I went to Watsons today with intention of buying Loreal true match foundation. I found a shade that barely matches my brown skin tone, but there was no better option from Loreal. So, I thought I would take what I got, just at that moment I found Catrice even skin tone foundation. And guess what? Shade 30 matches with me perfectly! Oh ALLAH, I’m so happy! Finally! So, if you have brown skin tone like me, you can go for this. I will soon add my review about it. But in another post. 😉

So, that’s all for now. Bye!

********All the pictures are collected from internet. 🙂


Payday shopping 

What do you do first when you receive your salary? Wanna know what I do? I keep on checking the clock, and count how much time left for lunch hour. Because I will go for lunch, and on the way to my home I will have to cross the precious NC mart, where the 2nd floor contains my amazing wonderland, I mean the Cosmetics and Skin care sections! 😂 And on the pay day, I go two~three times in my wonderland. First, before lunch, second after lunch and third before going home after work. 😉 I know, I’m sick! But if being sick makes you feel better about anything, don’t ever hesitate to be, dearie! 😍

So here’s my this month’s payday shopping:

Well, it doesn’t mean I only buy makeup on my payday,  it’s just that two to three times visiting the same wonderland happens on the very same day. Lol 😜 

So, I bought these blusher and mascara from it’s skin. The blusher is on sale, took only 1800 ₩, where the mascara was 6900 ₩. The blusher is great for natural look, doesn’t give you the ‘artificial pink blush on’ look. It has creamy texture, so I used it after using bb cream and concealer but before using any compact powder or loose powder. I’m quite impressed with the mascara. It’s Skin has a bad reputation in here  that, as their products are cheap comparatively, they are not that good. Infact one of my Korean friend asked me why I chose this brand. Well, I could not tell her that no other brand’s salesperson can understand anything except Korean, specially in NC mart. Lol :p Anyways, the mascara is just awesome! If you are looking for a new one, I would highly recommend. 🙂

Etude house play stick 101 pencil, is also a good one. It’s shade no 7. Kind of whitish creamy  color. You can use both as your inner eyeliner or eyebase, however you like. 🙂 The mascara and the pencil are both waterproof. Didn’t smudge at all, so I would give it 10 on 10. ❤

And, finally time to see my look trying these three together:

As you can see the blusher is pretty natural in color. I used the play stick pencil as my inner eyeliner, just to make my eyes look a bit bigger. And for the mascara here is a close picture:

So, that’s all for today! Will back again soon! Bye!!!!! 😍😍😍😍

Confession of a ‘BAD’ Muslim girl

What is the definition of a good Muslim woman? I’m no Islamic scholar, but as far as I can understand with the little knowledge I have, “A good Muslim women is the one who has complete faith in ALLAH, Holy Quran and the Holy Prophet Muhammad, who is modest in both getup and and words, who covers herself in a way that doesn’t show her true beauty, who prays 5 times a day, recites Quran, perform fasting, and who doesn’t harm anyone by words or acts”, right? I’m not sure if I got them all right, but that’s all came to my mind now. Again, I’m not a Islamic scholar, there could be mistakes, there could be more to add. Islam is a versatile religion, and it’s not possible for someone like me to learn it fully. 🙂

Being a real Muslim is not very easy. Actually being religious is not very easy. This is true for every religion because you have rules and rituals to follow. You don’t follow all of them, then you are not a true religious parson. And, we all who fall into this category of not being  true religious,  are well aware that someday we have to answer to our lord. For us Muslims to ALLAH. And we all have to face consequences for our sin.

Again let’s get back to the definition,

“A good Muslim women is the one who has complete faith in ALLAH, Holy Quran and the Holy Prophet Muhammad

This is the easiest part I guess. We all have faith, we may have question and suspicion in some rules and fact, but we completely believe there is only one lord: ALLAH, and we believe his holy prophet and his scripture holy Quran.

who is modest in both getup and and words, who covers herself in a way that doesn’t show her true beauty,

This is actually the hardest part for Muslim women. Here, I’m an example. I cover my hairs with a hijab, I cover my full body, except my feet and 1/3 of my hands. (A little higher than the wrist). Yes, I’m guilty of not covering myself the Islamic way, in a way that doesn’t show shape of your body, doesn’t reveal your beauty, because I use tons of makeup too!  And I’m aware that I will be questioned in the day of judgement. But, I am only bound to answer to my lord, ALLAH, not any human being! 

So, the people who are now-a-days so much concerned about my getup not being the Islamic way, this is my answer to you: “I will only answer to my lord, about my deeds. Not to someone who is also a servant to him, like me!”  🙂

When you are modest, you are not suppose to reveal not only your physical beauty, but also your state of mind. Modesty should be your way of life.

But funny is, people only concentrates on being modest with the getup, but not with words. Like what you say, that doesn’t count. And the hilarious part is, they often mix up extremity with modesty. You use extreme words and expect me to change, this is not how it works. You have to ask nicely for a cup of coffee, even when you are paying! So, when you curse me saying that I’m going to hell for my this getup, how can you think that I’ll be changed from now on? And by the way where is your “MODESTY” IN WORDS? 

“It is most hateful in the sight of Allah that you say things which you do not do.” (61:3)

who prays 5 times a day, recites Quran, perform fasting, and who doesn’t harm anyone by words or acts”

Well, I try to say my prayers regularly. It’s been a long time since I’m doing that, ALHAMDULILLAH. I can’t recite Quran regularly, but I do recite sometimes. And I am not afraid to admit that, that “sometimes” is not very regular. 🙂

But our extreme religious people often forget to not harm people by words or acts. Like backbiting about someone’s life and matter. Or like the IS who think their acts of killing people is establishing ISLAM, when it actually is destroying it?

“O you who believe! avoid most of suspicion (against others), for surely suspicion in some cases is sin; and do not spy (into other people’s affairs), nor let some of you backbite others.” (49:12)

“Religion is easy, but any one who exerts himself too much in religious devotions will get overcome by it; so you should just act rightly, and keep to the mean, and be of good cheer, and ask for Allah’s help morning, evening, and a part of the night.” (Bukhari.)

So, here’s my confession after all this discussion:

I know, I’m not doing it the right way. I am wearing hijab, still not dressing fully the Islamic way, I’m going outside with loads of makeup, trying to make myself attractive in others eyes. I wear a volume hijab, and post my pictures in social media and blog in different poses. So, why I’m wearing hijab, while I’m doing these? Because this is the least I can do right now. I’m wearing hijab this way for a long time and I will keep it wearing like that. Not everyone can follow the exact dress-up way, and we all are guilty of that sin. And on the judgement day, when my lord will ask me why did, what I did, I will give my answer to him, and him only. So, no other human being or living things should question me about me or my lifestyle. And I will only start dressing up in Islamic way, when I feel like doing it. Not because of what others think, NEVER!  So, I’m a BAD Muslim, who admits she is actually a bad one, not the one who pretends to be modest and can’t be so.

You know, what else is funny? “Wearing hijab and makeup together!” is also questioned by the one who doesn’t wear hijab at all or who doesn’t maintain hijab properly (you know, wearing hijab one day and going without it the next day 😉 ).  And most important fact is once people starts practicing, they think their past life is forgiven! Ohh really, because you are a good Muslim now, nothing else matters? It’s like enjoying and then repenting? Wait dear, without my getup and makeup, you don’t know my past, present or what I will be in future. So, just because you see me that way, that doesn’t mean you know me well. Like I don’t know about you at all. Only our lord does and let’s leave it for him.

And at last this is for them people, though I’m not sure if they actually believe so:

“Pardon (people) and overlook (their faults). Don’t you love that Allah should forgive you.” (24:22)

Have a good weekend, everyone! 🙂 🙂

Orange day!!!

I have no idea why, but I kind of like the orange color. Our school uniform was of orange and white combo, and I remember after finishing school if one of our friends wear anything orange we would’ve made fun of her asking, if she’s missing school days of wearing orange! 😉 I think putting on an orange dress for 7 years made me love the color. 😛

So, today I am wearing an orange dress which my husband gave me as an Eid present. 😄 And recently I bought some new makeup products and I thought I should totally try something special today with them! 😍

Don’t get confused with the pink sleeve, it’s of the cardigan I’m wearing, the dress is still orange. 😁

So, the products I used are:

  1. Hyaluronic acid moisture emulsion by It’s skin
  2. Sunscreen- It’s skin
  3. Primer- It’s skin
  4. Makeup base-It’s skin
  5. Bb cream-It’s skin
  6. Concealer- Canmake
  7. Contour stick- Etude House
  8. Compact powder-It’s skin
  9. Loose powder- Skin food
  10. Highlighter- It’s skin
  11. Beauty treats 130 color palette
  12. Tony moly gel eyeliner
  13. Eyebrow pencil- Olive farm
  14. Bush on from Max touch makeup box
  15. Mascara- Olive farm
  16. Jordana lip liner
  17. La-femme lipstick

So, the new products are Tony moly gel eyeliner, Skin food loose powder, It’s skin moisture emulsion and Etude house contour stick. The eyeliner is actually very good, all these days I thought applying a gel eyeliner is a mess, but truth is- it’s not! 😮 It’s super easy! Loose powder is also a good one, suited me nicely. But contour stick could be a better one if the color complexion of the dark stick is more darker. (There are two sticks on both sides for contouring and highlighting) Still, not bad at all! And at last the moisture emulsion. I love it!  It feels very moist and keeps your skin hydrated for a long time. Much recommended for oily skin. ❤ 

And I will end the post with one last picture!!! 👫

I guess I don’t have to mention that, that’s my man with me here! 😘 Have a good day, bye (from both of us)!!!!