Things a makeup freak will understand

Writing is more like a matter of habit. When you start writing you don’t want to stop, but till you start, you don’t even wanna begin. Lol :p Yesterday I was saying, I wrote after a long time, and here I’m writing today once again. Because I remembered how writing makes me feel good. 🙂

So, today while I was getting ready for lab, I thought of doing something quicker. I am super slow so when I say something about being quick, it actually means more than 30 minutes. lol 😉 Anyways, this is a bottle green smokey eye. I used my green eye pencil and little copper shadow to blend on my upper lid.


So, while I was doing this ‘art’ on my face, I realize us ladies, who apply makeup everyday, face something really creepy in a funny way while doing and afterwards. That’s when I thought I should write an article about this.

  • Think you are applying mascara. So, how do you imagine yourself doing that? Extending your chin little downwards, making an ‘O’ with your lips and staring at your eyebrows in a creepy way, while you put them in lashes, right? Like below, huh???! 😉

giphy (5)

  •  You think it’s funny? Wait, till I show you my ‘how to put eyeliner’ face! Pulling your eyes to the sides with your fingers, and taking your face as close as possible near the mirror, and it look’s like you trying to open your mouth, but you can’t? Well, here it is!

giphy (22)

  • Okay, now how about applying foundations? 
giphy (19)
What you think you did
giphy (18)
What you actually did

          Nicely blended, huh? 😉

  • Let’s come to our Kardashian trend, Contouring. You don’t waste as much time for your base as you do for your contour, right? Cause after applying your base, your face is just a plain canvas, like this:

giphy (15)

        So, you need to put some dimension on your face. But when you start doing this,

giphy (17)

               you end up here -_-

giphy (10)

                   Pathetic, isn’t it?

  • How about your winged eyeliner? 😉
giphy (9)
giphy (6)
  • Imagine your lipstick applying face, when you think you look like this:

giphy (14)

            while you actually look like this:

giphy (13)

  • And this is you what you look like almost everytime when you try something new 😛

giphy (20)

  • But these are nothing to you, no matter where these things lead you, you always find a way to make things perfect! Cause you are a queen, and a queen knows how to make things right!

giphy (8)

Have a great weekend, lovelies! ❤ ❤








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