Eid look: Cut crease eye <3

Hello lovelies! There’s only a few days left for Eid-ul-fitr, the biggest occasion for muslim. And as it comes after 30 long days fasting from dawn to sunset, it is very special to us muslims. 🙂 🙂 

We buy new clothes, accessories as a part of celebration. And prepare the most wonderful dishes we know for our loved ones and the relatives as it is a tradition to visit your near ones on Eid day. Each house is full of guest almost the whole day.

Besides cooking we, I mean ladies,;) try to be on our best look for this special day, i mean come on it’s eid day, huh!!! You are supposed to look special for this special occasion, right?:D

So today I thought I should do a trial makeup for Eid, as I am a die hard fan of cut crease, so I did a gold-black cut crease.

So here’s the details of the products I used:

1. It’s skin power 10 formula silver label serum

2. The face shop sunscreen

3. It’s skin it’s top professional touch finish primer

4. It’s skin it’s top professional touch finish makeup base

5. It’s skin baby face moisture bb cream

6.It’s skin color play prisma diamond pact powder

7. Canmake color mixing concealer

8. Maxona makeup powder

9. Mac carbon black eye shadow

10. Jackelin 4 color eye shadow

11. Max-touch eye shadow box

12. Olive farm eye brow pencil

13. Olive farm volume mascara

14. Lakme insta eye liner

15. Mac eye lash

16. Technic pencil eye liner

17. It’s skin baby face candy glow tint bar

18. It’s skin baby face highlighter

19. Technic blush on

I guess you are wondering why almost everything is from It’s skin! 😂 Well, I think I’ve mentioned it before, but communicating in Korea is often a big problem. Not everyone understands english. There’s a mart near my university and whenever I am bored I visit there just for some relief! 🙂 The mart has almost every renowned cosmetic brand of Korea, but not every girl who’s in charge of the shop can speak English. One day I was looking for something which would help cure my acne, not a single girl was getting what I want. They were showing me concealer and etc and finally the girl at It’s skin, understood what I am looking for. Few days later I took a membership card from them and now I buy almost everything from it’s skin. :p

Anyways, their products are actually good, suited me!

And in case, you don’t recognize the brands like Max touch/ Maxona , they are pretty famous in Bangladesh. I brought them with me while moving here.

So, that’s all for today, will be back soon! Bye :* :*

15 Replies to “Eid look: Cut crease eye <3”

    1. আমার স্কিন ও ওয়েলি, তেমন কোন সমস্যা হয় নাই আপু। আর মেকআপ সেটিং এর জন্য ভালোই 🙂


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