Today’s look: Royal blue eye makeup

We are far away from our home, and Eid is not like the way we used to had before. But Bangladeshi community here arranges a special get together, on the next weekend after the event so that we may have that celebration vibe. Each of the family makes one of the bengali dish, and at the program we enjoy eating these good foods together! It’s actually pretty fun, when you are living in a different country without friends and family.

So, it’s a party, (I mean was 😛 ), and I needed a gorgeous look! So, here’s what I did:

I always write about product details and sometimes about how I did the eye part, but today I will try to write my detailed makeup routine.

At first, you need to clean your face with a good facewash. Then use a moisturizer. I usually use serums from It’s skin, like vc effector, gf effector or silver label. Sometimes I use moisture emulsion (Hyaluronic acid) from It’s skin too. Then I use my sunscreen. Then a little amount of primer and makeup base (green color) respectively. And at last baby face bb cream. These 4 things are from the same brand.

Then I use Canmake color mixing concealer to cover my dark circles, and to hide my spots. I use a little bit on my chin area too.

Now, it’s time to set them all. 😄  I use It’s skin colorplay prisma pact powder first and then Maxona loose powder.

I usually don’t do much contouring as I wear hijab, they are not visible much anyways! lol 😛 I just take some brown shade from my Max-touch makeup box, and put then on my cheekbone and jaw line area with my angle brush. And on my nose with an angle concealer brush. But I have a big nose and it doesn’t help me much. lol 😀

Now, come to the eyes. I put a white eyeliner pencil on my lids always as an eye base. For this look, take a golden like bronze shade color at first to put on your crease line as a transition color. Then a little outside than this put a light chocolate color. Take some black color, and put it on the corner of your eyes. Blend it nicely with the previous two. Take a really shiny white shade and put them on your inner corner. And at last take the royal blue shade to put over your lower lid. Blend them altogether. Add some white color to highlight your brow line. The shiny shade is from Baolishi, black one is from Mac, and the rest of them is from Max-touch.

Then I did my eyebrows with Olive Farm eyebrow pencil. Next I worked on my eyeline and lashes. The eyeliner and mascara are also from Olive Farm and lashes are from Mac.

Finally I put some blush on from my Technic makeup box. And finished the job with It’s skin baby face highlighter! Yeee! 😂 😁 And see how that came out:

So, what do you think? 😉

I know it’s better to show than writing but it’s pretty messy filming a makeup tutorial when you are wearing a hijab! 😐

That’s all for today. Byeee!!!!

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