Orange day!!!

I have no idea why, but I kind of like the orange color. Our school uniform was of orange and white combo, and I remember after finishing school if one of our friends wear anything orange we would’ve made fun of her asking, if she’s missing school days of wearing orange! 😉 I think putting on an orange dress for 7 years made me love the color. 😛

So, today I am wearing an orange dress which my husband gave me as an Eid present. 😄 And recently I bought some new makeup products and I thought I should totally try something special today with them! 😍

Don’t get confused with the pink sleeve, it’s of the cardigan I’m wearing, the dress is still orange. 😁

So, the products I used are:

  1. Hyaluronic acid moisture emulsion by It’s skin
  2. Sunscreen- It’s skin
  3. Primer- It’s skin
  4. Makeup base-It’s skin
  5. Bb cream-It’s skin
  6. Concealer- Canmake
  7. Contour stick- Etude House
  8. Compact powder-It’s skin
  9. Loose powder- Skin food
  10. Highlighter- It’s skin
  11. Beauty treats 130 color palette
  12. Tony moly gel eyeliner
  13. Eyebrow pencil- Olive farm
  14. Bush on from Max touch makeup box
  15. Mascara- Olive farm
  16. Jordana lip liner
  17. La-femme lipstick

So, the new products are Tony moly gel eyeliner, Skin food loose powder, It’s skin moisture emulsion and Etude house contour stick. The eyeliner is actually very good, all these days I thought applying a gel eyeliner is a mess, but truth is- it’s not! 😮 It’s super easy! Loose powder is also a good one, suited me nicely. But contour stick could be a better one if the color complexion of the dark stick is more darker. (There are two sticks on both sides for contouring and highlighting) Still, not bad at all! And at last the moisture emulsion. I love it!  It feels very moist and keeps your skin hydrated for a long time. Much recommended for oily skin. ❤ 

And I will end the post with one last picture!!! 👫

I guess I don’t have to mention that, that’s my man with me here! 😘 Have a good day, bye (from both of us)!!!!

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