Payday shopping 

What do you do first when you receive your salary? Wanna know what I do? I keep on checking the clock, and count how much time left for lunch hour. Because I will go for lunch, and on the way to my home I will have to cross the precious NC mart, where the 2nd floor contains my amazing wonderland, I mean the Cosmetics and Skin care sections! 😂 And on the pay day, I go two~three times in my wonderland. First, before lunch, second after lunch and third before going home after work. 😉 I know, I’m sick! But if being sick makes you feel better about anything, don’t ever hesitate to be, dearie! 😍

So here’s my this month’s payday shopping:

Well, it doesn’t mean I only buy makeup on my payday,  it’s just that two to three times visiting the same wonderland happens on the very same day. Lol 😜 

So, I bought these blusher and mascara from it’s skin. The blusher is on sale, took only 1800 ₩, where the mascara was 6900 ₩. The blusher is great for natural look, doesn’t give you the ‘artificial pink blush on’ look. It has creamy texture, so I used it after using bb cream and concealer but before using any compact powder or loose powder. I’m quite impressed with the mascara. It’s Skin has a bad reputation in here  that, as their products are cheap comparatively, they are not that good. Infact one of my Korean friend asked me why I chose this brand. Well, I could not tell her that no other brand’s salesperson can understand anything except Korean, specially in NC mart. Lol :p Anyways, the mascara is just awesome! If you are looking for a new one, I would highly recommend. 🙂

Etude house play stick 101 pencil, is also a good one. It’s shade no 7. Kind of whitish creamy  color. You can use both as your inner eyeliner or eyebase, however you like. 🙂 The mascara and the pencil are both waterproof. Didn’t smudge at all, so I would give it 10 on 10. ❤

And, finally time to see my look trying these three together:

As you can see the blusher is pretty natural in color. I used the play stick pencil as my inner eyeliner, just to make my eyes look a bit bigger. And for the mascara here is a close picture:

So, that’s all for today! Will back again soon! Bye!!!!! 😍😍😍😍

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