A brown skin girl’s struggle for perfect foundation in Korea

Having a brown skin tone is a curse because most of the time you end up buying the wrong shade foundation. :/ Specially in Korea. Almost each and every foundation/ bb and cc cream or any base makeup products are of too bright shade.Usually they have two shades, 21 or 23. In some cases, you may find a little darker shade, they call ‘Ginger’. But still they are too bright for the brown tone.

m-perfect-cover-bb-cream03clio-gelpresso-waterproof-pencil-gel-liner-1 (1)



I’m not sure about it, But I think Korean makeup trend is something like, your face needs to be more brighter than your neck or hands. Everyday I see too many ladies in the streets or shops, with a whitish base, that doesn’t match their hands or neck. Well, not every people has same skin tone on their full body, for example my hands have a yellowish brown tome, while my face is just brown. Still, I do know the fact that we need to match at least our face to neck when applying a makeup. But I have seen too many ladies here wearing a different tone makeup and be confident and comfortable about it. I guess, this is the reason of the trend, why bright shades are available only.


So, I am tired of using my It’s skin bb cream and Missha magic cushion foundation. I am not saying I’m bored with them, I am just saying I’m bored with the fact of using same thing. And, that’s why I’ve been looking for a replacement foundation for couple of days. I thought of ordering something from ebay, but the thought of shade matching fact stopped me from doing that. Not, every mart has the international brands like Loreal, Maybelline etc. outlets here in Busan. Well, Shinsegae Centum City has many renown international brands though. But, it’s not possible for you to go there everyday, if it’s of more than 1 hour of distance by sub-way. :/ It’s actually a no problem either, but going there often makes feel bad about myself! I mean how poor I am that I can’t buy these celestial things! -_- Anyways, Shinsegae is the largest departmental store in the world it’s totally legit that there will be only over pricey brand labeled things. :/




Well, you can order some international brands in Korea, by the local online shopping site, G- Market. They are very good and reliable for both the quality and early shipping. Maximum shipping time is two days and minimum is 20 hours. Isn’t that great! ❤ But, fact is, they keep their price considering international shipping charge they had to pay for bringing the product to Korea.  Sometimes even more than ebay. But, if shipping time is your priority, then certainly G-Market is your best option.

Shopping international brands from ebay is disgustingly pathetic because of the fact that you have to pay a large amount of shipping charge. Say you want to buy a foundation from loreal or mac. Sometimes you will see that actual price is 20$ where you need to pay a shipping charge of 25$.

Well, there’s two departmental store I know (Olive Young & Watsons), that sells international brands. You may not find much variation there. But  you can find something there. But sad truth is they only keep the shade matching their own skin tone for brands like loreal, mac etc. Or, it could also be the fact that shade variations are not available in the outlets where I usually visit.  No tears for the brown skin lol :p


So, if you have a brown skin, your best practice in Korea is picking something out of the available Korean products that suites your skin (not your tone, cause that’s not possible anyways lol 😀 , so I meant that doesn’t harm your skin) and always apply in little amount and blend them really nicely. But sometimes when you need a party look, you have to put more than a little amount. In that case, try putting some on your exposed areas like hands or neck etc.

So, that was I’ve been doing for an year, but I wanted to have something else. And guess what! I found one!  I went to Watsons today with intention of buying Loreal true match foundation. I found a shade that barely matches my brown skin tone, but there was no better option from Loreal. So, I thought I would take what I got, just at that moment I found Catrice even skin tone foundation. And guess what? Shade 30 matches with me perfectly! Oh ALLAH, I’m so happy! Finally! So, if you have brown skin tone like me, you can go for this. I will soon add my review about it. But in another post. 😉

So, that’s all for now. Bye!

********All the pictures are collected from internet. 🙂


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