Review: Catrice even skin tone foundation & Catrice sun glow matt bronzing powder

So, in my previous blog I have told you how I ended up buying a Catrice foundation instead of Loreal true match foundation. 😀 Now, it’s time for review. This is a swatch of the foundation:

As you can see there are three shades. 1st one is Missha magic cushion foundation, 2nd one is It’s skin baby face bb cream, and 3rd one is what we are talking about here. Been looking for this kinda shade for a long time.

I bought them on the lunch break, and after lunch when I was going out for work again, I thought I should give a little try. So, I didn’t fully remove my makeup and start again; I just put them over the old one, just to see how does it look. But surprisingly they did blend nicely even over my previous makeup.

It is very moist and of liquid texture. And the new makeup was pretty good even after 8 pm.

The bronzer is also really good for everyday use comparing the price. Not very dark not very light just is enough for give you the natural look.

But in case of a party makeup you may need some extra bronzer than usual for perfect contouring. Or you can use a concealer first and then the bronzer can be your finishing touch. 🙂

The foundation cost me 12500₩ and the bronzer is 7500₩.

Overall I’m happy with today’s shopping! 😄

See you soon, ladies!!!! 😙

****BTW this is the first time I posted all my pictures without editing or filtering 😉

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