Turban hijab 😄

So, like I said in my recent few posts, this year summer is freaking hot in Korea. Sometimes I just want to close my door and stay in my home forever so that I can be saved from the heat! 😥

And like I said before, it gets more hard when you are a hijabi and you have to take 20 minutes of walk four times a day. So, I am looking for some hijab styles for couple of days which would help me to get some relief from the heat.

I have seen ladies wearing turban hijab before, but wearing it in a way that shows your neck, made me uncomfortable at first. Then I realize if I could wear a long hijab cap that cover your neck, then I can give it a try!

At first I wear a hijab cap that only covers half of my head then I wear the long one. Now put your pashmina or shawl over your head and bring the two sides from behind your head and tie them down over your forehead. Take the right side portion first and round it over your head and pin it down. Similarly do it for the other side. You can keep a small portion over your shoulder like I did here. It actually depends on how long your shawl is. 🙂

Now, is it comfortable? Yup, certainly! This way your neck can get more air and you may feel more free.

Drawback? Well if you are living some places where hijabis are not common and you are appearing there everyday with new style of head full of clothes, you will have some ‘what the heck is wrong with your head‘ look from people. Other than that it’s okay. 😉

So, bye for now! Will be back soon!!


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