Quick tips of the day: how to get dewy makeup look

It’s been 6 months I have been a part of my lab, and I actually didn’t do anything productive related to my research. Now, my professor wants some research from me, and that’s why I kinda stopped wasting time on makeup. My professor is a really good person, and up to now, he has done so much for me. So, when he asked something from me for the first time, I don’t wanna ignore that at all, rather I would like to impress him with some good work. Though not sure how to do that, I’ve got idea what to do with this neural network!:'(

Anyways, I can’t give much time in my makeup now, so, there’s not much I have, to share with you guys! Just a quick tip on how to get a dewy look on your natural makeup.


On the day light

Well, it was nothing at all! 😀 Finish your makeup first and at the end, use some liquid highlighter on the your area of your face that catches light. Blend it nicely with the sides and wait 2minutes. Then use a makeup setting spray or fixer whatever you like. Pat it gently and you are done!

For the highlighter, I used Tony moly luminous goddess aura crystal light highlighter. And the fixer spray was also from the same brand, Tony moly mineral skin fit makeup fixer. 😍

That’s all for now, lovelies! Time to get busy with some works! 😧 Anyways, It is true that research work is difficult but without my husband it would be impossible for me. He always is there for me, holding my hands and the one who always believes in me! Which is making me falling in love with him more! 😍

Hope you enjoyed the post! Really a short one though! Sorry for that! 😦

Have a good day, bye! :*

**all the pictures are unedited


My first visit to a Chinese couple’s wedding in Korea

The best part of living abroad is getting opportunities of learning and experiencing new things. Last April, I had an honor to visit a Chinese couple’s wedding in here. It was the first time I attended any wedding abroad.

Though back in my country I was not that social to attend any wedding. Because bengali wedding is kinda crowded. I have no idea why we invite all these people with little acquaintance. A virus of showing off of inviting maximum people gripped our bengali society. You can’t even imagine the waste of food or money happens in a bengali wedding. Sometimes even more than thousand people attend the program. 😥 Attending a bengali wedding you can’t even believe that Bangladesh is a third world country. Even during the time of my wedding, when there was political unrest throughout the country, more than 300 people attended the ceremony. And my family had to manage arrangements for 600 people. 👿

Sorry for all these irrelevant talking but I kind of hate this system. Could not control the anger when I started writing.

Anyways, the groom is my husband’s colleague. The wedding took place in Grand Apple, at Centum city in one Saturday noon. The place is very famous for it’s delicious food and arrangements. One of the fancy places in Busan.
We were a little late in the ceremony. When we got there, the ritual part was over. The formal part was kinda same the Christian wedding we see in the Hollywood movies. But instead of a father saying verses, any elderly parson can do the job. The Groom’s professor, I mean my husband’s professor, was in charge of that as a local guardian. There was an anchor with a microphone in the side, who was in charge of presenting the program, announcing what’s gonna happen next, one after another.

Couples parents were sitting in the front. They are not Korean either, so they were only here for couple of days, for the wedding.

The couple were wearing the formal dresses for formal part of the wedding like white gown and tuxedo. And they were looking wow. 😍

Formal wedding includes:

  • First of all an elderly parson, I mean the groom’s/my husband’s professor gave a speech or said holy verses while the couple was standing in front of him. It was all in Korean, so I didn’t understand what he said. All I can say is, it was a lengthy one! Ha ha 😀 And another thing I noticed is, Professor Lee’s love for the couple. While he was there speaking, I could see the affection and blessings for the couple in his smile. 😍
  • Both of groom and bride said something to each of them. Some kind of swear may be.
  • The couple took blessings from both of the parents.
  • And the most romantic part, the groom sang a very special song for the bride. Gosh, I loved it! ❤
  • At last the buffet eating part!
  • After this formal part, bride and groom changed to traditional clothing.

The food was too good! Though I couldn’t taste most of them because of being a halal eater. But in-spite of that, there were plenty to try! I had a great time while eating and chatting with my husband’s colleagues there. When you live abroad, the first thing you always gonna miss is a people to talk. And when you get chances of meeting people and chat , you certainly will have good time. ☺

Another thing I loved about this wedding is, the gift system of giving the couple money, so that they can spend it in the way they like. Like honeymoon and etc.

But in Bangladesh, people give material things like utensils, blender, oven, dress etc. And when there’s a thousand people attend the program, there’s 80% probability that you will have same kinda gift twice. And it is a mess keeping these much things in your house.

That’s why, I believe it is better to give money instead of things as it can be used in a more useful ways.

The problem part was I didn’t understand what should I wear in the wedding. Because someone told me that, during a wedding here, the guests are suppose to wear something light. But being a bengali girl, I didn’t have anything of light color. As I told you guys before, we like to see us colorful! So, I wore the simplest dress I have then. Which was still very bright. I just hoped the guests didn’t hate me for my getup. 😦

So, here are the pictures of the program :

And there we are, the bengali love birds 😉 :

All these pictures were collected. I didn’t take any of them.

Hope you enjoyed the post! Bye!! :*

Review: Tony moly water latex free sponge & Mineral skin fit makeup fixer

My first step to celebrate weekend in every friday is roaming around the NC mart. Well, that’s what happens when you have a mart near your work place. 🙂 Anyways, it is kinda fun roaming around and watching things in NC. Though we have other marts like HOME PLUS, EMART & LOTTE mart in this part of Busan, but only NC have three floors of clothing, shoes & bags, jewelry and cosmetics of different brands.Its true that Emart has only two floors, but the area is much more bigger on which it stands. But if you looking for some fancy brands ladies, NC is your place!

So, last friday I was looking for some makeup setting spray. And most importantly I was looking for something cheaper as I already spend too much in my tuition fee and etc. Rough month! 😦

When I told the girl in the desk I am looking for some make up spray she took me straight to the section where they keep all kinds of sprays. And I saw this spray Mineral Skin Fit Makeup Fixer , only 7500 Korean Won! I took it immediately. And then I remembered I need a beauty blender too. So, then I choose this water latex free sponge. Luckily it was not expensive either, only 3000 Korean Won.

As for price, I would give them 10 on 10.

Now let’s get to quality! I used the water latex free sponge or beauty blender yesterday during my makeup. I felt like it is absorbing too much foundation from my skin. I mean usually with that much foundation my skin gets medium coverage if I blend it with makeup brush. But then I realized I should’ve dampened it first. I used the dry one, may be that’s the reason why it didn’t work out that well. But for a light coverage the dry blender actually did well. I would give it a 8 on 10.

Mineral fit makeup fixer do help fixing your makeup for a good amount of time. I only used a little amount as I was going out for like two hours maximum. But when I got home later, the makeup was still good. 🙂 I will give it a 9.5 on 10.

Overall for 10,500 won you can’t expect better than that. Here’s a picture of them:

Had to edit the picture, as the lighting system in my room is not that good. :/

And here are the pictures of yesterday’s mskeup where I used them:

These are unedited though! 😉

So, that’s all for today! Hope you enjoyed! ☺☺

Byee!! :*

Busan Tower

Actually it’s been a long time, since I visited Busan Tower, like 5months ago! I thought of writing about it too many times, but somehow I forgot it. Anyways, here I am, writing it finally!

I love travelling new places! And after moving here, me and my husband often went to the beautiful and significant places of Busan, during weekend. But when I started going to lab and study, it kinda stopped. After working for 5 days, I love spending weekend in home, with him.

Korea is certainly a beautiful country and it has too many lovely places. I am not fortunate enough to visit all of them, but I did visit some places. And all of them except one (because there was scorching heat on that day) didn’t disappoint me at all. I will try to write about them all, but let’s just start with Busan Tower today.

Busan Tower is a 118-metre-high tower (69m above sea level) at Yongdusan Park, located in Jung-gu, Busan, South Korea.

Built in 1973, and is only used for entertainment purposes and doesn’t have any transmitting equipment which sets the tower apart from many other towers with observation decks primarily built as TV- and radio towers.

The tower offers a stunning night view and plenty to see, such as the Statue of the Great Admiral Yi Sun-shin, the Bell of the Citizens, a flower clock and a bust of the Busan-based independent activist, Baeksan An Hee-je.

Source: https://en.wikipedia.org ;  http://english.visitkorea.or.kr/enu/ATR/SI_EN_3_1_1_1.jsp?cid=1475231

The tower is actually very high as you can see from the measurement but before you actually reach the bottom of the tower, you have to ride a long way by stairs as it is situated on a higher ground. Which is equivalent to 3 to 4 floors. So, you should wear a very comfortable shoes if you wanna go there. Sadly for me, I didn’t know this high ground deal, and most importantly I was too eager to wear my new hill boots, I bought few days ago. I had leg pain for two days. -_-

Here’s what you see once you climb up all the stairs:


And, here’s a panorama view of the other side you can see from the place:


At the first picture, in our right side lies the Bell of the Citizens. A big bell sculpture. There’s some boundary with the chains, you can’t go too near.


You can see the statue of the Great Admiral Yi Sun-shin, in the picture below, at our right side.

 Yi Sun-sin (Hunminjeongeum: 이순신; hanja: 李舜臣; April 28, 1545 – December 16, 1598) was a Korean naval commander, famed for his victories against the Japanese navy during the Imjin war in the Joseon Dynasty, and is well-respected for his exemplary conduct on and off the battlefield not only by Koreans, but by Japanese admirals as well.

Source: Wikipedia


The tower is behind us, as you can see. Before you enter the tower you have to issue a ticket. Ticket price: 10,000 Korean won. There is also a souvenir shop on the ground floor. You can buy postcards, key rings, even jewelry from there. 🙂

And there is a female statue just outside the building, sitting on a bench alone, so I thought I should company her a little! 😀


There are two many love locks and love notes around the places. It’s nice to see how many people left all those for their loved ones! ❤

Inside of the tower also there are love notes and locks.


You have to take elevators to get to the deck of the tower. It’s only accessible during working hours. Once you get there, you can have the full view of Busan, and it’s truly amazing! ^_^ And here’s what you can see from the tower:

The whole world feels to tiny from there I admit, but isn’t it beautiful!

There is also a small cafe there, but like all  the side shops are kinda  expensive  in all the historical places,  it is too. But it is also great to have a cup of coffee with such magnificent view!


There is also a little Museum kinda place. Sorry, I don’t have any pictures of that.

Anyways, the place is really beautiful. And really perfect for a day out! The place was kinda crowdy, but it is not gonna bother you much, I promise! If you have time, you should go there someday! At least just for having the full view of Busan from the tower! And trust me, you won’t be disappointed at all. 🙂

So, that’s all for today! Have a good day, bye!!!!!!!!!!! ❤



Bengali mom facts :D

Bengali mom’s are super adorable, there’s no doubt about it. But when you are a bengali girl, there’s always some things which you can relate to your mom.

  • First of all,  our mom thinks, we are nothing but a kid, who has no idea what’s going on out there in the real world so she has this big responsibility of always carrying you on her shoulder.


  • So, bengali mom hates to admit that you are growing up! ❤ You could be 22+ and some times even be a graduate, but every time when you are going alone for some shopping or to a friend’s house, she will be like “You sure, you will be fine?”

giphy (1)

C’mon mom! We can manage without you for an hours or two!

  • And, every time you go alone somewhere, she will ask you to call her, after reaching your destination. In my case, I always had to give her a missed call, so that she could be sure that I reached safely wherever I was going, that no one kidnapped her daughter on the way lol :p.  Trust me mommy, no one wants to take your girl except you!


  • You are her little girl and she likes to see you young. And she will refrain you from wearing any thing that may make you look older. lol! 😀

I remember when I was in 4th grade all my friends started wearing SALWAR-KAMIZ. Though now-a-days bengali girls wear salwar-kamiz from an early age but back then it was kinda rare. Actually that was the time when the trend of little girls wearing slawar-kamiz started. Anyways, I asked for one too, to my mom, and she didn’t let me wear one, until I was in 7th grade! Reason? It will make me look like grown-ups! -_-

Same thing happened when I wanted to wear SHAREE or MAKEUP! She’s always like, no      these are the things only grown-ups do!

giphy (1)

  • Bengali moms always complain there’s no one to help her with the household chores. But when you offer to help, she will reply, “Go, finish your lessons!” -_-

giphy (2)

  • When you get a F in an exam, she will threat you saying you are not getting dinner today, as a punishment. But truth is at the end of the day there is a bigger punishment is waiting for you if you ever try to skip a meal! lol 😀

giphy (4)

  • When you buy something, no matter what it is, she will always tell you that, you shouldn’t have paid that much for this trash, and that she wonders if you would never learn how to bargain.

giphy (5)

  • During an argument, you are not suppose to win over her. Whatever she says, you should just listen.

giphy (3)

  • But at the end of the day, when the world is against you, when nothing is going right for you, you know there is still a parson in the world, who will  hold you tight no matter what, and who will fight back for you! Yeah, they are that much adorable! And after getting back home, you know you have to share everything with her that happened at work/school today, because she’s your best friend and you can’t live without telling her, tiny details of your life.

giphy (6)

And in this selfish world, we, bengali girls are nothing without our “AMMU” (bengali word for mom). Love you AMMU! ❤ ❤ ❤

Review: Tony moly luminous goddess aura crystal light highlighter & Tony moly facetone creamy tip concealer 

So, here’s I am back again with some reviews. Because of living in Korea for a while, I have an opportunity to try out all the lovely products of Korean beauty industry. And I do love grabbing all the opportunities life throw out on my way! Lol 😛

Another reason of getting into too much Korean products because they are kinda reasonable here, you know? Products from USA or UK are available of course but not that much. And most of the available products don’t suits my brown skin. Though you may find sometimes some products of international brands that suits you, like Catrice and etc, but it’s a rare case if you are brown like me. Anyways, what I was telling is, it’s better for you if you keep both Korean and international products in your makeup routine while staying here.

So, last Friday I was roaming in NC mart, and suddenly remembered there was a sale going on in Tony moly. If you have a membership card of Korean cosmetic brands, they will let you know by sms every time there is a sale going on in the outlet from where you issued your card. And mine was issued from the outlet they have in NC mart.
So, I went to Tony moly, just checking out things you know? I was not really in need of anything, but you can never have enough makeup that’s why you always should keep checking!  Lol 😉

So, suddenly I saw this lovely highlighter, Luminous goddess aura crystal light highlighter. I have never used any liquid/creamy highlighter before. Only used the powdery one. I just took some from the tester and apply it on my hands, and I was surprised! I have never seen anything that beautiful! This thing is just magnificent! I am giving you two pictures before and after blending over my hands, so that you can understand.

Isn’t it gorgeous???!!!

I am sorry you had to see the mess behind my hand in the picture, my house is a mess like my blog. Lol 😀

Anyways, I don’t remember the exact price of the highlighter, but it was less than 5500 Korean won. There was 30% sale on it.

There were total three shades, but this Bronzing glam is the queen of them. 😍

Then I saw this  Facetone creamy tip concealer, which was only 3500 Korean won, with the sale. Been looking for a liquid concealer for a long time. Glad that found it finally! Here’s a swatch:

The concealer is actually great for covering dark circles. But for acne spot and covering any pimples I would prefer a creamy concealer than this one. Though it says creamy tip, but it actually is liquid like.

And here’s the product’s full picture:

The lighting system of my house is kinda strange and most of the pictures I took comes kinda shadowy or dark. Actually they are not that intense as they look here. I tried them in my last tutorial even, and as you can remember they were not much intense there. Still, for clarification I would add today’s picture where I used both of them.

As you can see, they are almost natural here. Anyways, I used the highlighter in a little amount here but for a party look you surely can make it intense by applying more! 😉

So, good night ladies! Hope you enjoyed the post!


Hymn for the weekend: black smokey eye <3

Hello my dear lovelies!

Hope all of you are enjoying weekend. I am having a good time too. For few days I wanted to try a black smokey eye, but couldn’t manage enough time, because I wanted it to be very neat and kind of heavy. As weekend is perfect for all your experiment, I thought I would give it a try today.

And it’s weekend time, I don’t want to bother you with any kind of blah blah, so just gonna be a quick share of the look. 🙂

Here’s the pictures of what I used:

Anyways, I didn’t keep the moisturizer and sunscreens in the picture, but never forget to start your makeup without them! 🙂 Btw, I used my favorite lashes from Mac. 🙂

Oops! Forgot to keep the blush in the picture. 😟 Sorry for that 😦 Anyways, it is from Max  Touch makeup box.

And here’s how it came out:





I admit that I loved the way it came out! 😉 Couldn’t expect much better! So, I am not gonna keep you much longer. That’s all for today. 🙂

Have a good end of the weekend everyone! Feel free to ask if you want to know anything!

Bye!!  😘

***All pictures are unedited except the collage 🙂