Learning face baking & Tony moly lipstick swatches as a bonus ;)

So, during summer time, when you go out with your favorite highlighter, how’s the feeling after five minutes of walking? Don’t you feel you are a glowing plastic moving around? -_- Specially if you have sweating problem like me.



I want to admit a thing, which is I’m a total dumb-ass that I only came to know about the  face baking thing a few days ago. -_- Thanks to google, when you search for a beauty trend, all those lovely beauty blogger and Youtuber will appear to help you out.

Face baking is basically replacing your highlighter with loose powder. You have to put the powder on your basic highlighting area or sun catching areas with your puff or beauty blender and then swipe off the excess with a large brush after 5-10 minutes.

So, here’s how my face baking came out:




And here’s the steps for it:

  • As usual, start cleaning your face and then moisturizing it.
  • Use sunscreen.
  • Now, baking makes your skin pretty dry. So, if your sunscreen also dries your skin out, you should put your moisturizer again.
  • Prime your face.
  • Put your foundation. It’s better if the amount is as less as possible, in case you are doing a day makeup.
  • Conceal and use a light amount of pressed/ compact powder.
  • Now take a loose/ translucent powder and put them in your usual highlighting areas with puff or beauty blender. Wait for sometimes.  Swipe off the excess with a brush.
  • Do your usual contouring. If you prefer cream contouring concealer do it after applying foundation and you can skip this step. I did mine with a powdery one.
  • Get your eye job done, put some lipstick, AND… YOU ARE GOOD TO GO!


By the way, I am in love with the color of this lipstick. Tony Moly Kiss Lover Style, shade PK05. Been looking for this kinda color for a long time. I bought one Tony Moly Kiss Lover Lip Lux Glow Gloss too!  Here’s a lip swatch, that I tried yesterday. 🙂 It is shade no 03 anyways.




So, that’s all for today! Hope you enjoyed the post! ❤

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