A girl’s story of never giving up on things she likes

I forgot the last time I went out without wearing makeup. And you know what? I don’t even want to! The moment I finished my HSC exam (Equivalent to 12th grade), I knew that was the last no makeup day of my life. Well, back then I didn’t use this much makeup as I do now. But that was just a start, which brought me to this day of completely dependent to foundations, bb cream, powders and etc. And of course I’m proud of myself for being this way.

giphy (3)


Anyways, I’m not afraid to admit that I look like shit without makeup! 😛  Not everyone is beautiful naturally but we do have the right to be so by any means. 😉 Though I loved makeup from the age of 5, but I didn’t know much about it. And I remember my old days of trying makeup and being a complete mess at the end. Ha ha! I was pretty bad at blending. 😉

giphy (4)

I always ended up using every little piece of makeup I had and when I finished, I looked like ummmm, wait, I don’t think there’s any word to fully express how bad I looked at the end! Lol 😀 I remember the first time I went to a beauty salon, for a party makeup, during my sister’s wedding. Trust me, I never looked that bad in my life. I still  haven’t showed any pictures of that day to my husband, because I looked so ugly that I’m ashamed of myself. 😦 My younger sister also did her makeover from the same parlor, and MASHA ALLAH she looked like a fairy! But, I didn’t understand what went wrong in my case. -_- I remember everyone asking what’s wrong with my makeup, and one of my uncle said the next day that I looked like a ghost. 😦 😦

giphy (5)

Everyone kept telling me that, I shouldn’t wear much makeup, makeup doesn’t suit me etc. I was heart broken indeed. And after that event I have tried learning makeup. I tried to prove I could be beautiful even when I’m using makeup, and most importantly I’m not a ghost with makeup. -_- But it wasn’t that easy. Internet was kind of expensive back then in Bangladesh. So, I kept doing my messy makeup. 😉 Anyways, finally when internet became cheaper, I started following bloggers, youtubers and I never stopped practicing. And now today I look like a ghost without makeup not with it. Ha ha 😀 

So many people asked me, and still some people do, how can I manage this much time for my makeup. I even heard from some of my friends in the university (during graduation, not here) that I don’t look like an engineering student. An engineering student shouldn’t be using this much makeup and blah blah.

Truth is, I never wanted to be someone, who only keeps herself busy with study and classes. I wanted to have a taste of everything. I said to myself, I’m never gonna be that girl who knows nothing without her books. I will be that girl, who knows something of everything that dignifies her more.

That’s why I tried to learn cooking, baking and sewing too! I am not saying that I know them fully, but I know something about each of them. And I’m happy with that. I can’t practice much sewing here. :/ But I didn’t stop practicing other three. I miss being my own dress maker though. 😦 Did I ever mention that my mom and elder sister were the teachers of me for all these three? They taught me every single thing I need to know. :’)

I never wanted to be super woman but I never wanted to be just a woman either. 🙂 So, besides being a full time researcher and a Master’s student, I’m not at all giving up my hobbies. They all are part of me, and all of them together define who I am to the world. 🙂

That’s all for today! Have a great day! Bye!!! ❤

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