Cheesy Mini Chicken Fry

When you want something of chicken and cheese and you want them very quick, this recipe is a relief for you! So, last friday I came to home from lab after 7, and I was tired as hell. But I was craving for chicken and even better, if it’s with cheese. Like I said before, I can’t have chicken or any kind of meat from everywhere, because I am a halal eater. So, I usually cook anything meat by myself in home. Anyways, that day, I made a really quick one. And I’ll share the recipe with you today:


  1. 1 cup cube shaped boneless chicken
  2. Pinch of garlic powder
  3. Half tsp from each of three (chili powder + coriander powder+ black pepper)
  4. Salt as your taste
  5. half cup shredded mozzarella cheese
  6. little bit of flour
  7. Beaten egg
  8. Breadcrumb

Mix everything except egg and breadcrumb. If you fill like mixture is too dry, add little water. At the end it should be kind of sticky. Now, dip in the beaten egg and roll over in breadcrumb and deep fry them in oil. As you can see it’s so cheesy in the inside in the picture. Make some fries and enjoy!!!


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