Review: Tony moly luminous goddess aura crystal light highlighter & Tony moly facetone creamy tip concealer 

So, here’s I am back again with some reviews. Because of living in Korea for a while, I have an opportunity to try out all the lovely products of Korean beauty industry. And I do love grabbing all the opportunities life throw out on my way! Lol 😛

Another reason of getting into too much Korean products because they are kinda reasonable here, you know? Products from USA or UK are available of course but not that much. And most of the available products don’t suits my brown skin. Though you may find sometimes some products of international brands that suits you, like Catrice and etc, but it’s a rare case if you are brown like me. Anyways, what I was telling is, it’s better for you if you keep both Korean and international products in your makeup routine while staying here.

So, last Friday I was roaming in NC mart, and suddenly remembered there was a sale going on in Tony moly. If you have a membership card of Korean cosmetic brands, they will let you know by sms every time there is a sale going on in the outlet from where you issued your card. And mine was issued from the outlet they have in NC mart.
So, I went to Tony moly, just checking out things you know? I was not really in need of anything, but you can never have enough makeup that’s why you always should keep checking!  Lol 😉

So, suddenly I saw this lovely highlighter, Luminous goddess aura crystal light highlighter. I have never used any liquid/creamy highlighter before. Only used the powdery one. I just took some from the tester and apply it on my hands, and I was surprised! I have never seen anything that beautiful! This thing is just magnificent! I am giving you two pictures before and after blending over my hands, so that you can understand.

Isn’t it gorgeous???!!!

I am sorry you had to see the mess behind my hand in the picture, my house is a mess like my blog. Lol 😀

Anyways, I don’t remember the exact price of the highlighter, but it was less than 5500 Korean won. There was 30% sale on it.

There were total three shades, but this Bronzing glam is the queen of them. 😍

Then I saw this  Facetone creamy tip concealer, which was only 3500 Korean won, with the sale. Been looking for a liquid concealer for a long time. Glad that found it finally! Here’s a swatch:

The concealer is actually great for covering dark circles. But for acne spot and covering any pimples I would prefer a creamy concealer than this one. Though it says creamy tip, but it actually is liquid like.

And here’s the product’s full picture:

The lighting system of my house is kinda strange and most of the pictures I took comes kinda shadowy or dark. Actually they are not that intense as they look here. I tried them in my last tutorial even, and as you can remember they were not much intense there. Still, for clarification I would add today’s picture where I used both of them.

As you can see, they are almost natural here. Anyways, I used the highlighter in a little amount here but for a party look you surely can make it intense by applying more! 😉

So, good night ladies! Hope you enjoyed the post!


2 Replies to “Review: Tony moly luminous goddess aura crystal light highlighter & Tony moly facetone creamy tip concealer ”

  1. thank you for the reply!! what shade of the tonymoly concealer did you buy? and what skin colour are you? i’m light tan asian so i’m not sure what colour would match ^^

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    1. I bought the shade P01, though it says pink shade, but the others were too bright for my skin, as i have brown skin tone. This one is particularly good for eye base and highlighting, for covering spot it’s too bright and doesn’t match my tone. 🙂


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