Bengali mom facts :D

Bengali mom’s are super adorable, there’s no doubt about it. But when you are a bengali girl, there’s always some things which you can relate to your mom.

  • First of all,  our mom thinks, we are nothing but a kid, who has no idea what’s going on out there in the real world so she has this big responsibility of always carrying you on her shoulder.


  • So, bengali mom hates to admit that you are growing up! ❤ You could be 22+ and some times even be a graduate, but every time when you are going alone for some shopping or to a friend’s house, she will be like “You sure, you will be fine?”

giphy (1)

C’mon mom! We can manage without you for an hours or two!

  • And, every time you go alone somewhere, she will ask you to call her, after reaching your destination. In my case, I always had to give her a missed call, so that she could be sure that I reached safely wherever I was going, that no one kidnapped her daughter on the way lol :p.  Trust me mommy, no one wants to take your girl except you!


  • You are her little girl and she likes to see you young. And she will refrain you from wearing any thing that may make you look older. lol! 😀

I remember when I was in 4th grade all my friends started wearing SALWAR-KAMIZ. Though now-a-days bengali girls wear salwar-kamiz from an early age but back then it was kinda rare. Actually that was the time when the trend of little girls wearing slawar-kamiz started. Anyways, I asked for one too, to my mom, and she didn’t let me wear one, until I was in 7th grade! Reason? It will make me look like grown-ups! -_-

Same thing happened when I wanted to wear SHAREE or MAKEUP! She’s always like, no      these are the things only grown-ups do!

giphy (1)

  • Bengali moms always complain there’s no one to help her with the household chores. But when you offer to help, she will reply, “Go, finish your lessons!” -_-

giphy (2)

  • When you get a F in an exam, she will threat you saying you are not getting dinner today, as a punishment. But truth is at the end of the day there is a bigger punishment is waiting for you if you ever try to skip a meal! lol 😀

giphy (4)

  • When you buy something, no matter what it is, she will always tell you that, you shouldn’t have paid that much for this trash, and that she wonders if you would never learn how to bargain.

giphy (5)

  • During an argument, you are not suppose to win over her. Whatever she says, you should just listen.

giphy (3)

  • But at the end of the day, when the world is against you, when nothing is going right for you, you know there is still a parson in the world, who will  hold you tight no matter what, and who will fight back for you! Yeah, they are that much adorable! And after getting back home, you know you have to share everything with her that happened at work/school today, because she’s your best friend and you can’t live without telling her, tiny details of your life.

giphy (6)

And in this selfish world, we, bengali girls are nothing without our “AMMU” (bengali word for mom). Love you AMMU! ❤ ❤ ❤

6 Replies to “Bengali mom facts :D”

  1. Your mom sounds a LOT like me. My daughter is 28 and I still make her call me when she drives late at night! She always does, though my 22 year old n, just rolls his eyes at me. So I call Him! 🙂 Once you are a mom you just cannot stop being one. There is a crazy world out there, we want our babies safe! You are a lucky daughter and it sounds like she is a lucky mom! -Jaye

    If you get a moment I would love it if you could take a look at my blog! I’m just starting out so if you see something I could be doing better, I am open for criticism AND opinions. Thanks You!

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