Quick tips of the day: how to get dewy makeup look

It’s been 6 months I have been a part of my lab, and I actually didn’t do anything productive related to my research. Now, my professor wants some research from me, and that’s why I kinda stopped wasting time on makeup. My professor is a really good person, and up to now, he has done so much for me. So, when he asked something from me for the first time, I don’t wanna ignore that at all, rather I would like to impress him with some good work. Though not sure how to do that, I’ve got idea what to do with this neural network!:'(

Anyways, I can’t give much time in my makeup now, so, there’s not much I have, to share with you guys! Just a quick tip on how to get a dewy look on your natural makeup.


On the day light

Well, it was nothing at all! 😀 Finish your makeup first and at the end, use some liquid highlighter on the your area of your face that catches light. Blend it nicely with the sides and wait 2minutes. Then use a makeup setting spray or fixer whatever you like. Pat it gently and you are done!

For the highlighter, I used Tony moly luminous goddess aura crystal light highlighter. And the fixer spray was also from the same brand, Tony moly mineral skin fit makeup fixer. 😍

That’s all for now, lovelies! Time to get busy with some works! 😧 Anyways, It is true that research work is difficult but without my husband it would be impossible for me. He always is there for me, holding my hands and the one who always believes in me! Which is making me falling in love with him more! 😍

Hope you enjoyed the post! Really a short one though! Sorry for that! 😦

Have a good day, bye! :*

**all the pictures are unedited

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