Glow with silver 😁

So, this weekend while I was going out with my husband and I decided to put some silver on my eyes. This is not entirely something I came up with, last year, one of my friend took a silver eye makeup look during her brother’s wedding reception program from some parlor and MASHA ALLAH she was looking really pretty. Mine is a lot more simpler and less gorgeous and of course I am not half as pretty as her. Lol :p

So, here’s how it came out:

Here’s few details of the look:

  1. I have used both contour stick and bronzer here.
  2. I didn’t apply compact powder on my whole face. For setting the contoured area, I used bronzer. I know, it’s a bit old. But I have used like this for the first time.
  3. For this kinda eye makeup scotch tapes are handy. First of all add the main color in this case, the silver one, put some dark color on the corner and put your desired color on crease which is purple here. Highlight your brow line.
  4. Use gel eyeliner for heavy makeup like this.
  5. If you want to make it look simple use some natural highlighter like bronze color.
  6. I had to use 3 lipsticks for this lip color.

The focus of this look was my eyes, I tried to make the base look natural.

Though the selfies making it look like the base is a gorgeous one. For clarification, I am adding one full picture of me here.

This one is a edited picture though! And yeah, that’s my husband with me here 😍

So, that’s all for now! Bye!!

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