Fall makeup and a few facts of the products for this makeover

So, the fall is here and I was thinking of trying something new! So I tried some blue with purple and here’s how it came out!

As usual I have used Beauty Treats eye shadow palette.I have never used this color combo before and I was kinda satisfied seeing the way it came out.😄

So at first try putting a purple color in the outer corner of your eyes. Now blend it towards your crease. Put a brownish ash color and blend a little inwards. Take a pinkish color and do the same again. Now take a blue color put it over your lids. Finally put some glittery or glowy color in the inner corner of your and you are done!

I would like to share some facts of the products I used today.

  1. For contouring, I used Etude house play stick. For blending always use a dry sponge rather than a wet one when you are using this. It works better that way.
  2. If you want a long lasting makeup and specially when you have pigmentation in your skin, try putting It’s skin green makeup base after putting primer. It will reduce pigmentation as well as works great for long lasting.
  3. This one is taught by one of my dearest friend. When you want to put shadows in your lower lash, try putting pencil eyeliner as a base first. The eye shadows will work nicer if you do so.

Another thing I would want to say is, recently I have tried Tony moly eye lashes and trust me, they are pure beauty! Sooo round and easy to apply. I am planning to buy them again soon.

And another one is Missha super brush pen eyeliner. Trust me, this one is a must have! The tip is really thin, you can always control the thickness of your eyeliner. 😍

So, that’s all for today! Happy weekend everyone!

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