Basic beginners makeup: part 2

So, in part 1, I described the things or makeup stuff you need to start with as a beginner. Now today I will share you how you can actually start doing your makeup.

Because I have a super oily skin, so all the tricks and methods I will write here, are applicable for oily skin types. I really know nothing about dry or combination type skin.

But whatever your skin type is you should always start with a face wash to clean your skin. And then a toner so that it can it tightens your pores. Because just after one hour out in the sun, your foundation will start oxidizing and your pores gonna open up more, which will eventually get debris and dusts clogged in the pores, finally you gonna have a break out the next day.

The next step is a moisturizer. It helps set up the foundation better. Then a sunscreen because you do not want to go outside without any protection against the uv rays.

Now finally put your foundation or bb cream. Never use hands to put your foundation. Always use a brush or beauty blender. I prefer brushes because I feel beauty blenders absorbs too much foundations.

Use concealer around darker areas of your faces like eyes, chin and if you have any pimples or spots.

Time to set them with some powder. But always wait few minutes so that both bb creams or concealer have times to get set on your skin first.

Now contouring and highlight part. Highlight the areas of your faces which catch light easily. Like your cheekbones, forehead, bridge of your nose, up and under of your lips. And contour the sides of your nose, jawline, under your cheekbones and sides of your hairline. For making highlighter look more obvious, put some extra powders for few minutes on those areas and swipe them off later. This is called baking.

Now, come to your eyes. Get your brows done at first! Drawing brows are easiest with the pencils. Just do the outline first and blend them later with brushes!

Now come to eyeshadow part. It is always better to put some extra base on the eyes because it makes the color look more visible. You can always use concealers as a eye makeup base. The simplest eye makeup have 4 parts:

  • A dark color on the crease and outer corner of the eyes
  • A light color on the lid
  • A transition color in between
  • And some white or glowing color on the inner corner of your eyes

In this makeup I have used only the pink shades in all dark, transition and light color. The first and must thing to learn as a beginner is blending these all together, to make it all look like a one. πŸ™‚

Now, get some lipsticks. I also used a pink lipstick here. The reason of getting all pink is because this kinda color goes with everything as I said in part 1.

So, this is the kind of makeup you can try with as a start. We will eventually get to more gorgeous makeup later. But this is all for today!

Hope you enjoyed 😍

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