Strangest thing: i hate you, i love you

They say, you have to be sad to understand the meaning of happiness. I really don’t get it. Why you can’t just be happy forever? Why almighty sent us some places, where everything comes with a price? Good days after bad days; you have to sacrifice this one, to have that one and etc. 😥


There’s always a confusion in everything.  There are too many stranger thing in our life, but I believe the strangest thing of them is, feeling love and hatred towards the same thing. 

Like, the fact that, I miss my past old days, but I don’t want to go back there to start everything again. I hate being here in this part of world, with the littlest world I ever had, but despite of being littlest it gave me so many other things too. :/


I hate being alive, but I don’t wanna die either, not really soon. -_- Anyways, there are other things too, which I love and hate equally lol 😛


I have always wanted some magic potion to make myself forget somethings. Because my memory is a freaking bitch, who keeps getting on my wick. And because I have nothing to do without living with it, I always end up in tears.


And, every tear is a reminder to myself that, I can never forgive, never forget.

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