Chapter Suncheon: Suncheon bay national garden

So, this year, during Chuseok, couple of Bangladeshis including me and my husband, planned to visit Suncheon bay garden in Suncheon. If you are not familiar with Chuseok, which is totally okay, because it’s Korean government holiday for 3days and kinda similar to thanks giving. The area of the garden is 1.112 km² plus 28 km² of Suncheon Bay. There are about 860,000 trees and 650,000 autumn flowers such as roses, sunflowers, and cosmos flowers are planted in the garden.

Suncheon Bay Garden was designated as the No.1 National Garden in August and held a proclamation ceremony on September 5, 2015. According to the data collected from Suncheon on October 13, the total visitors of the garden is now at the 400 million mark. Which is quite true, because when we went there, I was kinda surprised to see the rush of people. Because, I heard in Chuseok, people spends time with their families in home, specially they visit their villages or home town.

Anyways, it’s a garden, so it is of course green everywhere. But you will be kinda surprised to see how many versatility a garden can hold! So many different species of plants, so many varieties (505 species of trees and 113 species of flowers) are gonna stunned anyone for sure.

The Suncheon Lake Garden designed by American landscape designer Charles Jencks is located at the center of Suncheon Bay Garden. Inspired by the unique topography of Suncheon, this artificial garden is a small representation of the city. The Suncheon Bay Garden was built to protect the ecosystem of the Suncheon Bay area.

The garden has 4 zones:

  • Arboretum: Arboretum zone features various kinds of path including Autumn Tint path, Maple Tree path, and Meditation path. It also features Korean Traditional Garden where the Palace Garden, the Noblemen’s Garden, and the Garden of Hope can be found. The Royal Azalea Garden has locally grown royal azalea trees with over a hundred species of royal azaleas. Another feature of arboretum is the Tree Ground which has over 200 species of naturally grown trees such as southern magnolia, zelkova, and hackberry tree.
  • Wetland Center: The Wetland Center Zone features the Dream Bridge designed by artist Kang Ik-Jung. The wall of the bridge is decorated with 145,000 drawings on old shipping container by children around the world.
  • World Garden Zone: The World Garden Zone is a collaborative space created by designers and artists from Korea and all over the world. It consists of indoor, outdoor gardens, and gardens of 11 countries including German, Dutch, Japanese, and Spanish.
  • Wetland Zone: The Wetland Zone is where visitors can experience natural environments. The Biotope Wetland was built to protect the Suncheon Bay wetland ecology. A walking trail work as a guide for visitors to explore ecology of inland wetland.

 And here’s some of the pictures we took there :


Butterfly couple


Water spray 🙂


Anther interesting thing about the garden is water spray. Tiny drops of water are sprayed in a way to give you a cold feeling.  When you feel all sweaty, just go near any of the water spray and trust me, you will feel better afterwards. ❤

Some of the places even contains history and old stories. One of the story was about this butterfly couple who couldn’t have a happy ending while as human being being and later became butterflies.

Overall, it’s a good place for a day out. This is quite a big area, so make sure to keep some times in your hands so you can take a good look.

Hope you enjoyed the post! Have a good day, bye! ^_^

***Information was collected from Wikipedia and Tourism Korea. 🙂

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