I am back with tons of reviews!

So, I’m sorry for being a douchebag and for not being active like I was used to before. Fact is this semester is getting on my nerves everyday, and I just don’t know how to handle everything in a better way! 😦

There are too many things I bought in last few months but I was too lazy to add any reviews lol :p And here’s they are:


So first, let’s start with Catrice all round concealer. This one has 5 colors, with two color correctors. I usually use the color no 3 for covering my spots, no 4 for my dark circles and no 5 for highlighting purpose. It only costed me 6500 KW. You need to be tricky while using this one, because it kinda dries your skin out. So, a little amount to start with, is always better. But comparing with the price, it’s actually quite good. Specially for everyday use.

Now, come to It’s skin Nutritious Magic BB powder. Actually, during my birthday, I received a message from IT’s skin that, they issued a 5000KW voucher for me, as my birthday gift. Isn’t that amazing? ❤ So, I didn’t really need any powder, I just bought it because I was supposed to get some commission. lol :p I know, I am a bad bitch! 😀 Anyways, this one was something like 9600 KW and I also bought a Lip liner with it, which was may be 1000/1500/2000 KW, can’t remember the exact price.  I actually didn’t like the powder too much, because it’s too bright for my brown skin. So, I have to be careful while using it, and I use always in a little amount. Though I like the It’s skin Baby face Creamy lip liner (shade no 04), kinda purple in color and stays very long time in your lips.

It’s skin Hyaluronic Acid Moisture Toner & Emulsion set, is one of the must needed products of my beauty routine and I never start my makeup without using them. Using both of them together gives you a smooth, moisturizing face, which is very essential for a perfect base. Anyways, I even use them after removing my makeup again, as I love their moisturizing effect. 🙂 Usually they sell this set on some sale every two months for 10000KW, but on other times it should be in between 16000-18000KW. If you buy them separately it would cost you 8000-9000 KW each.

Recently my skin started drying out very soon after getting out. So, I bought these facial mists, It’s skin Collagen mist & It’s skin water mist. It’s not possible for you to remove your makeup every 3-4 hours for using a moisturizer and begin everything all over again. So, if you can spray some mists over your face, that way all problems are solved! 😀 They were also on sale, both of them were for 8500KW.

Tonymoly Wonder butter nutrition cream is kinda thick and actually very buttery with a delicious food like smell. So, its is actually very suitable for winter. As winter is here in Korea, I am loving it totally! It costed me 10000Kw.

Missha Layer Blurring Pore Cover Primer is also quite good. It was 7500KW probably. It vanishes your pores like they were never were there! So, if you have super oily skin with big pores like me, you definitely can go for it! 🙂

It’s skin Acerola Whitening cream does have a moisturizing effect. Most amazing part is, though it’s a cream, still it’s very light. So, for oily skin this one is much recommended! Price was 7750KW(on sale).

Missha M Radiance Foundation was on sale few days ago, and as you can see already, when there’s a sale, I grab it like a hungry monster lol :p Though Korean products have bad reviews about being too whitish, this one has kinda yellow tone. Which is very perfect for me for gorgeous makeup. But if you want to use it everyday, and if you have brown skin like me, I would recommend to use with another less bright foundation. It was on sale, so I bought it for 16000KW.

There’s no need to tell anything about L A Girl Pro Concealer color corrector, we all already know about it. But I only bought and start using them few days ago, so I couldn’t resist myself writing about this. Of course they are good, but i think you should be very careful about using this. Because first of all it gets dried soon, so blend quickly after applying. And then, they are too dark. So, if you have brown skin, be very careful about the amount. But, I have to say, for hiding pigmentation, while you are taking a heavy makeup, nothing can beat these two! :p Price: 5$ each.

Tonymoly Cheektone Highlighter Duo is a good highlighter. This one have two colors, wheatish and pinkish tone. I usually use the pinkish one for face highlighting, and wheatish one for highlighting my browline. Price was 7500KW may be.

So, that’s all for today. Hope you enjoyed. Bye! :*


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