Review: Skin food black sugar mask

After moving here in Korea, many of the girls I know keep asking me about Korean skin care products. 😀 As we all know, Korean skin care products are well known world wide. 😛 Among them, the top most heard question is about BLACK SUGAR MASK of SKIN FOOD. Like how good it is? Does it actually work and etc.

Hearing the question always, at some point I got curious too. And, couple moths ago I bought one. So how’s it?

Well, this thing has sticky texture like the mask we use, but you can feel the presence of the sugar granules when you take them in your hands. The direction is written on the package and as it says, you are suppose to put them in damp face, and wash it off after 15-20minutes with warm water.

I usually keep massaging my face with my fingers while washing, because that way your dead skin cells and debris that got stuck in the pores, get washed too, as it has sugar granules, it does the same job as a facial scrub. But like them, it never leaves your skin feel dry. But I would recommend using a moisturizer after using this mask because no matter how it feels, when you wash off something of your face, you always need to use a moisturizer afterwards.

The best part of using this is, it gives you a smooth face, so besides using for your skin care, you can also use this one for preparing your face for a perfect makeup base, by using one hour before beginning your makeup. 🙂

Will I recommend this?

Definitely I would!  So, if you are planning to buy this one, go for it! Trust me, you would thank me later! 😉

So, this was all for today. I hope you enjoyed. ^_^

Bye!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 🙂 🙂

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