Full coverage makeup tutorial : Introducing my new youtube channel

I have no idea why, but waking up in the morning few days ago, for no reason at all, I felt like I have to do a tutorial. For a long time, so many of my friends are asking me for a full coverage tutorial, so I thought I should give that a try!

Like I said before, my room has a weird lighting system, you may feel like a fluctuations of color and darkness lol :P. So, for clarification I’ve added a photo taken at outside in day light. 🙂

I tried to show the products before using in the video, but  checking out the video later I felt like, some of them were not clearly visible. So, I am adding the full list of the products I used:  🙂

  1. It’s skin Hyaluronic acid toner + moisturizer
  2. It’s skin sunscreen
  3. Missha layer blurring pore cover primer
  4. Catrice all round concealer
  5. Catrice even skin tone foundation + Max factor ageless elixir 2 in 1 foundation
  6. Canmake color mixing concealer
  7. It’s skin baby face petit pact
  8. Skin food loose powder
  9. Missha super black pen eye liner
  10. Olive farm eye brow pencil
  11. It’s skin power perfect exotic mascara
  12. Tony moly cheektone highlighter duo
  13. Catrice sun glow matt bronzer
  14. Technic blusher
  15. Lipstick : Tony moly spoiler + Missha Cushion crayon lip

And, here’s the tutorial:

So, this is my first youtube tutorial, and that’s my very own channel! If you enjoy the video, please give me a thumbs up and so subscribe!

Have a happy sunday! ❤

8 Replies to “Full coverage makeup tutorial : Introducing my new youtube channel”

    1. Thanks! :*
      Actually you do not need all of them, if someone has really good skin she can skip some of them. But my skin is not that great, moreover I have dark circle + some pigmented areas around my chin and nose, so I have to use all of them, if I want myself to look flawless. 😦

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