3 day 3 quotes challenge: day 1

So, I was nominated to this three days, three quotes challenge by these lovely two fellow bloggers, Thoughts (https://justamillionthoughts.com/) & The Inquisitive Mind (https://hubbhalal.wordpress.com/). Thanks and a big shout out to both of them!

So, here’s the rules of the challenge:

1st, Thank the blogger who nominated you.

2nd, Post three quotes for three days.

3rd, Nominate three bloggers per day.

4th, Inform the nominees.

So, being a active social network user, I have come to know about many facebook pages, but among them Word Porn (https://www.facebook.com/thispageisaboutwords/?fref=ts), is the best. Everyday they post some quotes, which I often feel like, something I felt too at some point of my life. That’s why I decided to post my three quotes from their page.

And here goes the first one!


I think that’s the beauty of a woman. They can smile even with hatred, even with a broken heart, even while crying. They are willing to give a smile to heal a wounded heart, no matter how broken their own smile is. She knows the blackest black version of life, but also she can find  brightest bright side of life while no one can. Women are actually the strangest creation of GOD. 🙂

And here are my three nominees:

  1.  https://therantingofacolorfulmind.wordpress.com
  2. https://itsme-h2w.com/
  3. https://wantedandwildblog.wordpress.com/

I hope you enjoyed the post! I would be back very soon with next two!

Bye!!!!!! ❤

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