Pay day shopping : December 

So, these are the things I bought after receiving this month’s salary.

First one is IT’S SKIN CLINICAL SOLUTION SENSITIVE WATERY MOISTURIZER. It’s skin is always my favorite for their skin care products. I have a oily skin, so when it’s time to choose a moisturizer, I need to be careful. The best thing about It’s skin is their water based moisturizers. Because, for oily skin you never use oily products rather something watery. Anyways, I like it as always and would recommend for anyone with oily skin. Actual price is 18000 KW, sale price 7000 KW.

IT’S SKIN BABYFACE CREAMY LIP LINER is my another favorite from the company. The most amazing part of their lip liner is the color, which is too lovely! Bought a nude color this time and it cost me 2500 KW.

ETUDE HOUSE MY LITTLE NUT FANTASTIC COLOR EYES cost me 14000 KW. I loved the colors, they are too pigmented, most importantly they are too cute!

Here’s a swatch for you guys:

So, that’s all for today, I swear I am not coming back again, lol 😀

Good night, bye!

Munira Chowdhury, 20/12/2016

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