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January 2017

Tutorial: How to make your eyes look bigger and more expressive

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So, one of my friend had requested me to make a tutorial about making eyes look bigger with makeup. So, I filmed a tutorial yesterday and here’s the link:

Though I mentioned almost everything there but let’s take a look again at the tricks and tips on how to make your eyes look bigger & more expressive with makeup:

  • The golden rule: When you want your eyes to be focused always use a light color lipstick.
  • Eyeshadow basic: Dark color on crease area and bright color over lids. And by bright I mean something really shiny.
  • When drawing eyeliner, never joint lower and upper lash lines in both the corner of your eyes.Rather leave a gap, and spread them outward. That way, you don’t create an boundary of your eye but create an illusion.
  • Always use a white eye pencil or nude color on water line of your eyes. That…

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Facts about Korean people : learned in 602 days

My first 10 days in Korea went really fast! I met my husband after 3months and 3days, the feeling of seeing him again was so overwhelming! It still is, but that was something different I had! So, at first I didn’t really notice Korean people around me at all. Except that, I’m some kinda alien to them  lol 😉 Anyways, finally I was able to get over my overwhelming, and started noticing things and people around.

Koreans are curious about foreigners. When they see someone which is quite different than them, they will give you a look, which often may makes you feel like an alien, but trust me, they are just curious! Specially when you are in bus or subway you will see elderly people looking directly at you with surprise 😉


They are basically curious about things they are not used to with. Koreans, specially young Koreans love to follow USA and the lifestyle of USA. Most of the Koreans are Buddhist or atheist, only few people are christian. But still they enjoy Christmas like any christian. You will astonished by the arrangements they make in the streets, marts , restaurants or in coffee shops, with Christmas trees or  with Santa Claus.


There is one common thing Korean women shares with Bengali women. Which is being insecure about themselves. I mean about their looks.

Bengali women are usually insecure about their color, because south Asian part is a mystery of the world, you will see people with almost  every type of colors. So, if you are someone who is very fair compare to the woman next to you, you are actually causing her lots of trouble. People are measuring her in scale of your fairness. lol 😛 Then comes how beautiful your eyes are, how sharp your nose is, how tall you are or if you have a nice physical shape or not. -_-


Here, Koreans are fair by born. But still they want to be much fairer. In fact they have a soft corner for white people from western countries. They take extra care of them. 😉 Even the makeup trend of Koreans are kinda different. I mean they use a really bright bb cream, sometimes which is even more brighter than their skin. So, their shades of face (which is way too whitish) and neck never matches after makeup, and they are pretty comfortable with it. I heard it’s a way to make the face look more pale i.e. more natural. Anyways, every country has their different style of everything. But I felt like, only brightest bb / cc / foundation shades coming in to Korean market actually reflects their insecurity, trying to look more fairer. Their biggest insecurity is their facial shape. So, they often gets cosmetic / plastic surgery, to widen their eyes, sharpen their nose, or to fix a round face to a more attractive shape.  Cause those surgeries are very cheap here compared to other countries. So, cosmetic surgery rate is quite high in Korea. In fact Korea has the highest rate of cosmetic surgery in the world.  (

giphy (2).gif

Anyways, Koreans are actually very positive towards surgeries. To them,  surgery is like a permanent makeup, where you do not need to wash it off at night or put it again in the morning. 🙂

Koreans women also feel insecure about their age. So, when you met someone new, she will definitely ask you about your age. And if you are elder than them, you will see there’s flash of happiness in their eyes! 😉

giphy (3).gif

Not every Koreans understand the facts about Muslim or other religions. But those who do, think Muslim families are usually dominated by men, where women have no say at all. lol 😛 Of course, I rely on my husband for almost everything, but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t respect my words or wish. So, if you are Muslim, and visiting Korea, you may be questioned who is the powerful one in the house! Also, in some cases you may be asked, if your husband gives his consent to you to do so. 😉


Usually Korean women are in charge of all the household works, groceries, shopping, house, rent -utility services payment, banking etc. Men are supposed to earn, but how to spend the earning, that is solely up to the woman in the house. One of my male Korean friend even said to me, wives are guardian of the husbands here. 😉


I am not sure about this one, but I hear Korean women are very choosy when it comes to marriage and life partner. It was told by a parson, who is a male, so there could be other side of the story. Also, Korean women are very career oriented. May be sometimes it just a pressure for them, taking all the responsibilities of their own and others. ( ) So, a lot of Koreans marry ladies from nearby countries, like Filipino, Vietnamese etc.  Few days ago, I saw a news, that says, now a majority of both men and women in Korea don’t wanna get married, because before and after part of any marriage is kinda expensive. I couldn’t manage the exact link, but this one here has similar information. ( )

But you will see even different pictures too. Foreign men sometimes gets settled in Korea leaving friends and family, marrying a Korean women. They even say, Korean women are the best kinda housewives! Like I mentioned before, Korean women are in charge of all the household works, groceries, shopping, house, rent -utility services payment, banking etc. Once you marry them, just keep doing your job, and she will take care of the rest!

giphy (6).gif

Most of the Koreans are very generous and very well mannered. They will try their best when you seek help to them. Can’t find a place? Ask the nearest pedestrian. He or she will definitely help you! Sometimes, they will even go with you, to make sure that you reached safely! 😉

giphy (7).gif

Learning Korean language is kinda difficult and speaking Korean is even more difficult. Because Koreans don’t usually understand when you say those in a different accent. You have to be very precise, otherwise they won’t get you! But finally when they do, they will try to correct your pronunciation. Like I said, they are very helpful 😀


So, that was all about what I learned in 602 days in Korea. I hope to learn even more! Sorry for a long post! Have a lovely weekend! ❤

Munira Chowdhury, 20/01/17

Weirdest combo ever: Korean fried rice, Greek lemon chicken & Bangladeshi style flat fish dopiaza :P

For me weekend is all about making dishes and filming makeup tutorial now. lol 😛 Though not every weekend I feel like doing tutorial but I never forget to try out new dishes! Few days ago, my husband’s friend gave us some Korean rice. Her grandparents had a good harvest of rice this year, so she shared some of them with her lab mates i.e friends. 🙂 It’s actually very kind of the Koreans, sharing their own harvest with people. 🙂

So, last Saturday, I though about making fried rice with Korean rice. Korean rice are kinda expensive, so we don’t usually buy them. But they have a different good taste for sure. 🙂 And the day before that, I mean Thursday, I was browsing through youtube, than I found this tutorial by Food-wish, about Greek Lemon Chicken & Potato. Seemed quite easy, yet kinda different from what you see always, so I thought I should try it too. And another fact is, I have a thing for oven baked chicken. lol :p Anyways,  few days ago I bought a fish, a Flat fish, which is very common in the marts here. So, I though of making something with it too. Thinking of what I should do, suddenly I felt like I should do it in pure Bangladeshi way. 😉 So, there comes Bangladeshi style flat fish dopiaza!

Let’s take a look of the combo, shall we? 😉


So, let’s start with Korean fried rice! The specialty of Korean rice is, it is kinda sticky. So, when you want to make fried rice with it, you need to make sure that, there’s no stickiness. The trick is, at first boil the rice with some water for 5-7 minutes and then drain off the water. While draining wash it again with cold water so, the stickiness will go away.

And here’s what you need for boiling:

  1. 3 cups Korean rice
  2. Water (as required)
  3. some yellow food color
  4. Cloves
  5. Cardamom
  6. Salt

And these are for fried rice:

  1. Butter/ Margarine
  2. Oil
  3. Carrot 1 (medium sized) (chopped in to tiny pieces)
  4. Onion 1 (large sized) (finely chopped)
  5. Egg
  6. Green pepper
  7. Salt

First boil the rice for 5-7 minutes with above mentioned ingredients. The rice won’t be cooked full this way, so it’s okay if they feel hard. Next, heat your pan with oil. You may need to put more oil, as it require usually. Add onion, carrot & egg. Later add salt and pepper. Now add the rice and put butter over it. Now cover it tightly and cook it in a low heat for 20-30 minutes. Try not to take off the lid for once while cooking. Your rice is ready and you can serve it now! ❤

Now Greek Lemon Chicken! Well this is the easiest chicken recipe you will ever try, I swear! 😛

Here’s what you need:

  1. Freshly squeezed lemon juice
  2. Oil
  3. Black pepper
  4. Rosemary (I used fresh ones, and trust me it made the chicken even more better)
  5. Salt
  6. Potato
  7. Chicken Breast
  8. Onion

I didn’t really used any measurement here. Just add however you want. Take everything in an ovenproof dish and mix everything really well. Keep it like this for 15minutes. Now bake it for 30 minutes at 180 degree Celsius. I used a halogen oven by the way. It may require more time in a convention oven.

At last, Flat Fish dopiaza. Piaz or peyaj means Onion in Bengali. So, while making fish dopiaza you need to put lots of onions. There are may ways of making this dish, I tried in my own way. Maximum Korean fishes are  sea fish, so they are very soft on the outside. When you put them in hot oil, their skins often gets scattered in the pan.  So, if you want to fry them always use some flour with spices while marinating. This creates a coating outside, and don’t let the hot oil ruin it’s skin.

  1. Red chili powder
  2. Coriander
  3. Cumin
  4. Turmeric powder
  5. Flour
  6. Salt
  7. Black pepper (very little amount)
  8. Garlic paste
  9. Ginger paste
  10. Oil
  11. Water
  12. Green chili
  13. Onions

First, clean the fish and mix it with chili-coriander-cumin-turmeric powder, flour and salt. If it feels dry, add little bit of water. Just to mix evenly. And now, heat your pan with oil and put the fish. Fry well on both sides. Take it off from oil. Now put onions and garlic-ginger pastes. After 2minutes add chili-coriander-cumin-turmeric powder, black pepper ad green chili. Add salt and some water. Now add fish. The fish, I used to make dopiaza, had laid eggs inside. Another common thing about traditional fish eating habit of Bangladesh, we eat the fish eggs too. There are even separate fish egg dishes in Bengali recipe book too. I don’t know if other countries also eat fish eggs like this, so forgive me for my ignorance. Anyways, you do not need to fry them with flour coating with the fish. Just put them while cooking with onions. Cook in a low to medium heat. After 10-15 minutes turn over both the fish and eggs and cook for another 10-15 minutes. Your dopiaza is ready!

So, that’s all about today! I hope you enjoyed the post! :*

Munira Chowdhury, 17/01/17

Tutorial: How to make your eyes look bigger and more expressive

So, one of my friend had requested me to make a tutorial about making eyes look bigger with makeup. So, I filmed a tutorial yesterday and here’s the link:

Though I mentioned almost everything there but let’s take a look again at the tricks and tips on how to make your eyes look bigger & more expressive with makeup:

  • The golden rule: When you want your eyes to be focused always use a light color lipstick.
  • Eyeshadow basic: Dark color on crease area and bright color over lids. And by bright I mean something really shiny.
  • When drawing eyeliner, never joint lower and upper lash lines in both the corner of your eyes.Rather leave a gap, and spread them outward. That way, you don’t create an boundary of your eye but create an illusion.
  • Always use a white eye pencil or nude color on water line of your eyes. That makes the white portion of our eyes more extended and thus makes your eyes look bigger.
  • Put some white color on inner corner of your eyes, if you want them to pop! 😉
  • Never wear mascara without curling your lashes when you want your eyes to be expressive. Because it opens up your eyes! ❤

So, that’s all about the tricks and tips. And let’s take a look, what happens when you follow them:


As you can see, quite a difference!

I didn’t add any details about my base makeup in the tutorial so I’m adding it here, for your convenience:


  1. Missha m radiance foundation , Max Factor ageless elixir & L A Color liquid makeup
  2. Ben Nye banana powder
  3. It’s skin babyface petit pact
  4. Catrice sun glow matt bronzer
  5. Tony moly cheektone powder (blusher)
  6. Tony moly luminous  goddess aura  crystal light highlighter (Bronzing Glam)
  7. Tony moly cheektone duo highlighter

Eyes: (Though they were mentioned on the tutorial 😛 )

  1. Etude House my little nut (My red little nut) palette
  2. Missha Super  super black brush pen eyeliner
  3. Missha 4d mascara
  4. Tony moly cheektone duo highlighter
  5. Tony moly for styling lashes no 11


  1. Jordana lip liner (L13 Pink)
  2. La-femme matte lipstick (no 321)

And here’s a picture of final look:


By the way, never forget to use a combination of toner+ moisturizer+ sunscreen before beginning your makeup!

So, that’s all about today! Bye!!

Munira Chowdhury, 16/01/17

Things you hear when you are a makeup freak

The drawback of living in a society is, you have to encounter people, whether you are a social person or not. Everyday you meet new people, so tadaaaa —– number of people who can talk about you keep increasing. lol :p People loves talking about others, being curious about others lives, it is just something they can’t stop doing. Specially when someone is kinda different from a regular person. Yup, I am talking about all those makeup freaks. When you go out after spending hours of doing those sharp eyebrows, properly blended eyeshadows or those perfect contouring, people are bound to notice you, because you are different. And those differences bring curiosity. And curiosity brings questions and talking. Let’s talk about some of those from a makeup freak’s mouth  i.e. me. 😉

  • Question: How many hours does it take you for doing all those makeup stuff?


Answer: I spend 3 hours of my life doing this one, you got a problem with that? -_-


  • Sometimes people gets concerned about you so much. So they say things like, if makeup is really good for your skin or tell you how much damage you are causing to your skin putting all those products.


Seriously people, stop it now. :/


  • Question: Don’t you ever get tired of this? I mean you have to spend lots of energy, right!


Well, usually you don’t reply anything to this kinda question, but if you did, it probably should be: How could I get tired of doing my favorite thing when I don’t get to get tired of these stupid questions!


  • When you are try something new, people keep asking you what the hell you did and how the hell you did so lol 😛 


Because no matter how much talking they do, at the end of the day, they secretly admit that you run the show here. 😉

giphy (4).gif

So keep wearing it like you always do. Because you are a queen and a queen keeps doing what she always does, i.e. keep slaying! 😉

-Munira Chowdhury, 12/01/17


Bengali traditional wear: Shari

So as the caption says, Shari is our traditional bengali dress for women. Though I don’t really want to wear shari. It’s not like I hate it. But shari often makes you look fat. So, if you are someone who is both fat and with short height like me, it is wise not to wear them lol.  But you know what? You can’t just shake off your root. So no matter how much you want to avoid it, it keeps coming back to you. Wearing shari makes you look fat, still the urge of trying it is kinda provoking.

I am basically a fat girl by born lol but for the last 2 years I just keep gaining more weight.   I kept telling myself that I won’t look good in shari, not anymore, and I am not gonna wear it again. So, for last 10months I didn’t. But guess what! Today for no reason at all, I felt like I will be dead if I don’t wear shari. 😬 So, I did! And here are some pictures taken at a certain angle to not to reveal my fatness lol


There are many types of shari, depending on the thread which is been used to make it. This is a Katan shari. They are kinda gorgeous, so ladies wear them in the party or occasions like that.

This shari was a gift from my in laws during my wedding. In any bengali wedding, the groom must need to give the bride at least 3 sharis. The first one for wedding, which is the most expensive one. The second one for reception, a little less expensive than the first one. & The third one is the bonus, and it’s the cheapest among the three.  This was my third shari.

Here’s another picture, now with him


And a closer look to my makeup now:


Tried a soft glam look. 🙂

So, that’s all for today! Have a nice weekend people!

Munira Chowdhury, 07/01/2017

Super Easy Black Smokey eye

Hey everyone! Just uploaded my new tutorial last night! So, this time I did a basic smokey eye, which is the very basic one. I mean the one with smudging the eyeliner. 🙂

For this look, I used Tony moly gel eye liner, L A Girl smokey eye shadow collection and Tony moly natural long lashes no 6.

I didn’t add any details about my base makeup but if you wanna know about that please let me know. 🙂

Hope you would enjoy the post 🙂

Munira Chowdhury, 03/01/2017

Shinsegae Centum City

If you ever visit Busan, one place you must go, and that is Shinsegae Centum City to see all those renowned international brands under one roof. lol 😛

The Shinsegae Centum City Department Store is registered in the Guinness World Records as the largest shopping complex in the world. The department store has a countless number of items all under one roof. Visitors can also enjoy numerous entertainment options in the complex. Shinsegae, which opened the first department store in Korea, reflects decades of retail experience in this flagship location. Some of the various entertainment facilities available include a spa and an ice rink.

Globally renowned experts such as Italian architect Claudio Silvestrin and an American architecture and design firm Callison completed Centum City under the concept of a “golden sea”. The department store has emerged as a defining landmark in Busan. (

I actually went there long ago, but as you all know, I am a douche-bag sometimes, I often forget that I have a blog and I should post there regularly. :/ Anyways, here I am writing about it finally, working on my self-redemption for being a dumbass. lol :p

Anyways, to get there you need to take line 2 on subway, and get off at Centum City station. The mall is just beside the station. 🙂

It is indeed nice to see all those famous brands like Chanel, Prada, Ralph Lauren (where Rachel works in Friends 😉 ), Gucci, Mac, Loreal, H & M etc. Well, the list never ends! So, why don’t I show you some pictures instead of all these talking!


As you can see, the place just never ends! You just keep roaming around! 😀

Well, everything comes with a price. And when the “thing” is labeled with brand, it comes with over price. lol 😛 So yeah, the place is actually for rich people who can afford all those things. You hardly find anything for 10$. For me, I really don’t like spending my all those earnings for some piece of lipstick or foundation that gonna cost me more than 50$ or I am not gonna buy some handbag worth 1000$. I hardly buy any cosmetics which is above 20$. lol :p  So, Shinsegae is a place for me, to roam around and explore things! But for buying? HELL NO!

Umm, I am not sure about the Spa but I heard from my husband that the ice rink is not that expansive. I was wearing a gown that day, so I couldn’t give that a try, but I surely will some day.

Hope you enjoyed the post. Have a good day!

Munira Chowdhury, 03/01/2017

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