Bengali traditional wear: Shari

So as the caption says, Shari is our traditional bengali dress for women. Though I don’t really want to wear shari. It’s not like I hate it. But shari often makes you look fat. So, if you are someone who is both fat and with short height like me, it is wise not to wear them lol.  But you know what? You can’t just shake off your root. So no matter how much you want to avoid it, it keeps coming back to you. Wearing shari makes you look fat, still the urge of trying it is kinda provoking.

I am basically a fat girl by born lol but for the last 2 years I just keep gaining more weight.   I kept telling myself that I won’t look good in shari, not anymore, and I am not gonna wear it again. So, for last 10months I didn’t. But guess what! Today for no reason at all, I felt like I will be dead if I don’t wear shari. 😬 So, I did! And here are some pictures taken at a certain angle to not to reveal my fatness lol


There are many types of shari, depending on the thread which is been used to make it. This is a Katan shari. They are kinda gorgeous, so ladies wear them in the party or occasions like that.

This shari was a gift from my in laws during my wedding. In any bengali wedding, the groom must need to give the bride at least 3 sharis. The first one for wedding, which is the most expensive one. The second one for reception, a little less expensive than the first one. & The third one is the bonus, and it’s the cheapest among the three.  This was my third shari.

Here’s another picture, now with him


And a closer look to my makeup now:


Tried a soft glam look. 🙂

So, that’s all for today! Have a nice weekend people!

Munira Chowdhury, 07/01/2017

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