Things you hear when you are a makeup freak

The drawback of living in a society is, you have to encounter people, whether you are a social person or not. Everyday you meet new people, so tadaaaa —– number of people who can talk about you keep increasing. lol :p People loves talking about others, being curious about others lives, it is just something they can’t stop doing. Specially when someone is kinda different from a regular person. Yup, I am talking about all those makeup freaks. When you go out after spending hours of doing those sharp eyebrows, properly blended eyeshadows or those perfect contouring, people are bound to notice you, because you are different. And those differences bring curiosity. And curiosity brings questions and talking. Let’s talk about some of those from a makeup freak’s mouth  i.e. me. 😉

  • Question: How many hours does it take you for doing all those makeup stuff?


Answer: I spend 3 hours of my life doing this one, you got a problem with that? -_-


  • Sometimes people gets concerned about you so much. So they say things like, if makeup is really good for your skin or tell you how much damage you are causing to your skin putting all those products.


Seriously people, stop it now. :/


  • Question: Don’t you ever get tired of this? I mean you have to spend lots of energy, right!


Well, usually you don’t reply anything to this kinda question, but if you did, it probably should be: How could I get tired of doing my favorite thing when I don’t get to get tired of these stupid questions!


  • When you are try something new, people keep asking you what the hell you did and how the hell you did so lol 😛 


Because no matter how much talking they do, at the end of the day, they secretly admit that you run the show here. 😉

giphy (4).gif

So keep wearing it like you always do. Because you are a queen and a queen keeps doing what she always does, i.e. keep slaying! 😉

-Munira Chowdhury, 12/01/17


2 Replies to “Things you hear when you are a makeup freak”

  1. Love this post! I went to a friends house the other day and they said, “You didn’t have to wear makeup to visit us” I was like, WHAT? I didn’t do this for you 🙂 I love wearing makeup, I do it for myself!

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