Chapter Singapore: 3 days trip

There are two types of people in this world:

  1. One who loves travelling
  2. One who doesn’t

Lol :p So, when I first heard about this conference : , I was really excited. Not only for the fact that I am going to present my research work for the first time but also for the fact that I get to travel to a new country! Anyways I have to admit, the whole conference was little bit messy, but Thanks to ALLAH, at least I did some travelling. The trip was only for 3 days, so it was not possible for me to travel and see a lot but I will try to share the experience of the little bit of travelling I did with you.

After we reached the Changi airport in Singapore, we went straight to the conference venue, which was Crown Plaza Hotel, in the morning. I was the second presenter of the day, so I was kinda nervous. Moreover, the time limit was only 10 minutes, but I kinda made a long presentation file, and most importantly, this was the first time I’m attending a conference. So, everything got clumsy. I tried my best, but it felt like I could’ve done better. Though my labmate, and one classmate from last semester and of course my Professor, never made me feel like I did any less. They were like, “You did great!” ^_^

Anyways, the day one was all about the conference and visiting some construction sites. And from the second day we started seeing and visiting around places. In some places I went alone, at some places together with Professor and labmate.

  • Before going to Singapore I never knew that it’s a sovereign city-state. There are varieties of people in Singapore. I never thought I could see people from so many countries in one place!
  • While travelling in Singapore, always keep in mind about keeping enough cash with you. Because not every shop accept credit card, and even if they do, not every card card will be accepted.
  • You should book the hotel before you arrive. Because Singapore is always crowded with tourists, there’s always a rush. So, it’s better to book the hotel before you arrive to save time and energy.
  • Public wi-fi is not much available. So, if you are always on the internet, buy a mobile sim card from airport or any local shop, it should cost 15-50$ depending on the offer and validity.
  • Buy a local transportation card for travelling via bus or subway. You may find some shops selling transportation card in airport. They usually cost 12$, and already are recharged with 7$. So, after finishing those, you can recharge again.
  • Collecting a city map and subway map from the information counter of airport/subway should be the first thing you do.
  • It is very hot in Singapore. If you are from a place with cold weather, please bring enough comfortable dresses, and don’t forget to keep napkins, tissues and water bottle with you.
  • For shopping, like jewelry, cosmetics, clothes, bag and shoes, go to Mustafa Centre. Specially for silver and gold jewelry. For branded shops, like Sephora, Prada etc., go to The Shoppes at Marina Bay. Usually in every subway you will find some underground markets, which are no too expensive, nor too cheap. Their collections are also pretty good. I heard there is another cheap shopping market in Bugis Street,  but as I mentioned before I had a busy schedule, I couldn’t afford time to visit there.
  • The place you must go when you visit Singapore is Marina Bay! The view here is so beautiful. And then you should go to the Marina Bay Sands Resort which is just beside the place. The view from the skypark of the hotel is heavenly! Singapore National Museum is also a nice place to visit. Specially the Glass Rotunda House took my heart away! Other than these, you can go to Arab Street, Little India, Cable Car Skypark, Sentosa etc. I heard about the last two from Hotel clerk, though I couldn’t manage time to get there. 😦
  • There are lot’s of street food shops around the city. You will find Indonesian-Thai-Singapore traditional-Bengali-Indian etc. food everywhere. Even the global brands like Mcdonald’s or Burger Kings are also available. But as a proud south Asian, I have tried to taste the first kind, rather than choosing the global brand lol πŸ˜› One very unique thing about Singaporean breakfast is they will serve you bread toasts with two half boiled eggs. Never one, always two! πŸ˜€ And another is Kopi or traditional coffee, made with condensed milk. I felt like foods are kinda cheap in Singapore. Spending 5$, you can have a really nice and heavy meal.
  • Whenever we travel in new country, we always buy chocolates and snacks for our relatives and friends back home. When you are in Singapore looking for chocolates, go straight to ABC Burgain Store, this is cheapest departmental shop in the city.

Every price mentioned here is is local currency or Singapore dollar. 

Now, let’s take a look of the thousand pictures I took, lol πŸ˜›

That’s all for today. Hope to see you soon!

Munira Chowdhury, 14/03/17

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