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I think I’ve said it couple of times writing about arrange marriage, but that just didn’t happen because it’s a sensitive issue in the part of the world where it is maintained, but then I realized not all who lives in that part of the world gives a shit about what a messed up woman like me writes in her blog lol 😛

So, arrange marriage is the the type of marriage where bride and groom are chosen by their families. If the families aren’t much conservative, bride and grooms are given chance to talk to each other by phone, or they can even go for a date, after the wedding is fixed. But not every couple are lucky, still there’s some part of the world, where the girl says “Kabul” (more like saying “yes”), without even knowing what her husband looks like. This is in case of Muslim wedding of…

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Blue & bronze halo eye tutorial <3

Hello everyone! How are you all? I know, I am not that much regular now, as I was used to before, but every time I open my wordpress account, I get lots of notification of your love and support toward my blog! Thanks a bunch for that! Actually, I am in my 3rd semester now, so there’s a lot of pressure going on regarding my research and thesis preparation. Little time I get for my blog and etc. Even I have a youtube channel, in which I am not so regular, either. And the past few weeks have been a disaster, there’s lots of questions and confusion, so to forget everything for a while, I came to meet with you lovely people!

Being a bengali girl, we get lot of opportunities for celebration throughout the year. The most colorful of which is 1st day of Bengali new year or PAHELA BOISHAKH (পহেলা বৈশাখ), which is celebrated in 14th April.

Bengali new year was first introduced by Mughal emperor Akbar, to time the tax year to the harvest. Unlike english calendar, bengali new year begins with the first sunrise of the day. Significant places in different cities around the country arranges different programs.  The common tradition of this day is wearing white and red combo dresses. And the traditional food for the day is watery rice, smashed vegetables or lentils and hilsha fish fry.

So, thinking about the occasion, I was planning for making a new tutorial. But as I’ve mentioned before, I am too busy now-a-days. Although I filmed the tutorial before 14th April, but the editing and other process took me a while to upload it. So, I couldn’t upload it in time, but it’s still okay. Makeup tutorials are always handy, lol 😉 So, the new thing about this tutorial is, I did a halo eyes tutorial for the first time. I am working on make my editing more better, though the lighting still needs to be improved a lot. 😦 Make sure to allow subtitles to get the name of the products below. To get a review of the products, please check my previous blogs.

I hope you will enjoy the video. If you do, please don’t forget to like and subscribe!

Munira Chowdhury, 19/04/17

Modest getup tips for hijabis

When you are someone from a muslim country, who moved to a new country which has a whole new different level of culture and tradition, the first problem you gonna face is your getup. I remember the second day after I came to Korea, I was walking around the street, wearing a salwar-kamiz, with my husband and out of nowhere a drunk women woman came out and shouted at my face, “your dress is so cool!” And I was like, WTH! So, I hope you understand, if this was the reaction from someone drunk, then what was from other pedestrians who weren’t drunk at all? 😉 I don’t blame them, humans are curious and totally okay to be curious. So, if that curiosity makes you uncomfortable, this post is for you!

  • First thing first, if you are kinda fatty like me, try avoiding wearing jeans with short shirt. The structure of jeans are made to make your shapes visible, which makes skinny people looks more skinny and fat people like me, to look more bulky. 😦 I never wear anything without salwar-kamiz, after I entered teenage period. So, little knowledge I had, about other dresses. So, at first, after coming here, I had tried some jeans with shirts, but eventually I learned I can make myself look better with other dresses.
  • Try something long and which has minimum length of being 4inches above your knees. And remember to check the side area of the dress at its bottom. Because usually these dresses are shaped to be narrower in the bottom or to fit the waist.
  • You can always try long gowns. They will never be out of dates, besides they are modest. You will have plenty of options if you check online sites like e-bay or G-market here in Korea.
  • Now, you may say, most of the dresses or gowns you find in a non-muslim country are sleeveless. Well, why don’t you try with a cardigan? Or some short coat? But remember that, some cardigans make your hands look more visible. So, if you have fat arms, you know like me, lol 😉 try buying one size larger.
  • Don’t wear leggings with a short dress. Use leggings with long tops.
  • If you got fat arms, try wearing your hijab in a way that covers your shoulder well. This way it creates an obstacle to have a direct view over your arms.
  • Don’t ever forget to give it a try whatever you are buying in the trial room!
  • Avoid short shirt, but you can always try long shirts with jeans. If you are short heighted like me, avoid wearing loose jeans. The combo of long shirt with long jeans usually makes people look more short than they usually are.
  • Long skirts with short shirt is a good option though. 🙂

Here’s some of the modest getup ideas for you: ^_^





Though I know some people who are really comfortable with salwar kamiz or burkha/ abaya here. And hats off to those ladies! But here in Korea, people give you a strange look when you go out with our traditional dresses. That’s why it felt like, other muslim ladies in other places may also need these tips.

So, that’s all for today! I hope you enjoyed the post!

Munira Chowdhury, 12/04/17

The blogger recognition award

So, another award nomination! This time from dear Zehera of THE INQUISITIVE MIND ( Many many thanks to her for selecting me. She is one of the very sweet and innovative blogger I know. Please do visit her blog, when you have time. 🙂

Here goes the rules:

•Writing a  post
•Give thanks to the person who nominated you for this award and with a link to their blog
•Provide a brief description of how you started your blog
•Give some advice to new bloggers
•Nominating 15 other bloggers

Well, how I began blogging is actually a mystery to me too! I used to keep a notebook (where I wrote all about my weird emotions) before I got married, about which my husband is really curious. Anyways, I never showed that to him, and he keeps reminding me that I didn’t. lol :p And he got a feeling that I loved writing. Which is true, kind of. I loved writing, but I never really got much appreciation or inspiration about it. I grew up in conserved family, where you don’t really get the chance to spoil yourself with your hobbies. lol 😀 But he kept telling me, why don’t you start a blog? Moreover, he noticed how much I am passionate about my cooking or makeup, he was like why don’t you start writing about your passion? But, I wasn’t sure. I felt like, who will ever read my silly writing? But then suddenly one day, I was feeling really really bad, for no reason at all. All my life, I was sure about one thing and that is I’m a pure mess! All of a sudden, I  was in front of my laptop, searching free blogging site, and the first suggestion was #Wordpress. So, I created an account, named #A_messy_world and wrote one messy introduction. 😀 I had no idea, what was on my mind then, my blog just started with that one. 🙂

My advice to new blogger is just don’t ever stop writing and things will work out, trust me! 

I will not nominate any particular blogger today. All of you, who are reading this feel free to be nominated!

-Munira Chowdhury, 12/04/2017