The blogger recognition award

So, another award nomination! This time from dear Zehera of THE INQUISITIVE MIND ( Many many thanks to her for selecting me. She is one of the very sweet and innovative blogger I know. Please do visit her blog, when you have time. 🙂

Here goes the rules:

•Writing a  post
•Give thanks to the person who nominated you for this award and with a link to their blog
•Provide a brief description of how you started your blog
•Give some advice to new bloggers
•Nominating 15 other bloggers

Well, how I began blogging is actually a mystery to me too! I used to keep a notebook (where I wrote all about my weird emotions) before I got married, about which my husband is really curious. Anyways, I never showed that to him, and he keeps reminding me that I didn’t. lol :p And he got a feeling that I loved writing. Which is true, kind of. I loved writing, but I never really got much appreciation or inspiration about it. I grew up in conserved family, where you don’t really get the chance to spoil yourself with your hobbies. lol 😀 But he kept telling me, why don’t you start a blog? Moreover, he noticed how much I am passionate about my cooking or makeup, he was like why don’t you start writing about your passion? But, I wasn’t sure. I felt like, who will ever read my silly writing? But then suddenly one day, I was feeling really really bad, for no reason at all. All my life, I was sure about one thing and that is I’m a pure mess! All of a sudden, I  was in front of my laptop, searching free blogging site, and the first suggestion was #Wordpress. So, I created an account, named #A_messy_world and wrote one messy introduction. 😀 I had no idea, what was on my mind then, my blog just started with that one. 🙂

My advice to new blogger is just don’t ever stop writing and things will work out, trust me! 

I will not nominate any particular blogger today. All of you, who are reading this feel free to be nominated!

-Munira Chowdhury, 12/04/2017 


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