It’s skin 5 facewash in 5000KW offer!

Hi lovelies! Hope you are all doing good! So couple months ago there was an offer going on in It’s Skin, where they offered 5 pieces of different flavored facewash in just 5000KW. Just at that time, I was running out of facewash, so I went to the store to get one.

My Korean is not that good. So, when I saw facewash in 5000 I actually thought it would be just for one. Then I got close, and saw 5pieces are wrapped together. I couldn’t even believed my eyes, so to be sure, I asked the sales lady again. Well, when she assured me, I didn’t hesitate any more to buy one, lol :p

Now the review part: 

Well, I have always been a fan of It’s skins products. They always suit me. Now when you buy 5facewashes in this less prices, surely you have to give them full marks on the price. Anyways, you don’t need five of them at once. So, I only opened the first one, “Have a ORANGE”. It really has a nice orange flavor, which I like very much. It is creamy and creates a lot of foams. This is very mild, so if you need something harsh I would not suggest it to you. Specially on summer time, after two hours, your face may feel kinda oily if you are just sitting in your room without an air conditioning system. But not that oily, just a bit. Though while using the first time when I bought it, during winter it felt like my face is drying out a bit too soon after using. Well, my skin is really sensitive, so it’s nothing serious. 

So, if you are looking for something really mild and foamy facewash, you should definitely go for it. 🙂

Munira Chowdhury, 14/05/17


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