Taejongdae: A dynamic place in Dynamic Busan!

I remember the first time I visited Taejongdae! Just after a few months I moved in Korea. I was equally amazed and disturbed at that time by this place. Amazed because it is so beautiful! Disturbed because it is huge! Though there is a train for those who don’t like walking much, but my newly wed husband didn’t know that I was not much energetic to walk for a long time then and I was too stubborn to admit lol 😛 However my 3 years of abroad life taught me a lot of things. I have my changed my lifestyle and started eating healthy which eventually made me capable of walking a long time. 😜 Even this year I visited Taejongdae two times! First one in July to for the hydrangea festival, and this time I was looking for a spot that represents all the dynamic features in dynamic Busan. Some of you might know that the city slogan of Busan is Dynamic Busan, and this year the city arranged a contest from its residences to submit youtube videos that promote this slogan with any kind of content. And both my husband and I feel like, Busan may be special in so many ways but TAEJONGDAE is what makes Busan even more special and that’s why we think Taejongdae is best represents dynamic Busan. Infact Taejongdae is designated as the 28 Busan monument along with Oryukdo Island.

The name Taejongdae most probably is taken from King Taejong Muyeol, 29th King of Silla Kingdom. It is said that he used to practice archery in this place.

Taejongdae is a natural park facing the open sea surrounded with magnificent cliffs and includes different facilities: such as an observatory, amusement park, light house, historical monuments, temples, ferry, pebble beach etc. I guess now you can understand why it is a huge area, cause otherwise it won’t be easy to facilitate all these together 😝 If you want to go for day out with your family and friends, I believe this is a perfect place! In fact we spent more than 5 hours and had a picnic in the pebble beach there. There are benches and restrooms at intervals so, you can take rest whenever you are tired. Also water is available. Here, each facility is significant for it’s own specialty, like-

Pebble beach: presents a heavenly view of a deep blue sea beach in the middle of two cliffs.

Yeongdo Light House: old light house of 1906 which reopened in 2004.

Taejongdae Observatory: provides a view of Japanese Island Tsushima in clear day.

Taejongsa Temple: famous for hydrangea festival.

Two War Memorials: dedicated to medical assistance unit and guerrilla team during Korean war.

Danubi Train: for roaming around tye place without walking.

Trees & Plants: Around 200s of varieties.

Gumyeongsa Temple: was a tent temple beside cliff to prevent people from suicide and rebuilt in 1969.

And here’s my youtube vlog:

After watching this video I think most of you will agree with us that Taejondae holds all the dynamic features of dynamic Busan. For this reason it is really popular among tourists! If you enjoy the video please like and share as it will increase our chance in winning the competition, and we’ll really appreciate all the support!

-Munira Chowdhury, 29/10/2018

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