Alright, I’m Ayesha Munira Chowdhury from Bangladesh 🙂 I completed my graduation in Civil Engineering. Moved in Busan, South Korea last year after getting married. Recently started my Masters course in GSIS & Construction Management System in Pusan National University. Also I am working as a Research Assistant in Construction System Integration Laboratory in the university. Besides my study & work, I have some hobbies. I love cooking. ❤ I am a big fan of cakes and cookies, so I love baking too. ^_^ & I love makeup! ❤ (specially eyeliner and eyeshadow ^_^) These are more than hobbies.  :’) They are passion to me. 🙂 Ooops, I forgot to add, I love sewing too! I miss my old days of being my own dress maker! :/ Kind of impossible continuing here. -_-   And I love writing 🙂 Like most of the ladies I have a feminist part of me, which never had the chance to grow offline lol 🙂 So, yeah I’m kind of online feminist. 😉

This blog is gonna be a pure mess, because as you read above there’s too many things I love! lol 😛 I will be sharing my love about these things, in a messy way or in other words I’ll be sharing my “MESSY WORLD” with you here. 🙂

So, here it goes:

Welcome to “A MESSY WORLD”, welcome to a life of liveliness!