Chocoflan : My Recipe

Hi everyone! Hope you guys had a wonderful beginning of the week! For the last 1 year and 4 months, I made several changes in my lifestyle. Usually I try to eat healthy during week days because weekend is for my experimental cooking and baking, and eating them afterwards 😉 So this week I made the famous chocoflan! However, I was searching for recipes in google, and none of them seemed good to me, so I decided to combine my own recipes of fruit cake and caramel pudding. This was my first time baking a chocoflan and I was really surprised to see how good it came off ❤ I posted some pictures of that in my social media and I have got some requests for the recipe from my friends. So, here it is:

Ingredients List:


  1. 5 tbsp of sugar
  2. 1tbsp of water


  1. 2 large eggs
  2. 1 cup milk
  3. 1 tbsp vanilla powder
  4. 6 tbsp sugar

Cake Base-

  1. 2/3 cup sugar
  2. 1/2 cup cake flour
  3. 1/2 cup oil
  4. 2 large eggs
  5. 1tbsp vanilla powder
  6. pinch of salt
  7. 1/2 tsp baking powder
  8. 3 tbsp of coco powder


First prepare the caramel, putting sugar and water in the cake mold you gonna use. I used a 3″ x 7″ rectangle cake mold. Next heat milk and sugar in the stove till the mixture thickens. Next beat the thick milk-sugar mixture with eggs and vanilla in a pan. So your pudding mix is ready! Pour them in the cake mold, on top of the caramel. Next, take sugar, oil and eggs in a bowl and beat them very nicely, till the mixture becomes foamy. Now put the dry ingredients in the mixture, i.e., flour, vanilla powder, coco powder and baking powder and mix them well. Pour this cake mixture over the pudding mixture. Pre-heat your oven to 175 degree Celsius for at least 10 minutes. Bake your chocoflan for 45-50 minutes. Baking time may vary depending upon the oven model. Insert a toothpick in the flan, if that comes clean, it’s all done!

So here’s a closer look to mine! Look how perfect it is ❤


-Munira Chowdhury, 10/07/2018


Butter vanilla cake with vanilla cream cheese frosting :) 

The reason behind being interested about baking is, my sectet affair with cake. Lol 😛 I really am crazy about those creamy cakes you see in the pastry shops. After moving here, I had to stop my habits of trying out new restaurant because of being a halal eater. But in case of cakes and pastries, you don’t have such facts to be worried about. The more I try, the more I want to know how to make them by myself in home. Few days ago, we bought a halogen oven. And I keep trying on learning new baking stuff with that. As for today, I tried a Butter Vanilla Cake with Vanilla Cream Cheese Frosting. So, here’s the recipe for it:-

  1. Two large eggs
  2. A little less than half cup butter
  3. Quarter cup sugar 
  4. Quarter cup flour
  5. Two tbsp vegetable oil
  6. Two tbsp liquid milk
  7. Baking soda: a pinch
  8. Baking powder: 1/2 tsp
  9. Little bit of lemon juice
  10. Vanilla powder: two tbsp

Procedure: Separate egg yolk. Beat the egg whites until it becomes foam. Now take egg yolks, vegetable oil, butter, liquid milk, sugar and lemon juice in a separate deep round pan and beat them until smoothes. Take all the dry ingredients and add them with egg yolk mixture in little amounts. Keep beating. At last add the foam of the egg whites. Preheat your halogen oven for 5 minutes at 180°C. And bake your cake for 30 minutes at the same temperature. Time may vary for different ovens, you should keep checking. 🙂


  1. Half pound cream cheese 
  2. Half cup butter 
  3. Two tbsp vanilla powder 
  4. 300 grams icing sugar 

Beat them all until smooth and creamy for at least 10 minutes and keep it in the for refrigerator for 15 minutes.

Decorate as you like. I also put some ganache over mine. 😀

Enjoy your weekend!!

No bake cheese cake with whipped cream 

Weekend is the perfect time for your food experiment. 😄 I love cakes and that love made me interested to learn baking. Well, when you don’t have to bake at all still you can have a cake with little ingredients how that’s gonna be? 😉 What a good time to be alive, huh???  😀

So I was talking about No Bake Cheese Cake. Here’s the recipe:


1. A little less than 100 grams cracker crumbs. In most of the recipes they ask to use Graham’s cracker. Though I used some other cracker type cookies I had in my kitchen. Worked fine anyways.

2. 3 tb spoon butter.

3. 250 ml whipped cream.

4. 225 grams or half pound Philadelphia cream cheese.

5. Quarter cup sugar. You can add more if you like.


Take the cracker crumbs and butter in a microwave safe dish and microwave them 1 minute. Put them in the pan where you want to make your cake and press them evenly with your hands or the downside of a glass. In another pan beat cheese, whipped cream and sugar together until it becomes smooth and creamy in texture. Now put them over the cracker base you made before. You can also put some melted chocolate for decoration. Chill them for 4 hours in the refrigerator.

After 4 hours take the cake out of the refrigerator. Spread some icing sugar. It’s ready to serve! It’s convenient if you could use adjustable mold as a baking pan. Or you can just take a piece from the pan and serve.

This is how it came out:

So, what are you waiting for? Let’s start eating!!!! 🍰🍰🍰

Happy weekend people!!! :*