Turban hijab 😄

So, like I said in my recent few posts, this year summer is freaking hot in Korea. Sometimes I just want to close my door and stay in my home forever so that I can be saved from the heat! 😥

And like I said before, it gets more hard when you are a hijabi and you have to take 20 minutes of walk four times a day. So, I am looking for some hijab styles for couple of days which would help me to get some relief from the heat.

I have seen ladies wearing turban hijab before, but wearing it in a way that shows your neck, made me uncomfortable at first. Then I realize if I could wear a long hijab cap that cover your neck, then I can give it a try!

At first I wear a hijab cap that only covers half of my head then I wear the long one. Now put your pashmina or shawl over your head and bring the two sides from behind your head and tie them down over your forehead. Take the right side portion first and round it over your head and pin it down. Similarly do it for the other side. You can keep a small portion over your shoulder like I did here. It actually depends on how long your shawl is. 🙂

Now, is it comfortable? Yup, certainly! This way your neck can get more air and you may feel more free.

Drawback? Well if you are living some places where hijabis are not common and you are appearing there everyday with new style of head full of clothes, you will have some ‘what the heck is wrong with your head‘ look from people. Other than that it’s okay. 😉

So, bye for now! Will be back soon!!



Hijab and other facts with the hijab

Being a hijabi was not an easy task for me. I was not sure If I could even continue. But ALHAMDULILLAH I am doing fine till now. 😀  I started wearing hijab about four and a half years ago. Honestly speaking, the first month is really hard. Specially in a tropical country like Bangladesh. You may feel like your head is on fire 😀 But once you get used to with it you will be doing fine.

And once you are a hijabi, there’s some things you have to face and which only you will understand. Lol 😀 They are funny most of the times though. 😉 But some times it can be annoying >_<
1. Once you made up your mind about wearing hijab,some people around you will be like: শুরু করবা ভালো কথা, দেইখো আবার, পরে ছেড়ে দিও না!!! ( “It’s a great thing to start, but don’t just stop it later!” (with a negative approach))
2. And when you start wearing it, there will be some curious people asking if there’s another story behind it. Like if you got engaged or getting married, and if your partner asking for it lol 😀
giphy (1).gif
3. I don’t know if it’s true or not, but I heard some “aunty” kind of people couldn’t even look at my pictures, because seeing someone covering her hair gave them so much অশান্তি -_- Can’t remember the dialogue exactly, but I heard it was like : “এমনি গরি বাঁধি রাখসে কেন, সরা এই ছবি, দেখেই গরম লাগতেসে”!!!!!!! (“Why she wrapped herself like this! Even looking at her picture makes me fee like I’m on fire” ) No, I wouldn’t try to explain how that felt like, but I’m sure you can guess how it was -_-
giphy (2)
4. Some people will be like, “ওকে, হিজাব পড়সো, খুবই ভালো, কিন্তু এতো মেকআপ করে হিজাব পড়ে লাভ কি”??????????? :@ (If you wear hijab and still wear lot’s of makeup, what’s good in that!)
giphy (3).gif
5. Not always the negativity, some people will appreciate you for sure. Some times more than you deserve, and it’s so much that you will eventually feel  awkward. -_-
giphy (4)
6. Some people will ask for your tips too. Like how do you wear it, where you can buy, blah blah 😉 And for the first time in your life you may feel pretty special ^_^
giphy (5)
7. This one is pretty awkward. If you need to go some place, where hijabis are not so common, you gonna get the look of seeing an alien from the people around you. :/ They will be like “are you for real??????” 😮 😮
giphy (6)
These all can be hard and awkward sometimes, dealing with negativity and etc., but once you start loving your hijab they are nothing to you. Besides, some people will always appreciate you. 🙂 Be strong, be patient and love yourself first. If you can’t love yourself how can you love hijab????????? 😉 😀