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Modest getup tips for hijabis

When you are someone from a muslim country, who moved to a new country which has a whole new different level of culture and tradition, the first problem you gonna face is your getup. I remember the second day after I came to Korea, I was walking around the street, wearing a salwar-kamiz, with my husband and out of nowhere a drunk women woman came out and shouted at my face, “your dress is so cool!” And I was like, WTH! So, I hope you understand, if this was the reaction from someone drunk, then what was from other pedestrians who weren’t drunk at all? 😉 I don’t blame them, humans are curious and totally okay to be curious. So, if that curiosity makes you uncomfortable, this post is for you!

  • First thing first, if you are kinda fatty like me, try avoiding wearing jeans with short shirt. The structure of jeans are made to make your shapes visible, which makes skinny people looks more skinny and fat people like me, to look more bulky. 😦 I never wear anything without salwar-kamiz, after I entered teenage period. So, little knowledge I had, about other dresses. So, at first, after coming here, I had tried some jeans with shirts, but eventually I learned I can make myself look better with other dresses.
  • Try something long and which has minimum length of being 4inches above your knees. And remember to check the side area of the dress at its bottom. Because usually these dresses are shaped to be narrower in the bottom or to fit the waist.
  • You can always try long gowns. They will never be out of dates, besides they are modest. You will have plenty of options if you check online sites like e-bay or G-market here in Korea.
  • Now, you may say, most of the dresses or gowns you find in a non-muslim country are sleeveless. Well, why don’t you try with a cardigan? Or some short coat? But remember that, some cardigans make your hands look more visible. So, if you have fat arms, you know like me, lol 😉 try buying one size larger.
  • Don’t wear leggings with a short dress. Use leggings with long tops.
  • If you got fat arms, try wearing your hijab in a way that covers your shoulder well. This way it creates an obstacle to have a direct view over your arms.
  • Don’t ever forget to give it a try whatever you are buying in the trial room!
  • Avoid short shirt, but you can always try long shirts with jeans. If you are short heighted like me, avoid wearing loose jeans. The combo of long shirt with long jeans usually makes people look more short than they usually are.
  • Long skirts with short shirt is a good option though. 🙂

Here’s some of the modest getup ideas for you: ^_^





Though I know some people who are really comfortable with salwar kamiz or burkha/ abaya here. And hats off to those ladies! But here in Korea, people give you a strange look when you go out with our traditional dresses. That’s why it felt like, other muslim ladies in other places may also need these tips.

So, that’s all for today! I hope you enjoyed the post!

Munira Chowdhury, 12/04/17

Birthday outfit: all the credit goes to husband <3

So, today is my birthday and this one is like my best birthday ever! My husband is surprising me with gifts from two days ago and he says, he’s not finished yet, there’s more to come ❤ So, he’s planning this for a long time. He remembered every little thing I wanted to buy for last couple of months. Like, after release of Kung fu Panda 3, there’s a panda doll similar to the one in the movie, in every mart here. From the first day I was in love with the doll, but I really didn’t want to spend money for a doll at this age lol 😛


As you can see, I don’t have to worry about it anymore, I already have it now ❤

Ha, ha, Here’s my birthday outfit, which is also a gift from him:


For the first time, he chose a dress for me, all by himself. I am kinda impressed by his choice. ❤

Now the makeup:


I have used L.A. Girl smokey eye shadow collection palette here 🙂 This one is also a gift from him. Two days ago, just after lunch, we were talking about stuff, and I just told him that, I saw there’s a sale on this palette and in the evening when he went for some grocery shopping, he came back with this beauty. ^_^ I was totally surprised. All these days, when I was saying something about makeup stuff, I never thought he listened to me this carefully.  Though I didn’t tell him which palette I would like, nude or the smokey one, he chose smokey one by himself. Gosh, I’m proud of my man! ❤ Not only he remembered the name, but also he chose wisely!

That’s all for today! Bye! ❤

Outfit of the day :)

So, nowadays gown is my new favorite. I am like crazy about gowns, as they are pretty comfortable and also very modest. 🙂


 I bought this gown from Korean online based shopping site, G market. Took 9900 Korean won. Actually it was from him, I didn’t buy it. 😛

Like I said before, Bengali people love wearing colorful dresses, which is another reason why I love this gown. The coat was from H & M, during a sale, also 9000 won.  And, this is in front of my university gate. 😀 And it was a candid one -_-

I love wearing gown with coat which makes a very formal looking combo but it is kinda difficult wearing coat in this humid weather of september. :/


This one is taken during lunch time, at Mom’s touch. One of my favorite places in Korea for burgers and fries. If you ever come here, must try their french fries, they are the best in the town! ❤

These are taken at NC mart. I almost go everyday in NC mart, because it’s just beside my university. It is fun to check out all those lovely clothes, bags and shoes when you are feeling down and stressed with all the research. 🙂


And here’s a glimpse of the makeup I tried today, pink cut crease:


So, that’s all for today! Hope you enjoyed the post! ❤

My first visit to a Chinese couple’s wedding in Korea

The best part of living abroad is getting opportunities of learning and experiencing new things. Last April, I had an honor to visit a Chinese couple’s wedding in here. It was the first time I attended any wedding abroad.

Though back in my country I was not that social to attend any wedding. Because bengali wedding is kinda crowded. I have no idea why we invite all these people with little acquaintance. A virus of showing off of inviting maximum people gripped our bengali society. You can’t even imagine the waste of food or money happens in a bengali wedding. Sometimes even more than thousand people attend the program. 😥 Attending a bengali wedding you can’t even believe that Bangladesh is a third world country. Even during the time of my wedding, when there was political unrest throughout the country, more than 300 people attended the ceremony. And my family had to manage arrangements for 600 people. 👿

Sorry for all these irrelevant talking but I kind of hate this system. Could not control the anger when I started writing.

Anyways, the groom is my husband’s colleague. The wedding took place in Grand Apple, at Centum city in one Saturday noon. The place is very famous for it’s delicious food and arrangements. One of the fancy places in Busan.
We were a little late in the ceremony. When we got there, the ritual part was over. The formal part was kinda same the Christian wedding we see in the Hollywood movies. But instead of a father saying verses, any elderly parson can do the job. The Groom’s professor, I mean my husband’s professor, was in charge of that as a local guardian. There was an anchor with a microphone in the side, who was in charge of presenting the program, announcing what’s gonna happen next, one after another.

Couples parents were sitting in the front. They are not Korean either, so they were only here for couple of days, for the wedding.

The couple were wearing the formal dresses for formal part of the wedding like white gown and tuxedo. And they were looking wow. 😍

Formal wedding includes:

  • First of all an elderly parson, I mean the groom’s/my husband’s professor gave a speech or said holy verses while the couple was standing in front of him. It was all in Korean, so I didn’t understand what he said. All I can say is, it was a lengthy one! Ha ha 😀 And another thing I noticed is, Professor Lee’s love for the couple. While he was there speaking, I could see the affection and blessings for the couple in his smile. 😍
  • Both of groom and bride said something to each of them. Some kind of swear may be.
  • The couple took blessings from both of the parents.
  • And the most romantic part, the groom sang a very special song for the bride. Gosh, I loved it! ❤
  • At last the buffet eating part!
  • After this formal part, bride and groom changed to traditional clothing.

The food was too good! Though I couldn’t taste most of them because of being a halal eater. But in-spite of that, there were plenty to try! I had a great time while eating and chatting with my husband’s colleagues there. When you live abroad, the first thing you always gonna miss is a people to talk. And when you get chances of meeting people and chat , you certainly will have good time. ☺

Another thing I loved about this wedding is, the gift system of giving the couple money, so that they can spend it in the way they like. Like honeymoon and etc.

But in Bangladesh, people give material things like utensils, blender, oven, dress etc. And when there’s a thousand people attend the program, there’s 80% probability that you will have same kinda gift twice. And it is a mess keeping these much things in your house.

That’s why, I believe it is better to give money instead of things as it can be used in a more useful ways.

The problem part was I didn’t understand what should I wear in the wedding. Because someone told me that, during a wedding here, the guests are suppose to wear something light. But being a bengali girl, I didn’t have anything of light color. As I told you guys before, we like to see us colorful! So, I wore the simplest dress I have then. Which was still very bright. I just hoped the guests didn’t hate me for my getup. 😦

So, here are the pictures of the program :

And there we are, the bengali love birds 😉 :

All these pictures were collected. I didn’t take any of them.

Hope you enjoyed the post! Bye!! :*

A brown skin girl’s struggle for perfect foundation in Korea

Having a brown skin tone is a curse because most of the time you end up buying the wrong shade foundation. :/ Specially in Korea. Almost each and every foundation/ bb and cc cream or any base makeup products are of too bright shade.Usually they have two shades, 21 or 23. In some cases, you may find a little darker shade, they call ‘Ginger’. But still they are too bright for the brown tone.

m-perfect-cover-bb-cream03clio-gelpresso-waterproof-pencil-gel-liner-1 (1)



I’m not sure about it, But I think Korean makeup trend is something like, your face needs to be more brighter than your neck or hands. Everyday I see too many ladies in the streets or shops, with a whitish base, that doesn’t match their hands or neck. Well, not every people has same skin tone on their full body, for example my hands have a yellowish brown tome, while my face is just brown. Still, I do know the fact that we need to match at least our face to neck when applying a makeup. But I have seen too many ladies here wearing a different tone makeup and be confident and comfortable about it. I guess, this is the reason of the trend, why bright shades are available only.


So, I am tired of using my It’s skin bb cream and Missha magic cushion foundation. I am not saying I’m bored with them, I am just saying I’m bored with the fact of using same thing. And, that’s why I’ve been looking for a replacement foundation for couple of days. I thought of ordering something from ebay, but the thought of shade matching fact stopped me from doing that. Not, every mart has the international brands like Loreal, Maybelline etc. outlets here in Busan. Well, Shinsegae Centum City has many renown international brands though. But, it’s not possible for you to go there everyday, if it’s of more than 1 hour of distance by sub-way. :/ It’s actually a no problem either, but going there often makes feel bad about myself! I mean how poor I am that I can’t buy these celestial things! -_- Anyways, Shinsegae is the largest departmental store in the world it’s totally legit that there will be only over pricey brand labeled things. :/




Well, you can order some international brands in Korea, by the local online shopping site, G- Market. They are very good and reliable for both the quality and early shipping. Maximum shipping time is two days and minimum is 20 hours. Isn’t that great! ❤ But, fact is, they keep their price considering international shipping charge they had to pay for bringing the product to Korea.  Sometimes even more than ebay. But, if shipping time is your priority, then certainly G-Market is your best option.

Shopping international brands from ebay is disgustingly pathetic because of the fact that you have to pay a large amount of shipping charge. Say you want to buy a foundation from loreal or mac. Sometimes you will see that actual price is 20$ where you need to pay a shipping charge of 25$.

Well, there’s two departmental store I know (Olive Young & Watsons), that sells international brands. You may not find much variation there. But  you can find something there. But sad truth is they only keep the shade matching their own skin tone for brands like loreal, mac etc. Or, it could also be the fact that shade variations are not available in the outlets where I usually visit.  No tears for the brown skin lol :p


So, if you have a brown skin, your best practice in Korea is picking something out of the available Korean products that suites your skin (not your tone, cause that’s not possible anyways lol 😀 , so I meant that doesn’t harm your skin) and always apply in little amount and blend them really nicely. But sometimes when you need a party look, you have to put more than a little amount. In that case, try putting some on your exposed areas like hands or neck etc.

So, that was I’ve been doing for an year, but I wanted to have something else. And guess what! I found one!  I went to Watsons today with intention of buying Loreal true match foundation. I found a shade that barely matches my brown skin tone, but there was no better option from Loreal. So, I thought I would take what I got, just at that moment I found Catrice even skin tone foundation. And guess what? Shade 30 matches with me perfectly! Oh ALLAH, I’m so happy! Finally! So, if you have brown skin tone like me, you can go for this. I will soon add my review about it. But in another post. 😉

So, that’s all for now. Bye!

********All the pictures are collected from internet. 🙂


Eid Mubarak!

Eid mubarak everyone! Though it doesn’t feel like the way we used to feel back in Bangladesh . 😦 Everything’s different NOW! Eid day is a national holiday in Bangladesh, but in here it’s like the other days. I have to come to lab just as usual. Well, I could take a leave if I wanted to. But what’s the point of that, huh? I mean with whom I would celebrate the day? Friends and families are far far away, if I stayed home I would’ve been bored eventually. I miss old days!

Making all the good foods and eating together and visiting friends, relatives and neighbors, ahh those were the days! 😦 😥 Traditional food for Eid is a special kind of vermicelli called “Lachcha Semai”! I remember back in my country I didn’t like Lachcha Semai much, but here knowing that I couldn’t get it even if I want to, makes me craving for Lachcha Semai! LOL 😛 Anyways, I cooked a special kind of Semai, using Carrot. My husband loves Carrot Semai, specially if it is cooked by his wife! 😉 Other than that, not much cooking. Will try to make something different for dinner! 🙂

Well, I did not skip my special makeup though! Ha ha! Here’s a glimpse of what I did today:



As usual cut crease! Ha ha! Well this time with a light golden shade and purple-black shade! 😀 I didn’t put any extra eye lashes, as I am working on university lab, so I need to be sober, which I’m not anyways, 😉 but I’m trying not to exaggerate. So considerate of me! lol 😀


I love the dress by the way! But the weather a bit clumsy today! :/ I was sweating like hell, had to change the cardigan after lunch -_-  I think the combo was better with the black and white cardigan. 😦

So, that’s all for today! Have a good day everyone!

Little things from Korean life

Korean life doesn’t bother me much except the fact that you can not communicate with the Korean people. But that doesn’t mean they are not friendly or they don’t want any communication. The problem is actually the language. They can’t speak English and I can’t speak Korean, so there’s always lack of communication.

I am the only foreigner in my lab. At beiginning, there were some people who could speak in english, but now i often get in trouble when I need something from them. But you know what? They try so hard to understand what are you saying. Even sometimes using Google translator! Lol 😂Though I am grateful to Google translator for being the medium of our conversation but it often becomes the joke part of the day. Seems unbelievable? Okay let me explain you how.
The most significant part of my makeup is my eyeliner. One day I went to lab trying a double winged eyeliner. One of my colleague sits just my opposite. The moment she saw me, she was like wow! I often felt like Korean ladies are huge fan of artistic eye liner, and she’s no different either. She then picked her phone and typed fast, and showed it to me, there was some Korean words translated to English as: “how drawn your eyeliner?” I typed I use Lakme instaliner. Then she typed again: “Professor said you beauty”😄:mrgreen:  I was like okay thank you!

So what she wanted to say was,
“How do you apply your eyeliner?
& “Professor said you are beautiful”!!

And I am sure when I type something in English to translate in Korean, it types a grammatical joke like that too. 😒😒😒 Please don’t take me as a grammar nazi. I’m not very good at grammar, I am not good at anything. But I love the fact that we are making all this efforts to talk only!!!!

She’s my first Korean friend 😍 Though we don’t understand each other’s language, we talk using Google translator with huge grammatical mistakes, still we try to communicate. 😙


Korean girls usually don’t get married while studying so people often get surprised hearing that I’m married!:mrgreen: And yeah, they are impressed by my cooking.;)
Few days ago, another course professor asked me if I can give a presentation about Bangladeshi culture at the end of course. That’s when I was surprised!! 😈  Really? That much interested?? 😦😦😦
I think Korean people knows how to appreciate new things perfectly.:)That’s often a big deal. Because if you can’t accept the new, you can’t accept the change.

Most amazing part of Korean life is their makeup and skin care products. Every time you buy something, they will give you some free sample.


And what’s more a girl could hope for, huhh?;););) Specially if she’s a makeup freak?

And you will get some more gifts, when you take the membership card ❤ Why are you seeing everything from It’s skin that’s another story, which I’ll tell you another day :mrgreen:


I am a big fan of Korean cakes and pastry shop. Because of being a halal eater, I can’t eat meat from anywhere. But in case of cakes  and sweets, it’s no problem.;)


Everything has two parts: positive and negative. But it’s totally depends upon you, how you wanna see that. And after living in Korea for 360 days, I think my Korean life is positively negative! Lol😛

Have a good day, everyone!!!! 😇😇


Makeup: my confidence

-“Why do you wear makeup?”

-“Ummm… because I’m ugly?????”

Lol it sounds funny but yeah that’s the truth. And I am not ashamed of admitting that. So, do I feel insecure about my look? Of course I do. But why, let’t start at the very beginning.

In my country, when a child is born, first thing people notice is her/his color. Most of the people in Bangladesh has brown color. People with very bright color is not much common, so few people who fall in to this valuable category of having the perfect color are treated as “human asset”. Again, let’s go back to the child. After judging if the kid is “forsha” (Bengali word for people with bright color), people will once again start judging if he/she has sharp nose, big eyes or head full of hair.  I mean before even coming to the world, the kid already sees the dirty side of it.

Anyways the kid grows up soon, and people gets new issues to talk. Like if she/ he is getting fat somehow, or not getting taller in height blah blah 😡 And if by any chance he/ she gets the fat/ shorty combo, everyone’s like,  “ok kid, you should kill yourself right now, nobody wants you”.!!!!!!!!! Like seriously!! 😠 Just because of not having the perfect body shape I have no place in this society?  😐

Often the fat kid becomes the fun making source of the near and dear ones. After age 10, it’s a different story for the girl child or the boy child. There’s a saying in bengali that a boy doesn’t need to be handsome, but the girl should be beautiful, because she has to get married. Sounds strange? Ok let me explain you in short, in the South Asian region arrange marriage is quite common. Where two families decides the bride and groom. Usually the groom’s eligibility is a good job with a handsome salary and the bride’s eligibility is her beauty. I will try to write a post about arrange marriage some other day, but that’s the summery of it anyways. So, now you understand why  the girl needs to be beautiful and why everyone around you is so concerned about look?

So, what’s my story? Well I am the unwanted fat-shorty combo. Actually I was very fat- shorty combo lol 😆 now just fat ha ha :p I grew up hearing how fat I am getting, and I am turning more brownish in color and yes I am too short compared to my family members! I do not need to explain but yup I had a disturbed childhood.

Every lady loves makeup from their early age. It’s in their blood. I started doing makeup as a hobby, then it turned to passion, and as I can see it’s making me look good, it became my need. Cause it’s making me flawless ❤ Ok please don’t get confused when I say flawless. It actually is flawless compared to my past very fat- short combo. 😉 So, that’s it! I was insecure, and makeup made me confident!

And yeah I do have the guts to admit that I am not beautiful, and I am trying to be beautiful using make up. But the people who criticize ladies for wearing  too much make up, do they have the guts to admit that they are jealous? Or more precisely the guts to admit that they have an ugly heart???? 😈😈😈



I believe that, truly!



Things Bengali salesman says to lady customers

If you ask a lady, what cheers you the most? I can guaranty you, the answer will be SHOPPING! lol 😛 Most of us ladies spend 90% of our money buying cosmetics, dresses, shoes, bags. 😉 Not only that, we also love spending most of our free times roaming around places where things are at a cheap rate, or where there’s a a sale going on. We have our own research thesis about which place is better for what (i mean from above mentioned things 😉 ), in terms of money or quality. Ha ha 😀 And in Bangladesh, when you go for shopping, you’ll hear some specific things from the seller. They are super cute, and they say way cuter things to convince you. -_- If your mom goes with you, then there’s nothing to worry about, because they can bargain from 0 and will make the seller sell at the cheapest rate! lol :p Well, mom’s are supermom ❤ But if you have your sister, cousin or friend with you, specially the kind ones, then you are screwed baby! 😉

I am a Chittagongian and I’m living in this city for 25years of my life. Well, was. -_- Most of the times I visited the Marts alone. That doesn’t mean I’m very good at shopping or I don’t need anyone to come with me or etc. It’s just that everyone’s busy these days and when I feel like shopping, I can’t just deprive myself from doing so just for being alone lol 😀 Sometimes I shopped with my sisters or few of the friends who could manage time for coming with me to the marts. 😉  Well, we don’t call them MART.  We call them MARKET. And we rather use the word MARKETING then SHOPPING! lol 😀 And I have some cute experience about  what our cute  salesman says when you go for marketing.   -_- So, here it goes:

1. Suppose you are at a cloth shop. After choosing what you want, you will ask the price first, right? Like  how much per yard or গজ in bengali. And suppose they answer you- “গজ ৫০০ টাকা, আপু!” ( 500 Tk per yard, sister!) Now here’s the fact, if they tell you it’s 500, it’s actually way below it -_- So next you will ask for a lower price, or the cheapest price they can offer. There’s come’s the fun part. The answer will be something like, “আপু, এগুলা তো দরের কিছু নাই। তাও আপনি প্রথম আসছেন এইজন্য যান আপনার জন্য ১০ টাকা কমে দেব!” (There’s nothing to bargain here, sister. But as you came to our shop for the first time, I will give you at 490 Tk!) Like that 10 Tk less is making the price any smaller -_-


giphy (8)

2. Okay, so your next step will be, offer your own price. So, as always our mom taught us, you would start with half the price the seller offered you. In that case  which is 250 Tk. Offer that, and see the magic. -_- They will give you “How on the earth is this even possible” look :/ :/

giphy (9)

And they will start telling you, how amazing piece of thing this is, like- “আপা, পিওর পাকিস্তানী/ ইন্ডিয়ান কাপড়। একদম নতুন আসছে মার্কেটে। আপনি পুরা মার্কেট ঘুরে দেখেন, যদি কেউ ১টাকা কম দেয়, আমি আপনাকে ফ্রি দিবো, কসম!!!!!!” (Sister this is pure pakistani/indian product. Search the whole market, and if anybody sells you at any lesser price, i swear, i will give you one for free!) And please don’t be convinced when they say that. Now try bargaining with a little more than what you said earlier. And hopefully you will get it at 300-350Tk at the end, for sure. 😀

giphy (10)

3. Well, in some cases they are pretty stubborn to negotiate. -_- So, what you gonna do is, you will get out of their shop. Now here’s another funny annoying thing they do. They will call you from behind to come back again saying- “আপু, একটা কথা শুনেন।” (Sister, listen what i have to say) So you will go again with a hope that, may be they are finally willing to give you that. But BOO!!!!!! That’s not it LOL 😀  Again they will try to make you understand how awesome the product is and you never should miss the chance of buying this cloth at this “awesome” rate. LOL :p You go all the way back there, just to listen this! I mean what they already told you before -_- Yup, they do that.

giphy (11)


4. Now, think you are going to buy a hand bag or shoes. So, first thing you will hear is, “আপু, এটা কিন্তু পিওর লেদার। মানে, আপনি একটু ধরে দেখলে বুঝবেন। এই যে এখানে হাত দিয়ে দেখেন। থাইল্যান্ডি প্রোডাক্ট। অনেকদিন ইউজ করতে পারবেন। দামও বেশী না। আপনার জন্য একদাম বলে দিচ্ছি ৩০০০ টাকা :O। (Sister, this is pure leather. You will feel that when you touch it. Keep, your hand here, see? This is from Thailand. You can use it for a long time. Price is also reasonable. For you, I will be giving this at 3000 Tk.) -_- Like if it’s not for you then they will be selling this for 5000 Tk. :/

giphy (12)

5. When you are at a boutique shop, no matter which one you pick, they will be saying, “হ্যাঁ আপু, এটা আপনার জন্য একদম ঠিক আছে। কালার টা যেই রকম, কাজটাও সেই রকম। খুবই গর্জিয়াস, আপনাকেও মানাবেও সেই।” (Well sister, this is totally perfect for you! Beautiful color and likewise handiwork. So gorgeous, and made just for you) 😉 Don’t be overwhelmed with all this talking, if you would’ve picked the exact opposite designed dress, they will say the same to you. :/

giphy (14)

6. When you are in a cosmetics shop, looking for make up or any other beauty products, it’s hard to bargain there sometimes. Because they will tell you that this the company rate, and they only have 10 to 20 Tk benefits from their buying price. Normally, the maximum discount they give from their mentioned price is 50 Tk in this case. But, if it’s a jewelry shop, you can bargain a lot more. Anyways, in any case, your big move is, name your price and if they are not willing to give at that rate, then walk out from there. If you are lucky enough, they will call you from behind and try to negotiate with you or give you at your price.

giphy (15)

Sometimes it feels like shopping is more like betting. Everyone’s trying to win the bargaining war lol 😛 That’s why some ladies i know, prefer shopping in fixed price rated shops these days. But to me the betting thing is what makes the shopping more interesting, more adventurous ❤ That’s the fun of shopping, you know? You got a war to win there 😛 😛


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