My first visit to a Chinese couple’s wedding in Korea

The best part of living abroad is getting opportunities of learning and experiencing new things. Last April, I had an honor to visit a Chinese couple’s wedding in here. It was the first time I attended any wedding abroad.

Though back in my country I was not that social to attend any wedding. Because bengali wedding is kinda crowded. I have no idea why we invite all these people with little acquaintance. A virus of showing off of inviting maximum people gripped our bengali society. You can’t even imagine the waste of food or money happens in a bengali wedding. Sometimes even more than thousand people attend the program. 😥 Attending a bengali wedding you can’t even believe that Bangladesh is a third world country. Even during the time of my wedding, when there was political unrest throughout the country, more than 300 people attended the ceremony. And my family had to manage arrangements for 600 people. 👿

Sorry for all these irrelevant talking but I kind of hate this system. Could not control the anger when I started writing.

Anyways, the groom is my husband’s colleague. The wedding took place in Grand Apple, at Centum city in one Saturday noon. The place is very famous for it’s delicious food and arrangements. One of the fancy places in Busan.
We were a little late in the ceremony. When we got there, the ritual part was over. The formal part was kinda same the Christian wedding we see in the Hollywood movies. But instead of a father saying verses, any elderly parson can do the job. The Groom’s professor, I mean my husband’s professor, was in charge of that as a local guardian. There was an anchor with a microphone in the side, who was in charge of presenting the program, announcing what’s gonna happen next, one after another.

Couples parents were sitting in the front. They are not Korean either, so they were only here for couple of days, for the wedding.

The couple were wearing the formal dresses for formal part of the wedding like white gown and tuxedo. And they were looking wow. 😍

Formal wedding includes:

  • First of all an elderly parson, I mean the groom’s/my husband’s professor gave a speech or said holy verses while the couple was standing in front of him. It was all in Korean, so I didn’t understand what he said. All I can say is, it was a lengthy one! Ha ha 😀 And another thing I noticed is, Professor Lee’s love for the couple. While he was there speaking, I could see the affection and blessings for the couple in his smile. 😍
  • Both of groom and bride said something to each of them. Some kind of swear may be.
  • The couple took blessings from both of the parents.
  • And the most romantic part, the groom sang a very special song for the bride. Gosh, I loved it! ❤
  • At last the buffet eating part!
  • After this formal part, bride and groom changed to traditional clothing.

The food was too good! Though I couldn’t taste most of them because of being a halal eater. But in-spite of that, there were plenty to try! I had a great time while eating and chatting with my husband’s colleagues there. When you live abroad, the first thing you always gonna miss is a people to talk. And when you get chances of meeting people and chat , you certainly will have good time. ☺

Another thing I loved about this wedding is, the gift system of giving the couple money, so that they can spend it in the way they like. Like honeymoon and etc.

But in Bangladesh, people give material things like utensils, blender, oven, dress etc. And when there’s a thousand people attend the program, there’s 80% probability that you will have same kinda gift twice. And it is a mess keeping these much things in your house.

That’s why, I believe it is better to give money instead of things as it can be used in a more useful ways.

The problem part was I didn’t understand what should I wear in the wedding. Because someone told me that, during a wedding here, the guests are suppose to wear something light. But being a bengali girl, I didn’t have anything of light color. As I told you guys before, we like to see us colorful! So, I wore the simplest dress I have then. Which was still very bright. I just hoped the guests didn’t hate me for my getup. 😦

So, here are the pictures of the program :

And there we are, the bengali love birds 😉 :

All these pictures were collected. I didn’t take any of them.

Hope you enjoyed the post! Bye!! :*


A depressing article lol :p

Do you ever feel like, you are having everything so perfect? Lol, jk! I know, you don’t 😉 Nature is a bitch and he has this perfect kinda schedule thing, and he manages everyday  to mess with everyone’s life every time. :/ Well, almost every time, everyday. But you do feel like nothing’s going alright, right?

Sometimes I want nothing but a normal day in my life. We are the play toys of nature and a day of our life without problem means nature is having a sick leave day lol 😀 Or, worst, he is even busier with screwing up some one else’s life. (My heartiest sympathy anyways -_- )

giphy (14)

There are some days, when i feel betrayed. We never get the chance to decide whether we would want to be born or not! We were never given a choice, but we face it all. Software companies are better in that perspective, at least they let you know there are terms & conditions at the agreement! -_-  But, what about the terms and conditions that are applicable to life? I hate being frustrated, but most of the time in my life I spent being so. Lol 😀 Generally women loves being depressed. 😛

-Hungry? Let’s be depressed!

-Broke your favorite make up kit?  Let’s be depressed!

-Bad cooking day? Let’s be depressed!

-Home alone? Let’s be depressed!

-OMG, we are enjoying too much! Let’s be depressed!

-Got nothing to do? How about some depression? OOOOHHOO! Let’s be depressed? Let’s be depressed!  -_-  -_-

giphy (15)

No matter how suggestive you are when someone’s in a problem, you are the dumbest bitch in the world in your problems, and the solution you find is depression! Again, I’m only talking about the ladies. 😉 Well, another thing is we absorb every deadly problems of our lives, and we only depressed by the silly ones, right? Ha ha that’s very generous of us B| We are jealous, yet we are kind to our friends! Can you even think of combining them two? I don’t, but that’s how we roll, you know? ❤ We can totally deny how much we are hurt inside, pretending to be happy too, right? Like right now, when I’m pretending to be the women who knows everything, actually who has no idea why she is so messed up always? So messed up that she thinks writing in her blog may give her inner peace?? :/ :/

Lol! That’s the story of our life. We hate expressing ourselves, but love hiding the person inside us. We grow old and one day we just go to our graves with a dual personality. The fake strong and the real depressing one. 😦

Have a great (depressing) weekend, everyone! 😉

giphy (16)