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Get ready with me: Rose Gold Eye Makeup

So, few days ago I made another tutorial. This time, I tried to create a rose gold eye makeup. The look is quite gorgeous but still pretty easy! Let’s take a look at how it came out:

Unedited 😉

And here’s the list of the products I used:

For moisturizing:

  • It’s skin sensitive watery solution cream

Base makeup:

  1. Missha long lasting layer blurring primer
  2. L A girl color corrector
  3. Missha M radiance foundation + Catrice even skin tone
  4. Catrice all round concealer
  5. Ben Nye banana powder
  6. It’s skin babyface petit pact


  1. Missha perfect concealer
  2. Olive farm eyebrow pencil
  3. Etude house my little nut
  4. L A Girl smoky eyeshadow collection
  5. Club clio peripera wholly deep jewel pot
  6. Tony moly dual stamp eyeliner
  7. Missha 4d mascara
  8. Tony moly for styling lashes no 11

Contouring & Highlight: 

  1. Missha colorbeam shader
  2. Tony moly cheektone duo highlighter


  • Tonymoly cheektone powder


  • Huda beauty: video star

And finally, here’s the tutorial:


I hope you would enjoy the tutorial. Have a nice day, people!

Munira Chowdhury, 07/02/17



Tutorial: How to make your eyes look bigger and more expressive

So, one of my friend had requested me to make a tutorial about making eyes look bigger with makeup. So, I filmed a tutorial yesterday and here’s the link:

Though I mentioned almost everything there but let’s take a look again at the tricks and tips on how to make your eyes look bigger & more expressive with makeup:

  • The golden rule: When you want your eyes to be focused always use a light color lipstick.
  • Eyeshadow basic: Dark color on crease area and bright color over lids. And by bright I mean something really shiny.
  • When drawing eyeliner, never joint lower and upper lash lines in both the corner of your eyes.Rather leave a gap, and spread them outward. That way, you don’t create an boundary of your eye but create an illusion.
  • Always use a white eye pencil or nude color on water line of your eyes. That makes the white portion of our eyes more extended and thus makes your eyes look bigger.
  • Put some white color on inner corner of your eyes, if you want them to pop! 😉
  • Never wear mascara without curling your lashes when you want your eyes to be expressive. Because it opens up your eyes! ❤

So, that’s all about the tricks and tips. And let’s take a look, what happens when you follow them:


As you can see, quite a difference!

I didn’t add any details about my base makeup in the tutorial so I’m adding it here, for your convenience:


  1. Missha m radiance foundation , Max Factor ageless elixir & L A Color liquid makeup
  2. Ben Nye banana powder
  3. It’s skin babyface petit pact
  4. Catrice sun glow matt bronzer
  5. Tony moly cheektone powder (blusher)
  6. Tony moly luminous  goddess aura  crystal light highlighter (Bronzing Glam)
  7. Tony moly cheektone duo highlighter

Eyes: (Though they were mentioned on the tutorial 😛 )

  1. Etude House my little nut (My red little nut) palette
  2. Missha Super  super black brush pen eyeliner
  3. Missha 4d mascara
  4. Tony moly cheektone duo highlighter
  5. Tony moly for styling lashes no 11


  1. Jordana lip liner (L13 Pink)
  2. La-femme matte lipstick (no 321)

And here’s a picture of final look:


By the way, never forget to use a combination of toner+ moisturizer+ sunscreen before beginning your makeup!

So, that’s all about today! Bye!!

Munira Chowdhury, 16/01/17

Things you hear when you are a makeup freak

The drawback of living in a society is, you have to encounter people, whether you are a social person or not. Everyday you meet new people, so tadaaaa —– number of people who can talk about you keep increasing. lol :p People loves talking about others, being curious about others lives, it is just something they can’t stop doing. Specially when someone is kinda different from a regular person. Yup, I am talking about all those makeup freaks. When you go out after spending hours of doing those sharp eyebrows, properly blended eyeshadows or those perfect contouring, people are bound to notice you, because you are different. And those differences bring curiosity. And curiosity brings questions and talking. Let’s talk about some of those from a makeup freak’s mouth  i.e. me. 😉

  • Question: How many hours does it take you for doing all those makeup stuff?


Answer: I spend 3 hours of my life doing this one, you got a problem with that? -_-


  • Sometimes people gets concerned about you so much. So they say things like, if makeup is really good for your skin or tell you how much damage you are causing to your skin putting all those products.


Seriously people, stop it now. :/


  • Question: Don’t you ever get tired of this? I mean you have to spend lots of energy, right!


Well, usually you don’t reply anything to this kinda question, but if you did, it probably should be: How could I get tired of doing my favorite thing when I don’t get to get tired of these stupid questions!


  • When you are try something new, people keep asking you what the hell you did and how the hell you did so lol 😛 


Because no matter how much talking they do, at the end of the day, they secretly admit that you run the show here. 😉

giphy (4).gif

So keep wearing it like you always do. Because you are a queen and a queen keeps doing what she always does, i.e. keep slaying! 😉

-Munira Chowdhury, 12/01/17


Full coverage makeup tutorial : Introducing my new youtube channel

I have no idea why, but waking up in the morning few days ago, for no reason at all, I felt like I have to do a tutorial. For a long time, so many of my friends are asking me for a full coverage tutorial, so I thought I should give that a try!

Like I said before, my room has a weird lighting system, you may feel like a fluctuations of color and darkness lol :P. So, for clarification I’ve added a photo taken at outside in day light. 🙂

I tried to show the products before using in the video, but  checking out the video later I felt like, some of them were not clearly visible. So, I am adding the full list of the products I used:  🙂

  1. It’s skin Hyaluronic acid toner + moisturizer
  2. It’s skin sunscreen
  3. Missha layer blurring pore cover primer
  4. Catrice all round concealer
  5. Catrice even skin tone foundation + Max factor ageless elixir 2 in 1 foundation
  6. Canmake color mixing concealer
  7. It’s skin baby face petit pact
  8. Skin food loose powder
  9. Missha super black pen eye liner
  10. Olive farm eye brow pencil
  11. It’s skin power perfect exotic mascara
  12. Tony moly cheektone highlighter duo
  13. Catrice sun glow matt bronzer
  14. Technic blusher
  15. Lipstick : Tony moly spoiler + Missha Cushion crayon lip

And, here’s the tutorial:

So, this is my first youtube tutorial, and that’s my very own channel! If you enjoy the video, please give me a thumbs up and so subscribe!

Have a happy sunday! ❤

November look: let’s have some blue!

So, when I think this year has almost ended, and I haven’t done anything this whole year, there’s one thing that always cheer me up is, there’s been a good progress of my makeup routine lol :p Also I became a better cook than what I was a year before.

But most important achievement of the year is, having a ‘messy blog‘ with ‘not at all messy’ followers.  Thanks for all your love and appreciation!

So, everyone is creating November look, and there I was sitting idly doing nothing. But then I got a program to attend and also an excuse to get lost in makeup lol 😀

So, here’s what I created:


For this look, I have used L A Girl Smoky Eyeshadow Palette. Though I have this one for more than one month, but I forgot to add any review. Sorry for that 😦 But, I think you already can tell from the picture, that this one is a total sweetheart!

Here’s a full picture of the palette too:


And list of the products I used, are as follows:

  1. It’s skin AC cleansing foam
  2. It’s skin hyaluronic acid moisture toner + emulsion
  3. It’s skin sunscreen
  4. Missha layer blurring pore cover primer
  5. L A Girl color corrector (orange & green)
  6. Foundation: Max factor ageless elixir + Missha M radiance foundation
  7. Catrice all round concealer
  8. Tony moly creamy tone tip concealer
  9. It’s skin baby face petit pact
  10. Skin food buckwheat loose powder
  11. Tony moly cheecktone highlighter duo
  12. Catrice sun glow matt bronzer
  13. Technic blush on
  14. Olive farm eyebrow pencil
  15. L A Girl Smoky Eyeshadow Palette
  16. Baolishi 4 color eyeshadow
  17. Missha super black pen eyeliner
  18. It’s skin power perfect exotic mascara
  19. Tony moly lashes
  20. Lipstick: La femme

I am not adding any details, but if you want to know anything, you can always ask me ^_^

Hope you enjoyed the post, bye! ❤

I am back with tons of reviews!

So, I’m sorry for being a douchebag and for not being active like I was used to before. Fact is this semester is getting on my nerves everyday, and I just don’t know how to handle everything in a better way! 😦

There are too many things I bought in last few months but I was too lazy to add any reviews lol :p And here’s they are:


So first, let’s start with Catrice all round concealer. This one has 5 colors, with two color correctors. I usually use the color no 3 for covering my spots, no 4 for my dark circles and no 5 for highlighting purpose. It only costed me 6500 KW. You need to be tricky while using this one, because it kinda dries your skin out. So, a little amount to start with, is always better. But comparing with the price, it’s actually quite good. Specially for everyday use.

Now, come to It’s skin Nutritious Magic BB powder. Actually, during my birthday, I received a message from IT’s skin that, they issued a 5000KW voucher for me, as my birthday gift. Isn’t that amazing? ❤ So, I didn’t really need any powder, I just bought it because I was supposed to get some commission. lol :p I know, I am a bad bitch! 😀 Anyways, this one was something like 9600 KW and I also bought a Lip liner with it, which was may be 1000/1500/2000 KW, can’t remember the exact price.  I actually didn’t like the powder too much, because it’s too bright for my brown skin. So, I have to be careful while using it, and I use always in a little amount. Though I like the It’s skin Baby face Creamy lip liner (shade no 04), kinda purple in color and stays very long time in your lips.

It’s skin Hyaluronic Acid Moisture Toner & Emulsion set, is one of the must needed products of my beauty routine and I never start my makeup without using them. Using both of them together gives you a smooth, moisturizing face, which is very essential for a perfect base. Anyways, I even use them after removing my makeup again, as I love their moisturizing effect. 🙂 Usually they sell this set on some sale every two months for 10000KW, but on other times it should be in between 16000-18000KW. If you buy them separately it would cost you 8000-9000 KW each.

Recently my skin started drying out very soon after getting out. So, I bought these facial mists, It’s skin Collagen mist & It’s skin water mist. It’s not possible for you to remove your makeup every 3-4 hours for using a moisturizer and begin everything all over again. So, if you can spray some mists over your face, that way all problems are solved! 😀 They were also on sale, both of them were for 8500KW.

Tonymoly Wonder butter nutrition cream is kinda thick and actually very buttery with a delicious food like smell. So, its is actually very suitable for winter. As winter is here in Korea, I am loving it totally! It costed me 10000Kw.

Missha Layer Blurring Pore Cover Primer is also quite good. It was 7500KW probably. It vanishes your pores like they were never were there! So, if you have super oily skin with big pores like me, you definitely can go for it! 🙂

It’s skin Acerola Whitening cream does have a moisturizing effect. Most amazing part is, though it’s a cream, still it’s very light. So, for oily skin this one is much recommended! Price was 7750KW(on sale).

Missha M Radiance Foundation was on sale few days ago, and as you can see already, when there’s a sale, I grab it like a hungry monster lol :p Though Korean products have bad reviews about being too whitish, this one has kinda yellow tone. Which is very perfect for me for gorgeous makeup. But if you want to use it everyday, and if you have brown skin like me, I would recommend to use with another less bright foundation. It was on sale, so I bought it for 16000KW.

There’s no need to tell anything about L A Girl Pro Concealer color corrector, we all already know about it. But I only bought and start using them few days ago, so I couldn’t resist myself writing about this. Of course they are good, but i think you should be very careful about using this. Because first of all it gets dried soon, so blend quickly after applying. And then, they are too dark. So, if you have brown skin, be very careful about the amount. But, I have to say, for hiding pigmentation, while you are taking a heavy makeup, nothing can beat these two! :p Price: 5$ each.

Tonymoly Cheektone Highlighter Duo is a good highlighter. This one have two colors, wheatish and pinkish tone. I usually use the pinkish one for face highlighting, and wheatish one for highlighting my browline. Price was 7500KW may be.

So, that’s all for today. Hope you enjoyed. Bye! :*


Red-black eye makeup

So, few days ago I created this look :

And here I am, ready with  the video tutorial once again. I had to increase the speed of the video because otherwise the mess of my house behind me was really killing the mode of the whole tutorial lol 😄

I am not a professional. Just a self taught novice artist, so any kind of suggestions and advises are most welcome. 🙂

And for this tutorial I used local single eye shadows I bought when I lived in Bangladesh.

Hope you will like the tutorial!

Basic beginners makeup: part 2

So, in part 1, I described the things or makeup stuff you need to start with as a beginner. Now today I will share you how you can actually start doing your makeup.

Because I have a super oily skin, so all the tricks and methods I will write here, are applicable for oily skin types. I really know nothing about dry or combination type skin.

But whatever your skin type is you should always start with a face wash to clean your skin. And then a toner so that it can it tightens your pores. Because just after one hour out in the sun, your foundation will start oxidizing and your pores gonna open up more, which will eventually get debris and dusts clogged in the pores, finally you gonna have a break out the next day.

The next step is a moisturizer. It helps set up the foundation better. Then a sunscreen because you do not want to go outside without any protection against the uv rays.

Now finally put your foundation or bb cream. Never use hands to put your foundation. Always use a brush or beauty blender. I prefer brushes because I feel beauty blenders absorbs too much foundations.

Use concealer around darker areas of your faces like eyes, chin and if you have any pimples or spots.

Time to set them with some powder. But always wait few minutes so that both bb creams or concealer have times to get set on your skin first.

Now contouring and highlight part. Highlight the areas of your faces which catch light easily. Like your cheekbones, forehead, bridge of your nose, up and under of your lips. And contour the sides of your nose, jawline, under your cheekbones and sides of your hairline. For making highlighter look more obvious, put some extra powders for few minutes on those areas and swipe them off later. This is called baking.

Now, come to your eyes. Get your brows done at first! Drawing brows are easiest with the pencils. Just do the outline first and blend them later with brushes!

Now come to eyeshadow part. It is always better to put some extra base on the eyes because it makes the color look more visible. You can always use concealers as a eye makeup base. The simplest eye makeup have 4 parts:

  • A dark color on the crease and outer corner of the eyes
  • A light color on the lid
  • A transition color in between
  • And some white or glowing color on the inner corner of your eyes

In this makeup I have used only the pink shades in all dark, transition and light color. The first and must thing to learn as a beginner is blending these all together, to make it all look like a one. 🙂

Now, get some lipsticks. I also used a pink lipstick here. The reason of getting all pink is because this kinda color goes with everything as I said in part 1.

So, this is the kind of makeup you can try with as a start. We will eventually get to more gorgeous makeup later. But this is all for today!

Hope you enjoyed 😍

Fall makeup and a few facts of the products for this makeover

So, the fall is here and I was thinking of trying something new! So I tried some blue with purple and here’s how it came out!

As usual I have used Beauty Treats eye shadow palette.I have never used this color combo before and I was kinda satisfied seeing the way it came out.😄

So at first try putting a purple color in the outer corner of your eyes. Now blend it towards your crease. Put a brownish ash color and blend a little inwards. Take a pinkish color and do the same again. Now take a blue color put it over your lids. Finally put some glittery or glowy color in the inner corner of your and you are done!

I would like to share some facts of the products I used today.

  1. For contouring, I used Etude house play stick. For blending always use a dry sponge rather than a wet one when you are using this. It works better that way.
  2. If you want a long lasting makeup and specially when you have pigmentation in your skin, try putting It’s skin green makeup base after putting primer. It will reduce pigmentation as well as works great for long lasting.
  3. This one is taught by one of my dearest friend. When you want to put shadows in your lower lash, try putting pencil eyeliner as a base first. The eye shadows will work nicer if you do so.

Another thing I would want to say is, recently I have tried Tony moly eye lashes and trust me, they are pure beauty! Sooo round and easy to apply. I am planning to buy them again soon.

And another one is Missha super brush pen eyeliner. Trust me, this one is a must have! The tip is really thin, you can always control the thickness of your eyeliner. 😍

So, that’s all for today! Happy weekend everyone!

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