Practicing makeup on my beautiful friend

These days I’m all about makeup, I’m either doing it on myself or on other people! lol 😀 Earlier this month, my new friend Hani Balagtas, an amazing talented designer and owner of Myunji (, asked for a makeover from me, as she is hoping to start a blog in Korean about fashion and stuffs like that. So, we chose a convenient time, and on that very day I went to her home. The whole makeover took me nearly one and a half hour. I used both of her and my collection of makeup products. She is very pretty naturally, so to be honest I didn’t have to put much effort on her makeup. It was an amazing experience for me, I was almost getting the professional MUA vibe, lol :p

I chose a whitish-pink half cut crease for her, and with her white dress she was looking amazing! She chose the shade of the lipstick and it complimented the look really well! Here’s the list of the products I used:

@maccosmetics prep+ prime primer
@maccosmetics studio fix foundation nc 42
@missha.official under eye brightening concealer
@missha.official pro touch face powder
@tonymoly.official lovely eyebrow encil
@makeuprevolution ultra contour palette
@tonymoly.official cheektone powder p05
@missha.official single eyeshadow in black
@beautyglazed glitz glam eyeshadow palette
@anastasiabeverlyhills modern renaissance palette
@thefaceshop.official pure sauvages lashes
@maccosmetics liptensity lipstick in brick dust
@skinfood_official tinted moisturizer

I hope you enjoyed the post! Let me know of your thoughts about it! And please check Myunji’s collection, I’m sure you will be able to find something suitable for you there!

-Munira Chowdhury, 20/03/2018


First Mac Haul from Lotte Department Store in Myeongnyun: Mac Studio Fix Fluid Skin balancing Complex & Skinfinish Natural Compact Review

Buying international makeup in Korea is quite expensive, because you have to pay a lot of taxes. But again buying base makeup in Korea is a waste of money for brown girls like me, because they have very limited ranges of shade available in their beauty market, so almost every time you end up buying the wrong shade. I’ve tried a variety ranges of base makeup products of K-beauty, none of them ever was an exact match for my skin which is an olive-yellow combo. All I ever got was something close to my tone, I often had to use yellow food color or two to three foundations together to have that “closer” tone. Anyways, I was tired of going through this foundation shade dilemma and also realize that buying two to three foundations and the food colors always actually costing me nearly same the amount of buying international products with the tax and etc.

Not only international makeup is expensive in Korea but also not available everywhere. Only stores like Lotte department Store, Shinsegae etc. carries those international brands. The nearest one from me is the Lotte department store, which is three subway stops away from me, in Myeongnyun. Last month on one evening, I went there for specifically a Mac foundation and a compact powder.

I did a little research before going and the reason I chose Mac is because they have a quite variety of shades and comparing the price with Estee Lauder or Makeup Froever, they are cheaper.

Anyways, the foundation cost me nearly 48,000 won and the compact was for 47,000 won. With the purchase they offered me a free sample of Mac prep + prime natural radiance base lumiere primer. There was a nice guy at Mac outlet, who helped me a lot to choose my shade. MY husband was quite impressed and surprised to see how good the salesman is with the makeup! He was even more surprised because it is very rare for guys in my country to know or be familiar with makeup stuff. Also for my makeup lover readers, I want to mention that, the salesman’s was covered with makeup and was quite flawless! 😉 I mean not the whole eyeshadow and eyeliner kinda makeup but more like a natural makeup with base makeup, shaped eyebrow and lipstick.

I totally love the consistency of the foundation, not so liquid not so creamy. But the foundation container doesn’t come with any pump, which is kinda painful when you are in hurry. I heard later that you have to buy the pump separately. I mean Mac is quite a big industry, it wouldn’t cost them much providing the container with the pump. The guy there chose nc42 shade for me for the foundation and medium tan for the compact. To be honest both of them were just the perfect shade for me, but the point to be noted that, if you do a little research you will find out that Mac base makeup products have a tendency to oxidize few hours after applying, which is making my makeup look “too natural”. I mean, come on, who doesn’t want to look extra and not so natural after spending hours in applying makeup. So, I kinda regret choosing nc 42, I should rather go with nc 40 or 37. Same with the compact, I would go rather lighter than medium tan next time. But, for now I can make it work with using light concealer but it’s kinda makes me late every time I’m in hurry.

Here’s some of my pictures using the both of them together, as you can see compare to my other makeup, the base look kinda pale. These pictures are edited and filtered otherwise you could’ve understand the difference better :

Hope you enjoyed the post!

Munira Chowdhury, 26/02/2018

Valentine’s day 2018 in Korea: outfit and makeup idea

Hello everyone! Although my today’s post is for ladies, but I wish you boys a wonderful valentine’s day with your loved one’s! So, in this post I have two makeup tutorials and one outfit suggestion for you. The outfit suggestion is even more suitable if you live in Korea.

The first makeup tutorial is a peach makeup, which is a halo eye makeup using the color combination of the fruit(peach).

For this makeup I used the following products-

-MAC Cosmetics #prepplusprime
-maccosmetics #studiofixfluid foundation #nc42
-maccosmetics #studiofixpowder #mediumtan
-MISSHA 미샤 pro touch face powder no 23
-missha.official under eye brightening concealer in natural biege
-missha.official perfect concealer in natural
-missha.official colorbeam shader in crystal
-missha.official the style liquid sharp eyeliner
-missha.official salon de lash

-eBay eyelash
-Makeup Revolution ultra contour palette
-It’s skin 잇츠스킨 babyface petit mascara
-itsskin.socialog babyface creamy lip liner 01
-itsskin.socialog life color lip crush matte 04, 03
-토니모리 – Tonymoly cheektone powder p05
-tonymoly.official lovely eyebrow pencil
-BH Cosmetics #takemetobrazilpalette
-CATRICE cosmetics ultra black luxury lashes volume mascara

You can find the tutorial here-

For this makeup I chose a different outfit, modern hanbok or modern version of traditional Korean clothes.

I bought this dress from Gmarket. Actually it was a surprise gift from my husband, not sure about the price but should be around 40,000KW.

The second tutorial is about easy and classy smoky eyes. So, long I’ve been busy with creating halo eyes or cut crease, I forgot my first love, which is smoky eyes! ♥

This tutorial is only about eye makeup and here’s the list of the products I used-

-Beauty Glazed glitz glam eyeshadow collection
-MISSHA 미샤 color beam shader incrystal
-Missha salon de lash glue
-더페이스샵 (THEFACESHOP) pencil eyeliner in newyork black
-It’s skin 잇츠스킨 babyface petit mascara
-eyelash form eBay

And here’s the link of the tutorial-

This palette that I used here, is also a gift from my husband, Beauty Glazed glitz glam eyeshadow palette which is the dupe for the palette with same name by Glamierre. I was literally speechless by these gifts from him, I had no idea my husband can choose makeup palette or dress (specially when it is a hanbok) for me, all by himself. This man keeps making me falling on love with him more! ♥ Although the palette is a dupe, and a lot cheaper than the real one, but it’s quite pigmented and easy to work with. You may notice some fall out but you can easily swipe them off with a brush!

Hope you enjoyed the post!

Munira Chowdhury, 14/02/2018

Makeover on other people

Although I consider myself a MUA, but I learned every little thing about makeup practicing on myself. So, whenever someone asked me if I could do a makeover on them, I was not really sure at first if I could do it at all, because I never had any idea what it’s like to put foundations or eyeshadows on other people. But sometimes people believe in yourself more than you do, and that’s when you can truly realize your potential. ❤ My labmates (female) always told that “you should do a makeover on us sometimes”. But, as mentioned before, I never really understand my potential, and always thought they weren’t really serious about it. But few months ago, when they asked me again, I finally understood they were actually serious. So, at the end of december we fixed a convenient date and that was the first time ever I did makeover on other people.

Korean makeup has some completely different features and styles than what we usually see in the western makeup industry. Although I’m from Southern part of Asia, but in our country, like most part of the world we usually try to follow the western makeup style. But, here in Korea they already established their own makeup style. Few of the Korean unique makeup features are:

  • Pale base to make the makeup look natural. They usually use hands while applying base makeup which is why they need really little bit of foundations. But as we apply the base makeup with a beauty blender following western culture, we need quite a lot of it as beauty blender tends to absorb the product.
  • Minimal eye makeup. Because they have small eyes, they believe over application of eyeshadow around eyes make their eyes appear more smaller. So, smoky eyes or cut crease are certainly not their best choice.
  • Very light and thin eyebrows to keep the look natural. Although now a days thicker eyebrow is the trend, they like their light natural brows.

So, basically these three points were the actual challenges for me. For me, eye makeup is the turning point of any makeover, and artistic eye makeup is what I live for, lol 😀 . But I did my best to reach a middle point of their choice and mine.

First Client: Kyungmi

I remember, I was literally shaking when I started her makeover. She was quite a friendly client, ha ha 😀 talking with me whole time, discussing the work, explaining what she would like. But also, she mentioned I could do some changes if I want. As, I have brown skin, I didn’t have any base makeup that would match their skin tone. So, I mentioned them about bringing their own base makeup. She already came putting foundations, so I only had to do the rest. I did a very soft half cut crease on her and combined it with a nude lips.

Second Client: Hwa-ni

Hwa-ni is a very pretty girl, who always mentioned about smoky eye. So, I thought may be she would like a smoky eye. But although everyone complimented her final look, she wasn’t really sure about it, and she kept asking everyone if she was looking like a panda 😀 . I totally understood her situation because everyone has a level of comfort zone in makeup, once you are out of it you would surely be confused. 🙂

Third Client: Hayan

Hayan was very strict about having a natural makeup, so I did a combo of natural cut crease with red lips on her. She was looking like red carpet star, totally ❤ !

Fourth Client: Haem

She chose one pink cut crease makeup from my instagram feed, and that’s exactly how I did the makeover on her. She was quite happy with the outcome!

Fifth Client: Mi-Jung

Mi-jung requested for a natural makeover as well showing a picture of one Korean blogger. I tried to follow it with a little modification.

Sixth Client: Yuri

Here comes my bonus client, who wanted a character makeover. My only male labmate who was so interested to have one makeover from me. He chose the theme by himself. I’m sure he is the most handsome dracula you would ever see 😉 I wish I would have some face paint to make it even more better.

Here’s our last picture together, the artist and all the models together (except Mi-Jung, she already left then). 🙂

That day I realized I actually can do makeover on other people. And 2/3 days later I went to visit my country Bangladesh, and there I practiced on my sister and sister in law. On my sister in law I did a Bangladeshi bridal inspired makeup. No, she was not actually getting married, but only posing as model. 😉 She wanted to see how she would look as a bride, so I made it happen with my wedding dress & jewelries.

But my sister wanted something different than usual. So, I chose a halo eyes with a combo of nude lips for her. She is one of the very prettiest girl I know and that makeover was even more good on her.

Both of them were so happy with their makeup. And now both of my family and my husband’s family think that I should stop what I’m doing right now and start taking necessary steps towards being a professional makeup artist. 😉

Here’s the list of the products I used for all these makeover:

Maybelline UK babyskin pore eraser

L.A. Girl Cosmetics hd pro concealer in orange & red

L a girl smoky eyeshadow collection

ETUDE HOUSE 에뛰드하우스 fix n fix primer
Etude House my little nut palette
Etude house face designing contour palette

Etude House bb matte cream

Etude house double lasting foundation

MISSHA 미샤 under eye brightening concealer
Missha vivid fix marker pen eyeliner
Missha cushion foundation 23
Missha pro touch face powder

Missha m radiance foundation

Anastasia Beverly Hills modern renaissance palette

BH Cosmetics take me to brazil palette

It’s Skin life color lip crush matte (‘girl’s way’ & ‘what the heaven’)
It’s skin babyface creamy lip liner 01, 02, 03 & 04
It’s skin babyface moisture bb cream
It’s skin nutrition bb powder
It’s skin babyface petit mascara

MAC Cosmetics matte lipstick in diva

토니모리 – Tonymoly gel eyeliner 01
Tonymoly cheektone powder p05
Tonymoly false lashes
Tonymoly easy touch lip liner 03

wet n wild matte lipstick (missy n fierce)

Catrice.cosmetics.hrvatska luxury lashes volume mascara

Colourpop liquid matte in beeper

Hope you enjoyed the post!

Munira Chowdhury, 25/01/2018

Review: Take me to Brazil palette by BH Cosmetics

Hello everyone! I hope you had a great Saturday with friends and family, drinking and eating the best and still the great vibe is going on! As for me, after so many weeks my husband and I are staying the full weekend in house doing almost nothing and to be honest I kinda enjoying that 😄 Not everyday you get the chance to sit idly with your loved one and to me it’s one great opportunity.

Anyways, as I mentioned in my one post few days ago, My husband went to a conference couple weeks ago. He went for 4 days so I was home alone and as a penalty for leaving me here, he bought me a palette from BH cosmetics😍 Guess which one is that 😉 Yup, TAKE ME TO BRAZIL!!!! I first saw that one in Amazon, and I loved it the very first time I saw it. So when he asked me which palette I want, I immediately responded with take me to Brazil palette 😘

The palette has a combination of 30 vibrant and bright colors that are bound to remind you of a colorful Brazil festival. As we took it from Amazon with shipping it cost us a total of 34000 KW.  All the colors are really pigmented but you need the right brush because with the wrong one they may look like less pigmented. So, while putting them on the lids try using a flat eyebrow brush or your fingers will work just fine. And while putting them on your crease line try to use a blending brush which is not too fluffy or stretchy. The palette has the color combination just perfect for any occasion. You will find red, green, yellow, blue, purple everything in one palette. But if you are a fan of nude makeup, you totally should avoid this one 😁😁

Here’s a look of the palette and my pictures of trying it:



As you can see even on my brown skin they are shining like hell 😝😝

As you already know I have a small youtube channel, where I sometimes post makeup tutorials, I posted there a video of me using this palette 😜 So you can watch me using this palette 😃 And here’s the link:

This video also contain the full makeup routine of the picture above and details of the product is listed on the description box.

Have a happy holiday, people 😅


Munira Chowdhury, 23/07/17

Review: Elizabeth Arden eye & lip beauty perfection 

So, yesterday my husband was coming back from a conference in Jeju, and he suddenly called me from airport. He was at a duty free shop then and asking if I want something. I was like, wow, really! Since when my husband became so concern about makeup and stuff! He was roaming around the shops and telling me all the available brands, and what I want from them. Hearing all the brands I kinda got confused and couldn’t decide what I need. So, I totally let him decide saying just pick some eyeshadow.

And guess what he chose! Yup, Elizabeth Arden Eye & Lip Beauty Perfection! To be honest, I never really used anything from that brand, so I was really excited this morning when I was using it for the first time. Here’s a look of the palette:

So, it is a combination of eye and lip palette. It contains 5 creamy eye shadows & 4 lip glosses. The colors are perfect for a nude makeup or nude look. The shades are creamy, so they are not like the regular eye shadow. But they come easily in the brush and also they are pigmented in a good way. So are the glosses. But as the eye shadows are creamy it may mess in your crease line few hours later, so I will suggest to set them with a tiny bit of translucent powder or shiny eye shadow. The total cost was 33$.

So, enough talking, let’s take a look what it actually looks when you use it!

Just as I mentioned, perfect for nude makeup^^

Let me know about your thoughts of the palette, whether you used it, or if you like it or not ^_^

Hope you enjoyed the post!

Munira Chowdhury, 07/07/17

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Red festive eye makeup tutorial

Hey there! I hope you all are doing great! So, last friday I made this tutorial of a red festive eyes and also with full coverage base makeup routine. After Eid period is the peak wedding seasons in Bangladesh, so I though of making a tutorial that would be helpful for this occasion. This look is most specially for suitable for mehendi night/ গায়ে হলুদ, but you can also use this look for other parties. ❤

So, here’s the list of the products used:

  • missha.official layer blurring long lasting primer
  • maxfactor ageless elixir
  • lacolor liquid makeup
  • tonymoly.official spoiler oil control powder
  • catrice all round concealer
  • missha.official perfect concealer
  • beautytreatsla 130 color palette
  • thefaceshop.official single eyeshadow
  • beautytreatsla strobing highlighter palette
  • missha.official sharp eyeliner
  • tonymoly.official lovely eyebrow pencil
  • tonymoly.official pikachu color mascara
  • tonymoly.official false lashes no 10
  • tonymoly.official perfect lips flat bar

I have to use most of the times, two foundations together. :/ Well, that’s what happens when you have brown skin. Another important thing is, I recently started using #Beauty_Treats_Strobing_Highlighter palette. This palette is literally a bomb! Cost me only 10,300 KW with shipping. The palette contains 6 highlighters in total, being three of each creamy and powdery. And I don’t use any fancy products, I am just a poor researcher in Korea, who can’t afford to buy international brands in Korea with those excessive vats. lol :p

And, here’s the tutorial link:


I recently bought a new camera, which really helped me with the resolution, but when I was editing this video, I didn’t know how to use zoom option in premiere pro. 😦 But I am getting better, I promise! I just posted a video on Sunday, and I swear the quality is much better this time.

I hope you would enjoy the tutorial! x x x

Munira Chowdhury, 05/07/17


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